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TAGnotes Special Edition ebaY US Store Promo on 12 to18 May 04

The Auction Guild Notes Special Edition Mon 10 Apr 2004
12 - 18 MAY 2004
Bidville Auctions, The Alternative
Bidville has been growing both in members and in sales.
With no listing fees, and a minimal Final Success Fee,
Bidville is quickly becoming The Alternative.

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8400 subscribers
Army duties are still keeping our editor very occupied. We are hoping
this will ease up towards the end of the year, and that we can resume
normal operations at The Auction Guild. We appreciate your willingness
to bear with us, during what have been several challenging years.    
Since our editor received a few days off this month, we are extending
this special edition to include other ebaY information - though in a
limited manner.

12 - 18 MAY 2004

ebaY is holding a store promotion from Wednesday, 12 May 2004 between
00:00:01 PT (12:00AM plus one second on 12 May) and Tuesday, 18 May
2004, 23:59:59 PT (11:59 PM plus 59 seconds on 18 May).

During this promotion the first 30-day insertion fee for Good 'Til
Cancelled (GTC) store inventory listings is free, a saving of 2 cents.
After the first 30 days ebaY will charge the 2 cent fee for the next 30
days. If you don't want your listings to renew, you can select the
30-day duration, which will also be free during this promotional period.
ebaY will charge all other fees (Gallery, Bold, Featured Plus and other
feature fees) and other Store Inventory extended duration surcharges.
All items must start during the promotional period to qualify for the 2
cent savings.

This promotion excludes Vehicles, Parts and Accessories, so ebaY will
still charge the 2 cent fee for store inventory listings in these
For more info -

If you don't have a store, you can open a store, free for the first
month at -

To keep your store open after the free trial month you pay a monthly
subscription fee as follows:
Basic Store $9.95 / month
Featured Store $49.95 / month
Anchor Store $499.95 / month

ebaY appears to be having trouble getting sellers to use the stores
feature, as indicated by the lowered listing price and the frequent
promotions for stores. A good indication that stores have failed on
ebaY, would be if ebaY lowers the monthly store fee or starts offering
free monthly subscription promotions. ebaY also continues to aim at
Half.Com sellers, attempting to get them to move over to ebaY, though
there has been much resistance.

Other ebaY News -
Starting 6 June 04, sellers on ebaY UK will no longer be able to pass
along surcharge fees to buyers, even though this is legal to do in the
UK. Currently sellers can pass on ebaY, PayPal, MoneyBookers and other
payment system fees, but will no longer be able to do so. Those sellers
with merchant charge/debit card accounts, will be able to pass on these
fees as before. Sellers can also pass on escrow fees, currency exchange
fees (they must be disclosed in advance) and charge a postage and
handling fee.

In April ebaY Motors Canada sellers received a price increase, to bring
their cost equivalent to that paid on ebaY Motors US. In addition, ebaY
combined the ebaY US and ebaY Motors site, so the listing appears on
both sites. ebaY is calling this the North American ebaY Motors. This
might also be of interest to ebaY Motors users -

ebaY Australia is running a one cent gallery promotion through
11:59:59pm AEST 12 May 04.

Sellers on ebaY Australia now have the option of verifying their
seller's account via the postal mail system. Once a seller confirms
their registration information, they have the option to have a letter
sent to their postal address with a confirmation code, which they will
then have to enter on ebaY Australia. This option may take up to 5-7
days to complete during which time the seller will be unable to sell but
able to bid and buy on ebaY. Usually when ebaY does something like
this, it is because they are not getting the business they expected and
are failing to gain market share.

On ebaY US -
ebaY caused their usual disaster when they introduced their new billing
system announced in early February. Seller's accounts showed double
billing for items and numerous errors. ebaY claimed that no seller was
actually charged for more than they really owed, but we have heard that
from ebaY in the past, and had it be untrue. In April, ebaY finally
posted something about the problems on their announcement board, and
promised no seller would be over charged. Sellers should monitor their
accounts and request refunds for any errors.

ebaY is changing over to My ebaY 2.0 over the next few weeks. Though
ebaY did do a Beta test, (for a change) it will undoubtedly cause
problems on the site.   For more info on the changes go to

The next ebaY Live is taking place in New Orleans 24 - 26 June. TAG has
not yet received codes to sign up for free admission, but, as in past
years, should get some eventually. We will make the codes available if
and when we receive them.

ebaY is now allowing second chance offers on reserve not met items. If
the second chance offer is accepted, ebaY will refund the reserve fee.

ebaY has reposted the relist credit policy. Items can get one relist
free up to 90 days after it did not sell.   Sellers can now also receive
a relist credit in cases where they had a deadbeat bidder who did not
pay for the item. Sellers who use the relist feature to relist a third
time, or a sold item, may not get the relist fee as this will confuse
the system. ebaY recommends using the sell similar function instead of
the relist function for these items. The Reserve price and/or minimum
bid price of the relisted item cannot be higher than the price(s) on the
original listing. For more info go to -

In ebaY's ongoing efforts to censor and control their users speech, ebaY
has limited the number of posts to 10 that can be made on their boards
by users with 9 or less feedback. Many long time ebaYers use multiple
IDs with low/no feedback to post on the boards to protect their selling
and buying accounts from ebaY and other users who target them for what
they say.

ebaY is launching a new authentication system for third party services.
This system appears to be limited to those vendors who pay ebaY to
participate in their developers program, and TAG wonders if ebaY will in
future try to prevent non paying third party systems from accessing
ebaY. The alleged reason behind this change is to provide a way to use
third party systems without giving the third party access to an ebaY
users password, and therefore protect this information. Of course, if
this were really true, ebaY would provide this facility to ALL vendors
for free. TAG hopes and believes that third party vendors will be able
to program around anything ebaY thinks up to keep them off the ebaY

ebaY is changing the deadbeat buyer process.
*New buyer and seller communication system, where members involved in a
disputed transaction communicate directly with each other on the ebaY
site to help complete the transaction. Since buyers and sellers
communicate via the ebaY site, the risk of buyers not seeing payment
reminder emails is reduced.   TAG is suspicious of this move.
*New Unpaid Item 'Dispute Console' for sellers to track and take action
on their Unpaid Items.
*Shorter waiting period for Final Value Fee credits – from 17 days to 14
days or fewer – and an immediate filing option if both the buyer and
seller mutually agree not to complete the transaction.   TAG thinks this
is a good thing.
*Immediate, one-step Final Value Fee credits in the event sellers
encounter suspended buyers or buyers from a country to which sellers
designate in Sell Your Item (or other listing tools) they won't ship.
TAG thinks this is very good.

* * * * * * * * * *
Yahoo Auctions - TAG has been hearing rumors that Yahoo Auctions is
allowing "select" online sellers to list for free and then pay a 15%
Final Value Fee on successfully concluded auctions. Our contacts at
Yahoo will neither confirm nor deny this, saying they have no such
"official" program. Sounds to TAG as if it might be worth making a
"proposal" to Yahoo Auctions to give an interested seller a special

* * * * * * * * * *
iOffer.Com has added a new search engine to their site
Not just a venue
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