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TAGnotes Wed 15 Sep 99 Vol 1 Number 7

From:   <ta-@xxxx.xxx>
Date: Wed Sep 15, 1999 4:44pm
Subject: TAGnotes Wed 15 Sep 99 Vol 1 Number 7

The Auction Guild Notes for Wednesday 15 Sep 1999
eBay- Nothing new since TAGnotes Vol 1 Digest 6 14Sep99 . Remember,
they are holding discussions about the Online Support Board
implementation on the Discuss New Features Board (DNF) at
After each discussion, they will give away an eBay store certificate
to a discussion participant- first two discussions are:
Thursday, September 16th at 10:00am Pacific Daylight Time
Friday, September 17th at 3:00pm Pacific Daylight Time

Gold's- Nothing new since TAGnotes Vol 1 Digest 6 14Sep99

Amazon- Nothing new since TAGnotes Vol 1 Digest 4 10Sep99
Upcoming Live Bid events- 17 – 19 Sep 99 Hart Galleries Houston
Tx; 19 Sep 99 Wildlife Art, Mangold AS, Bloomington, MN;
24,25 Sep99 Fine Art and Antiques, T W Conroy and Associates
Baldwinsville , NY ; 25Sep99 Arts and Crafts, David Rago Auctions
Lambertville, NJ. http://amazon.livebid.com/index.asp

Yahoo- Nothing new since TAGnotes Vol 1 Digest 3 9Sep99
Still have August info up-emailed them-got auto response.

Boxlot -Current free digital camera selectees by user ID must
respond by midnight Left Coast time (PDT) of day next to name-
KGLAZO75 16 SEP HEATHER76 17 SEP 31677 18 SEP
Last drawing 15 SEP-contest ends after draw on 15th.

Auction Universe- is upgrading their database to provide additional
capacity and performance. The upgrade was scheduled to be completed
by 9:00 am EDT, but as of 3pm EDT the site was still not working,
and as of 4:30pm EDT,search was still not functional. All auctions
scheduled to close between 2:00 am and 2:00 pm EDT will be extended by
24 hours. Hopefully they will update that to reflect the actual down
time. http://www.auctionuniverse.com/

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If you have any info you would like to have added to this list, email us
at ta-@f... or TheAuction-@onelist.com.
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