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TAGnotes Mon 3 Jan 2000 Vol 2 Number 2 Issue 85

From:   <tagn-@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx>
Date: Tue Jan 4, 2000 2:40am
Subject: TAGnotes Mon 3 Jan 2000 Vol 2 Number 2 Issue 85

The Auction Guild Notes for Monday 3 Jan 2000
We have launched an email discussion list forum called TAGnotesOAIchat,
(The Auction Guild Online Auction Industry Chat). Subscribers must
provide legitimate verifiable information which will not be shared with
ANYONE. When we have verified this information, we will approve your
ability to post unmoderated. There will be no censorship of posts, but
we will strictly enforce the rules governing the site. The site will
have a page where users can post commercial links, upload files, add
events (commercial or otherwise)
to a community calendar etc. If you are interested in participating or
want more details, please email us at ta-@t...
or subscribe at TAGnotesOAIch-@onelist.com
eBay January newsletter is completed and available at –
Currently 2.887 million listings
* * * * *
Amazon Auction has extended 10 cent listing fees until further notice,
and with a promise that they will provide advance notice if they decide
to go back to their "normal" pay schedule. In addition they have
extended the Pro Merchant special flat fee of $9.99, through 31 Jan

Useful contact email addys can be found here

Features: 10 cent listings, free crosslinks to books or retail items,
Pro merchant discounts, bulk lister tool, zShops, One Click payment
options, free image hosting, and the best customer service in the
online auction industry 24/7 Toll-free in U.S. and Canada: (800)201-7575
* * * * *
Yahoo Auctions Features: No listing or final value fees on any auctions,
Watchlist, Auction Alerts personal shopper, Auction Booth, Blacklist,
Set bidder Parameters, Set type, duration and end times of
auctions, Custom end of auction notices, Auctions Express Bulk Loading
tool, Merchant Accounts Order Manager @ $30/Month, Yahoo Store with
(pricey) charge card merchant accounts, You set price on featured
auction services, etc. Features list :
TAG thinks Yahoo is the most seller friendly Online
Auction House, despite NO customer service. We predict they become/
remain the biggest contender to eBay. Approx 1.361 million auctions
currently running http://auctions.yahoo.com/auction/
* * * * *
Golds Auction has extended Free basic listings through 31 Jan 2000.
Approx 9974 auctions listed now, and 272139 Auctions since 6/20/99
* * * * *
Online Camera Price Guide provides information on cameras and their
values on a subscription basis (One year unlimited use subscription
$29.95 US). There is a wealth of camera information available to non
subscribers at http://www.camprice.com with a guide on how to judge
condition at http://www.camprice.com/pub/primer.html
This is a very interesting site, and would be invaluable to anyone
trying to sell or value a camera collection. http://www.camprice.com
* * * * *
If you would like an Auction House or Service Provider added to
this list, please email us at tagn-@t...
or TheAuction-@onelist.com.
If you have any info you would like to have added to this list,
email us at ta-@t... or
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