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TAGnotes Wed 12 Jan 2000 Vol 2 Number 7 Issue 90

From:   <tagn-@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx>
Date: Thu Jan 13, 2000 3:12am
Subject: TAGnotes Wed 12 Jan 2000 Vol 2 Number 7 Issue 90

The Auction Guild Notes for Wednesday 12 Jan 2000
ONEList will be off-line for routine maintenance from Fri 14 Jan at
6:00 pm until Sat 15 Jan at 6:00 am PT. All emails posted during
that time will not be processed until Sat 15 Jan at 6:00 am PT.
Due to the backlog which will occur, some email will not be
delivered until later that morning, probably no later than 8:00a.m.
The flu epidemic has hit the TAG staff, we are doing our best
to keep up, but hope you will understand our lapses and or
brevity in TAGnotes, and TAGchat.
***TAG is hoping to bring its subscribers an offer from
Stamps.Com in the near future.***
eBay once again has clarification about sales of tickets to events.
If you are selling tickets on eBay to an entertainment event in one
of the regulated states or provinces listed in their ticket policy
guide, you can't get more that that spelled out in eBay’s policy
for that location. Sellers must notify bidders if restrictions apply
so in their listing item description. According to eBay, their
policies are based on the LOCATION OF THE EVENT and apply
regardless of where the buyers and sellers live. Members are still
responsible for making sure their listing complies with applicable
local laws. States or provinces where eBay’s Ticket Policy applies
and the specific requirements within those areas, can be found at

There is another long post with special offers to entice you to
use eStamp. We believe that eBay has a proprietary relationship
with eStamp, as they mention a "new relationship". Normally E-Stamp
charges a 10% fee each time you buy postage (minimum fee of $4.99
per purchase, maximum of $24.99 per purchase). For example, if you
buy $75 in USPS postage from E-Stamp, E-Stamp will charge you a $7.50
convenience fee. If you buy $500 in postage and then later $200 in
postage, normally you would be charged a $24.99 fee and a $20.00 fee.
eBay users who sign up for the E-Stamp service through eBay will get
this fee capped at a maximum of $24.99 per month. eStamp will also
give 50% off their starter kit , so it will cost eBay users the one
time license fee of $24.99.

eBay has change the links to the My Ebay pages, so if you have them
bookmarked, you will need to update your bookmarks. Other bookmarks
might also be affected. http://www2.ebay.com/aw/announce.shtml
Here is what we think happened, based on an email TAG received.
Someone figured out that eBay was inadvertently providing password
codes that could be found as follows (excerpt from email): QUOTE
The following will only work with accounts who have left 2 or more
feedback- copy and paste the following:
ViewFeedbackleft&userid=XX&page=1&item s=1
substitute XX for any user ID click on any of the pages..
[1] [2] [3] etc. and the link changes to:
ViewFeedbackLeft&userid=XX&pass=encryp tedpassword&page=2&items=1
copy the encrypted password and paste it in the appropriate password
boxes of the following URLS & type the persons ID works on:
***Changing registered information:
(can view/ change name/full address & phone #, unable to change
e-mail/user ID)
***Adult log-in (by logging in with an ID with a credit card on file
anyone can view adult pages)
***non-paying alerts:
(will send non-paying notice in behalf of seller)
***feedback forum: http://pages.ebay.com/services/forum/feedback.html
most importanty section #5 (making anyones feedback public or private):
if you are a power seller... full registration info:
account status:
anyones my ebay page (add 2 to end of encrypted password/see who the
high bidder of a private auction was):
above link equals out to:

personal shopper: http://cgi3.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?
eBay has made the changes so these no longer work. The biggest reason
we are posting this all here is so that you have the tools to check this
periodically (we will also add this to the TAGnotes file section), and
also so that you can do similar checks on other auction sites, Just
extrapolate the information to fit the site. We thank the very savvy
person who figured this out and alerted eBay and us and several other

Listings The low of 2.345 mil was on 28 Dec. Currently approx 3.66
* * * * *
Amazon Auctions Happenings Page is now fixed.
Snow Falling on Cedar Movie Memorabilia currently on auction

Features: 10 cent listing fees until further notice, Pro Merchant
special flat fee of $9.99, through 31 Jan 2000. Free crosslinks to books
or retail items, Pro merchant discounts, bulk lister tool, zShops, One
Click payment options, free image hosting, and the best customer service
in the online auction industry 24/7 Toll-free in U.S. and Canada:

Dead beat bidder policy and links
-2365054 Send email to backout-@a...
Useful contact email addys can be found here
* * * * *
Yahoo Auction Features: One time login, No listing or final value
fees on any auctions, Watchlist, Auction Alerts personal shopper,
Auction Booth, Blacklist, Set bidder Parameters, Set type, duration
and end times of auctions, Custom end of auction notices, Auctions
Express Bulk Loading tool, Merchant Accounts Order Manager @ $30/Month,
Yahoo Store with (pricey) charge card merchant accounts, You set price
on featured auction services, etc.
TAG thinks Yahoo is the most seller friendly Online Auction House,
despite NO customer service. Approx 1.47 million auctions
currently running http://auctions.yahoo.com/auction/
* * * * *
Golds Auction has transferred their site to their new servers. They can
do maintenance without downtime (not that they ever had very much
downtime) and feel all functions will be faster and have much greater
capacity. http://www.goldsauction.com/apps/viewAnnouncements.html
Features: Free basic listings through 31 Jan 2000.
Approx 10006 auctions listed now, and 283106 Auctions since 6/20/99
* * * * *
Fairmarket has associations with AltaVista, Atlantic Rancher, Bidz,
CitySearch, ComCast, CompUSA, Dell, DiamondMultimedia, Ewood,
ExciteHome, Finelot, Golf Auction, Grainger, LastAvailable, Lycos,
MicroWarehouse, MSN, MusicHotBid, netdirect.com, Outpost.com,
Playboy, Sporting Auction, TechShopper, Tripod, Vacations4Auction,
WantAds, Xoom, and Zones. This is an interesting mix of auction
houses, ranging in size, style and products, with several niche houses.
There are several portal sites, with multiple sites hosted on each
portal. Hotlinks to all sites:
* * * * *
If you would like an Auction House or Service Provider added to
this list, please email us at tagn-@t...
or TheAuction-@onelist.com.
If you have any info you would like to have added to this list,
email us at ta-@t... or
Read past issues at:
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