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TAGnotes Sun 16 Jan 2000 Vol 2 Number 10 Issue 93

From:   <tagn-@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx>
Date: Mon Jan 17, 2000 6:18am
Subject: TAGnotes Sun 16 Jan 2000 Vol 2 Number 10 Issue 93

The Auction Guild Notes for Sunday 16 Jan 2000
Please don't forget to let your friends and associates in the Online
Auction Industry know about TAGnotes and TAGnotesOAIchat.
eBay is conducting an Unregularly scheduled maintenance on Mon 17Jan
from 0100 – 0300 PT. They are going to keep the site UP during this
maintenance, but are cautioning that it might cause slowness of access
though they don't anticipate any performance issues.

They did experience performance issues with search being very slow for
about an hour from approx 2000 to 2100 PT.

eBay is due to implement their new feedback policy in the first quarter
of 2000, but no actual date has yet been announced. This will include
the major and in TAGs opinion, much needed switch to transaction only
feedback. Over the christmas season, there was a massive abuse of the
feedback system between the members of the eBay Book Board,

with some members receiving upwards of 50 positive feedbacks from
other board members. Some book board regulars have had just a handful
or even no actual transactions, yet have feedback up around or over 100.
This unfortunately is legal, but with the new feedback policies, will no
longer be. Listings The low of 2.345 mil was on 28 Dec. Currently
approx 3.673 mil
* * * * *
Amazon Auctions One cent book and movie memorabilia auctions
currently going on. Links on main auction page.
Customer service 24/7 Toll-free in U.S. and Canada:
(800)201-7575 http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/ts/announcement-list/all-
Useful contact email addys can be found here
* * * * *
Yahoo Auction Tour http://auctions.yahoo.com/html/tour/qttop.htm
Approx 1.5 million auctions currently running
* * * * *
Golds Auction answered our email, to let us know that they accidentally
eliminated the old user agreement link when they installed the new, but
will get it fixed ASAP. They agreed that the changes we posted in
TAGnotes, appeared to cover all the changes, but will get back to us
with more definitive info in the next day or two. They expect their
bulklister/saved auction tool to be ready by 31 Jan 2000.
Features: Free basic listings through 31 Jan 2000.
Approx 10000 auctions listed now, and 288599 Auctions since 6/20/99
* * * * *
Up4Sale is being closed by eBay. With an approx 25,000 listings
average eBay felt it was not sufficiently competitive. It was always
a free venue, bought by eBay about a year ago. As of 1 Feb 2000,
they will not accept new auctions, so those posted before 1 Feb
will be the last, and will run to their normal completion dates.
You will be able to link to your Up4Sale feedback for 6 months after
they close. http://www.up4sale.com/
* * * * *
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