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TAGnotes Wed 3 Nov 1999 Vol 1 Number 47

From:   <tagn-@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx>
Date: Thu Nov 4, 1999 6:09am
Subject: TAGnotes Wed 3 Nov 1999 Vol 1 Number 47

The Auction Guild Notes for Wednesday 3 Nov 1999
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eBay US – No further information about two users who eBay threatened to
permanently NARU if they post on the public boards re the babysitr shill

eBay has had repeated outages during the past three days. They are
blaming it on unusual loads, caused by server problems. They also state
that one of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that connects to eBay
has had Internet traffic routing problems since Sunday, causing network
connections to eBay to time out. eBay has notified the ISP, and rerouted
their traffic to avoid the faulty ISP.

In another ISP related development, eBay blocked one of our ISPs on
23 October. They never contacted the ISP to let the ISP know about it.
After receiving emails and phone calls on the lack of access from the
ISP, eBay responded in a vague way saying that there might be something
going on at the ISP site that violates section 7 of the User agreement.
We are pursuing further information about this, and hope to have an
update soon.

The last feedback forum is Thurs 4 Nov on DNF 0900 PT

eBay has posted The November issue of eBay life

eBay UK – is having title search problems.
* * *
Amazon - has new auction and zShop categories – In auctions – Food and
beverage, christmas gifts, activities and learning, movie comedy and
dreamcast. In zShops - Hobby and fun, PDAs, Household appliances,
christmas ornaments and arts and crafts.
10 cent listings until 31Dec99, free crosslinks to books
or retail items, Pro merchant discounts, bulk lister tool, zShops,
Gift list giveaways
24/7 customer service with any questions - Toll-free in U.S.
and Canada: (800) 201-7575
* * *
Fairmarket.Com – has teamed up with Value Vision TV auctions
to provide online auctions, which will be marketed as Snap TV and
Snap TV.com. These a planned to be online in Dec - www.vvtv.com
* * *
GoNetworkAuction- the infoseek online auction.
* * *
SoldUSA – has their last catalog auction of the year starting 9 Dec 99,
They are still offering $1.00 per listing for each listed auction with a
minimum opening price of $20.00.
* * *
Honesty.Com – has totally upgraded all their hardware to meet customer
demand generated by all the new auction tools they are offering. They
also have the latest media metrix ratings of the 975 million websites in
the world. Honesty stands at 146 overall, 46 out of the top 100 for
minutes spent online, and 20th in customer loyalty. A well done! goes to
Scott, and all the hardworking folks at Honesty, who have made the name
mean what it says!!!
* * *
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