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Welcome to The Auction Guild (TAG) website. This website is still in Beta and is not completely up to date or complete, but we are working on it. We hope we will benefit from your patience, until the site is complete.

Since March 1999 we have provided editorial opinion, news, reviews, critiques, services and resources for all facets and all participants in the online auction and trading industry (OAI/OTI).

We are not just a venue, as we care about what happens to all the individuals in the OAI/OTI, and are willing to weigh in on their behalf, or to call it as we see it in a very public manner. TAG's direction is usercentric, seeing the industry from the point of view of those individuals who use it.

TAG is an informative watchdog for the Online Auction Industry

Participants in the OAI/OTI can take advantage of our resources through many channels, including newsletters, articles, editorials, directories where sellers of third party services for the OAI/OTI can affordably advertise, weblogs, chat boards and more. Buyers and sellers can save themselves from fraud by reading and sharing our fraud articles, or letting us research deals for them to decide if they are fraudulent or real. OAI/OTI users can express their opinion of events through our auction voice pages. Click through the site, and you should be able to find something to interest or assist you.

TAG has the only site on the web that has compiled extensive contact information for sites such as ebaY, Amazon,Google, PayPal, Overstock etc. In ebaY's case, this is information they try to keep secret, and other sites attempt to keep hidden, or hard to find, to different degrees. For those with intractable problems, these resources are of great value, which we provide for all to use.

We hope you find the site a valuable resource, and always welcome suggestions for changes, additions and deletions. You are always welcome to contact us via email at

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