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TAGnotes Sat 13 Nov 1999 Vol 1 Number 54

From:   <tagn-@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx>
Date: Sat Nov 13, 1999 11:39pm
Subject: TAGnotes Sat 13 Nov 1999 Vol 1 Number 54

The Auction Guild Notes for Saturday 13 Nov 1999
We strongly recommend that you opt for EMAIL MESSAGE,   
NOT digest for your subscription option. Messages get sent immediately,
digests get sent and posted to the site 24+ hours later. If you need
help changing your subscription option, just drop us an email. We have
posted a survey on the site, and would appreciate your input.
eBay US- is having search indexing problems.   Search indexing was   
behind approximately 2 days.   The problem was identified and fixed at
approx 0530 PT and updated through Friday.   It will take several update
cycles to bring everything up to date and current.

EBay has a warning   on the announcement board - Some users have
received another fake eBay email marked "Your credit card has been
compromised.". This email claims to have been sent from the "eBay Fraud
Department"   and urges the recipient to visit a web site and provide
personal credit card information at that site. If you have received this
email, do NOT visit the site and do NOT provide your credit card
information.   eBay   will never request your credit card information
via email.

They also have a special holiday suggestion page.   Holiday-o-rama page
at:   http://www.ebay.com/holidayorama Includes a link to the new eBay
Official Guide.   http://www2.ebay.com/aw/announce.shtml

Still no information from eBay on the spider that eBay alleges was
operating on our ISP subnet.   eBay agreed to send information when they
unblocked the ISP subnet on 9 Nov, so that we could find and take
appropriate action against the perpetrator, but hasn’t.   The last phone
call from the ISP Tech to eBay elicited a “the person who does the logs
is on vacation”.   For something eBay thought was important enough to
block 254 potential users,   this appears to be very inconsistent
behavior.   Our ISP wants to fix this problem NOW, and eBay appears to
be stonewalling – very strange.   
* * *
Amazon Auctions and zShops– Live Bid auctions during the month of Nov -
Paperweights 12 Nov, Fine Art and Antiques
17 Nov, Estate Sale 19 Nov. http://livebid.amazon.com/
10 cent listings until 31Dec99, free crosslinks to books or retail
items, Pro merchant discounts, bulk lister tool, zShops, Gift list
24/7 customer service with any questions - Toll-free in U.S. and Canada:
(800) 201-7575   
* * *
Yahoo Auctions – has added a for fee featured item capability.   25
cents   a day guarantees you a place on the bottom of the Featured page,
but you can bid to get your auction moved up on the page.   The amount
you bid is multiplied by the number of days the auction   runs.   
Payment is made   through your Yahoo wallet, which you are required to
set up if you are going to feature auctions.   Yahoo Wallet
-http://wallet.yahoo.com/ Featured Auctions Info
-http://help.yahoo.com/help/auctions/asell/afeat/index.html This site
has one of the best, easiest to use listing pages.   It also   has the
greatest variety of seller controlled options, and there is   no charge
to list, and no final value fees.   Still no update on site calendar or
newsletter, since Aug99. Approx 1,110,300 items   currently listed.
* * *
Gold’s Auction – Currently has approx 13,700 auctions listed, and
199256 Auctions since 6/20/99 and have extended the list a thon until
14 Nov The seller who lists auction number 200,000 and 225,000 will get
a $100. Golds member account credit. Free basic listings extended   
through November.
http://www.goldsauction.com/apps/viewAnnouncements.html * * * iCollector
– an interesting site, packed with resource information. This site
allows listings, but   is for auction houses and dealers.   It has a $2.
per lot list fee plus a 5% commission on sold items.   Don’t pass this
site up though, it has an Art Price guide,Catalogs, dealer directory,
exhibitions and much more. http://www.icollector.com/ * * * SPAM – Tired
of having your email addresses harvested and getting   spammed?   Fight
Back!!! CAUCE - Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email. This is
the   most well-known anti-spam organization. http://www.cauce.org/
SpamCop – Try this site…. http://spamcop.net/
* * *
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have added to this list, email us at ta-@f... or
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