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TAGnotes Wed 10 Nov 1999 Vol 1 Number 52

From:   <tagn-@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx>
Date: Thu Nov 11, 1999 11:56am
Subject: TAGnotes Wed 10 Nov 1999 Vol 1 Number 52

The Auction Guild Notes for Wednesday 10 Nov 1999
We strongly recommend that you opt for EMAIL MESSAGE,   
NOT digest for your subscription option. Messages get sent immediately,
digests get sent and posted to the site 24+ hours later. If you need
help changing your subscription option, just drop us an email. We have
posted a survey on the site, and would appreciate your input.
eBay US- No change to the announcement board, only contains   Millenium-
O-Rama message. http://www2.ebay.com/aw/announce.shtml

Yesterday eBay unblocked our ISP, and we received the following email
message from eBay Customer Support on Tues 9 Nov 99- Quote- Hi XXX- That
network was and it has been unblocked today by eBay.   
Thank You Isabel      -Endquote

We talked on the phone with Isabel yesterday, Tuesday; (XXX is the ISP
Tech Consultant) and asked exactly what had caused eBay to block our ISP
Subnet, and were told there was a spider on eBay coming from one of the
IP addresses on our subnet. We requested, that since our ISP cannot
find evidence of any unusual usage from that subnet, that eBay provide
us with the time/IP address logs showing the site violation, so we can
identify the violator and take appropriate action. Isabel agreed that
eBay would monitor and send us the logs. The ISP Tech sent the following
back up message to eBay Customer Support on Tues
9 Nov 99–   Quote-
Thanks for unblocking the IP, unfortunately is the server
address. Not a IP that would be accessible to anyone except the ISP
ROOT. (our server) There has to be a IP address in THAT Subnet
(208.223.113.x)that is the culprit.
If possible I would appreciate the ebay Log file that shows the spider
attack more specifically the IP Address, The Time and date this happened
(Very important) this way we can look at our own logs and see who was
using that IP at the time. – Endquote
We will update the status when we get the requested and agreed upon
information from eBay.
* * *
Amazon Auctions and zShops– In a bid to become the largest online
retail/Auction and Sales site, has added to the Amazon site -
Tool Crib of the North
A Software Shop - http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/subst/electronics/
software/home.html /ref=e_h_m_a_4/002-5160318-5121835
Video Games - http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/subst/toys/videogames/
10 cent listings until 31Dec99, free crosslinks to
books or retail items, Pro merchant discounts, bulk lister tool,
zShops,Gift list giveaways
24/7 customer service with any questions - Toll-free in U.S.
and Canada: (800) 201-7575
* * *
Yahoo Auctions - still no update on site calendar or newsletter, since
Aug99 Has approximately 1,110,300 items currently listed.
* * *
Gold’s Auction – Currently has approx 13,000 auctions listed, and
194892 Auctions since 6/20/99 and have extended the list a thon until
14 Nov The seller who lists auction number 200,000 and 225,000 will get
a $100. Golds member account credit. Free basic listings extended
through November.
* * *
Christie’s – Is conducting an online survey, that sounds as if they are
considering doing a General Venue type auction. The link to the survey
is on their home page. http://www.christies.com/index.html
To get a free estimate of your item you can make an appointment to go
into Christie's, or send a photograph with an Auction Estimate
Questionnaire. http://www.christies.com/sell/index.html
* * *
Collector Online – is running a $1,000. contest for people who sign up
for their free inventory management service called IMS. IMS is a online
database free to both dealers and collectors. It is integrated with many
of the online auctions and, Collector Online's Antique Mall. Use to
catalog an unlimited number of items with descriptions, prices, photos,
buyer information and more. Items can be sent to a Collector Online
booth or to an internet auction service.
* * *
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list, please email us at tagn-@t...
or TheAuction-@onelist.com.
If you have any info you would like to have added to this list,
email us at ta-@f... or TheAuction-@onelist.com.
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