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TAGnotes Sat 11 Dec 1999 Vol 1 Number 73

From:   <tagn-@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx>
Date: Sun Dec 12, 1999 5:11am
Subject: TAGnotes Sat 11 Dec 1999 Vol 1 Number 73

The Auction Guild Notes for Saturday 11 Dec 1999
We strongly recommend that you opt for EMAIL MESSAGE, NOT digest
for your subscription option. Messages get sent immediately, digests
get sent and posted to the site anytime up to 24+ hours later. If you
need help changing your subscription option, just drop us an email.
Please give us your input on the NEW SURVEY   How did you find TAGnotes?
eBay affiliates are having difficulties. Looks like time for some
internal housecleaning. emagazine the User ID for Krause, the
publisher of eBay magazine, has 143 neutrals (38 pos)on their eBay
account. The large majority of these comments are negatives, primarily
for spamming, late issues, no issues sent to subscribers etc.

Butterfields (owned by eBay) has 13 pos 15 neutrals that are primarily
neg comments, and 5 negs. These are for excessive handling costs
(for example S/H was $15, actual cost $1.95) late or no shipment after
payment, wrong items shipped, and other bad experiences.

Carsonline (owned by eBay) the eBay User ID of Kruse International car
Auction,has been suspended for shill feedback once, has 10 pos, the
majority (all?) of which is eBay transaction unrelated, and 6 negative
neutrals, for non response to queries etc.

eBay has been doing a much better job of posting updates and details
of what action they are planning or taking. It is good to see them
taking some of the input of users, and acting on it. They have a
long way to go, but the improvements are noted!
* * * * *
Amazon Auction 10cent listings until 31Dec99, free crosslinks to
books or retail items, Pro merchant discounts, bulk lister tool,
zShops, One Click payment options, Gift list giveaways ,
24/7 customer service Toll-free in U.S.and Canada: (800)201-7575
* * * * *
Yahoo Auctions. Approx 1,335,000 auctions currently listed.
* * * * *
Bid or Buy.Com a new site from South Africa. Approx 300 listing.
The site is basic, but appears to function quickly. It has some
interesting looking properties for sale, and provides some variety
from the plethora of US sites. There is a contest for a weekly
drawing of R10,000, and referrals net R 3.30 for every member
signed up. To register using our link
or go direct http://sa.bidorbuy.com/
* * * * *
Golds Auction free basic listings through 31 Dec 1999.
Approx 11052 auctions listed now, and 242686 Auctions since 6/20/99
Their auction numbers have been following a downward trend.
* * * * *
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