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TAGnotes Thur 18 Nov 1999 Vol 1 Number 58

From:   <tagn-@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx>
Date: Fri Nov 19, 1999 4:44am
Subject: TAGnotes Thurs 18 Nov 1999 Vol 1 Number 58

The Auction Guild Notes for Thursday 18 Nov 1999
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digests get sent and posted to the site 24+ hours later. If you need
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eBay - has launched a pilot program allowing eBay sellers to accept
charge   cards as payment.   Ebay purchased Billpoint earlier this year,
and   feel that   with Billpoint Online Payments, payment will be easy,
convenient and secure.   The pilot program will last approximately three
months.   Early next year, eBay   will make the service available to
more of eBay sellers in gradual, limited   releases. There are no set-up
fees, no monthly fees, and no minimum charge   requirements.   Pilot
program fees are 75 cents per transaction plus 4.5%   of total amount
charged to buyer. Buyer Guide -
http://www.billpoint.com/help/buyerguide/index.html Seller Guide -

Ebay will be down for regularly scheduled maintainance November 19,   
between 01:00 PST and 05:00 PST.

The email we sent yesterday finally got some result, though limitedÉ   
Quote -the logs in question have been moved out of disks and are on
tapes. So when they get a chance to look at this, they will have to
recall the tapes,   reload the data from backups, etc. In other words,
they won't be able to give   out detailed logs for quite a while.   End
Quote   We did get a log summary   and this will go to our ISP tomorrow,
and we hope to have some initial analysis as soon as possible.
* * *
Amazon Auctions and zShops Ð has finally officially launched the   
sothebys.amazon.com site.   The first auction is a first edition of
Harry   Potter   and The Philosophers Stone.   The Halperin Collection,
and a quilt   collection are coming up later this winter. There is a
buyer's premium of 10% of the successful bid price will be added to the
successful bid price and is payable by the Buyer as part of the Total
Purchase Price.   Buyers must use the Amazon payment system, or
occassionally via wire transfer.   Sellers get the remains after
deducting the Buyer's Premium and payment   processing feesfor each

10cent listings until 31Dec99, free crosslinks to books or retail items,
Pro merchant discounts, bulk lister tool, zShops,One Click payment
options, Gift list giveaways
ref%3Da%5Fh%5Fcc%5Fc%5F3/002-2432003-9821847 customer service with   any
questions - Toll-free in U.S. and Canada: (800) 201-7575   
* * *
Yahoo Auctions - is a sponsor of charity auctions every day. There is no
fee to   place your auctions and all proceeds go directly to the
charities.   Still no   update on site calendar or newsletter, since
Aug99. Approx 1,110,300 auctions currently listed.
* * *
Golds Auction - Golds currently has approx 13,498 auctions listed, and
209,075 Auctions since 6/20/99.   Free basic listings through November.
* * *
Andale - a new service provider has been brought to our notice by one of
our subscribers.   They offer an online management tool, that allows
universal   inventory, listing creation, monitoring of auctions, post
sale shipping   calculator and financial calculator, status of repeat
buyers, and a business   showcase.   This site appears to be well laid
out, and has some interesting   management tools.   Our biggest concern,
is that they require your online auction Ids and passwords, but donÕt
provide information on how those are utilized.   For comparison, see
Honesty.Com.   We have an email into them asking for   clarification as
to how this will be handled. * * *
Honesty.Com - will be hosting a face to face Ôuser focus workshopÕ with
8 to 10 Chicago area users. Services now available on Honesty, Counters,
Image hosting, One Step Lister, and Multi bid tool.   Auction site
passwords are invisible to Honesty personnel. Scott has a reminder on
the site that NOW is prime auction christmas rush time for auctions,
because the time lag makes it earlier than analog sales.   
* * *
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