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Amazon.Com is a combination of a retail store with very competitive prices and lots of special promotions, a Mall of many other commercial retailers, and a public marketplace where anyone can market their merchandise both used and new, in the US and in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan . They not only offer free shipping for the items they retail, if certain conditions are met, but also maintain some control over the shipping charged by the sellers in their marketplace.

The services offered to the public for selling their merchandise are extensive, and all the various methodologies can be found at the Amazon Public Marketplace

For their simple marketplace, sellers may list items in a specific list of categories , pay no listing fees and a 6 to 15 percent of the sales price, a per-transaction fee of 99 cents, and a variable closing fee. View these fees . With an Amazon Pro-Merchant account, sellers may sell in a specific list of item categories and pay a $40.00 monthly fee and an 8% to 15% final value fee. A payment system is integrated into the Amazon selling system, with no additional fees charged for this system. Amazon has a webstore service for $60.00 a month with a 7% final value fee on sold items. This store also includes the Amazon payment system at no additional charge. In addition Amazon has added a service whereby sellers can send their new or used products to one of Amazon's specified Amazon.com fulfillment centers, where Amazon will store, pick, pack and ship sold items to buyers. There is a somewhat involved fee schedule for these services that can be found here

Within Amazon's restrictions, sellers have had ever increasing success marketing their products. The sellers are held to strict oversight by Amazon, and Amazon is somewhat intractable on their decisions about seller behaviour.

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