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TAGnotes Fri 17SEP1999 Vol 1 Number 8

From:   <ta-@xxxx.xxx>
Date: Fri Sep 17, 1999 11:30pm
Subject: TAGnotes Friday 17SEP1999

The Auction Guild Notes for Friday 17 Sep 1999
This newsletter will cover todays notes plus the items missed due to the
TAGnotes that did not go out yesterday due to weather related problems.
*                             *                          *
Todays biggest ANNOUNCEMENT is the new FairMarket Inc., The company
has created the auction network, which will link nearly 100 auction
sites. The network is to be unveiled Monday but the site is open now.

Other network participants include ExciteAtHome Inc. an Internet
network; Cyberian Outpost Inc. an online retailer; Boston.com, the Web
site of the Boston Globe newspaper; TicketMaster Online-CitySearch
Inc.the ticketing and local event listing company; Fashionmall.com Inc.;
CBS Sportsline's sporting goods store, and Viacom Inc.'s VH1 music

Under the new network, items posted on one of the partners' auction
sites will appear on the others. FairMarket, which provides the
underlying technology to host the auctions, will coordinate the sales,
collect the auction fees, and split them between the network where the
item was offered and the one where it was purchased. In addition to
charging each auction site a monthly hosting fee, FairMarket will
collect one-third of the royalties from each transaction.

There are lots of news articles available from the Fair Market site.
It will be Interesting to see how this, and the other linked auction
search sites will Impact the online auction industry.
*                                 *                           *
eBay- Has had two days of ongoing search update problems due to
scheduled down times. They have also removed the text search
limitation, so all text in the description is now fully searchable
again. This morning, due to problems coming back on line after their
scheduled down time, eBay lengthened the down time until 0700 AM PDT.
Due to this down time they extended all auctions ending between 4AM and
8AM PDT by 24 hours, and have credited back the fees associated with
those extended auctions. Ebay is also planning an upcoming maintenance
on their credit card server. This will prevent access to add or change
credit card information. They will post the time/date of this
maintenance at some future date, and we will include the info in our

There are plans to add 1900 new catagories, and reorganize many others.
You can preview the new categories at :

Ebay has decided to prohibit the sale of software and music on CD-R
(compact disk-recordable), backup software and 35mm & 70mm movie
prints (those big reels in the movie theatres) on eBay, except where the
seller is the copyright owner. The policy will take affect 17 OCT 99.
They will host a Q&A session to about this on Wednesday, September 22,
1999 from 10:00 – 11:00 PDT on the Discuss eBay’s Newest Features board.
*                                *                            *
Gold's- Has reached the 100,000 listings mark, and are celebrating by
giving each of the benchmark listers (every 10,000th increment)
a special reward. They also give thanks to all the users who have made
this milestone possible.
*                                *                            *
Amazon- Nothing new since TAGnotes Vol 1 Digest 4 10Sep99
Upcoming Live Bid events- 19 Sep 99 Hart Galleries Houston Tx;
19 Sep 99 Wildlife Art, Mangold AS, Bloomington, MN;
24,25 Sep99 Fine Art and Antiques, T W Conroy and Associates
Baldwinsville , NY ; 25Sep99 Arts and Crafts, David Rago Auctions
Lambertville, NJ.
*                                *                            *
Yahoo- Nothing new since TAGnotes Vol 1 Digest 3 9Sep99
*                                *                            *
Boxlot -Current free digital camera selectees by user ID must
respond by midnight Left Coast time (PDT) of day next to name-
Looks as if they have extended the contest past15 SEP, because even
though the rules say the last drawing was 15 Sep, they are still posting
new winners. http://www.boxlot.com/
*                                *                           *
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