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TAGnotes Tue 8 Oct 2002 Vol 4 Number 48 Issue 430

The Auction Guild Notes Mon 8 Oct 2002 PART I
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We again apologize for the fact that we have not been able to
publish an issue of TAGnotes for 21 days. This will cause the
next issue to come out in several parts over the next few days.
We hope TAGnotes will be able to get back to its normal irregular
schedule in the following weeks.
* WARNING * The latest virus scourge is running wild on the
internet is the Bugbear worm (W32.Bugbear@mm) and affects
Microsoft Windows programs.   There is a Bugbear removal tool
at - http://snurl.com/6gr
For more information go to -
ebaY - On 17 Sep at 01:11:21 PT ebaY posted that images
posted on ebaY through ebaY picture services were down from
00:02 PT to 00:43 PT. ebaY did not know if images uploaded
during this outage uploaded or not and suggested that sellers
check their auctions to make sure the images were on their
auctions. At 14:41:45 PT users posted that parts of the site were
not working.   At 17:59:51 PT sellers reported that they could not
revise items, receiving messages that the item had a bid or less
than 12 hours to run, though neither of these situations was true.
At 18:46:31 PT users posted that they though Turbo Lister was a
"Turbo DUD" and that compared to Mister Lister, was slow and
inefficient. At 19:00:14 PT users reported getting error
messages whilst accessing the site.   At 19:22:34 PT users
reported they were not getting end of auction notices. At
19:33:02 PT more users reported that with Turbo Lister, ebaY
took a simple one page form and turned into a multi-page,
complicated, mess. At 19:33:37 PT buyers reported that search
was not working properly. Multi page search results only
showed items on the first page with the rest of the pages not
opening.   At 19:42:08 PT users continued to report search not
working, with it returning no items on items that are commonly
present on the site in quantities. At 22:32:55 PT users reported
problems with downloading Turbo Lister.

On 18 Sep at 07:04:11 PT ebaY posted that the ebaY discussion
boards were unavailable from 06:00 PT to 06:40 PT.   At 11:28:52
PT sellers reported problems with downloading Turbo Lister. At
13:27:05 PT sellers trying to list during the ebaY Canada free
listing day, received messages saying. "Error on line 106: The
item currency selected C $ is no longer valid on eBay. eBay now
requires all new listings to use the Euro currency." Trying to list
using Euros yielded, "Error on line 106: The item currency
selected EUR is no longer valid on eBay. eBay now requires all
new listings to use the Euro currency". At 18:38:07 PT users
reported getting an "invalid password" message box with a
security number when trying to sign into ebaY. At 18:52:20 PT
other users reported they have been having intermittent log in
problems for over a week. At 19:14:39 PT users reported the
feedback system down and search not working.

On 19 Sep at 08:22:48 PT users reported that they had heard
form ebaY about the missing "next" and "previous" buttons in
Turbo Lister (TL). ebaY acknowledged that this was an error and
will add them to the next version of TL.   At 17:29:10 PT TL was
yielding error messages saying there was a problem with a
listing and then auto sending it a second or third time without
allowing the seller to make changes. Sellers also reported
receiving listing messages for each item listed rather than for
the entire collection, flooding their inboxes with messages.   At
19:54:40 PT sellers reported that ebaY was not allowing sellers
to delete the second category on relist.

On 20 Sep ebaY took the site down for maintenance from approx
01:00 PT until approx 03:00 PT.   At 04:37:59 PT sellers reported
that they were having problems using Turbo Lister. The seller
would send 10 items but only 2 would upload, with the other
items containing errors. Clicking upload again, without making
changes, would upload a few more, and continued clicking
upload would eventually upload all the items.    At 06:11:07 PT
users reported TL changed sellers specifically set image size to
"set optimal size using html" so the resulting images were very
big and blurred and had to all be revised. At 17:20:01 PT ebaY
store sellers reported that ebaY was not delivering Buy it Now
notices, forcing sellers to keep checking their stores in order to
see if anything had sold.

On 21 Sep at 04:17:03 PT users again posted objections to My
ebaY, protesting the uselessness of the "Items I did not win"
section. They also noted that there was a problem with My ebaY
in that items in the "watch" section were not moving to the
"winning" section when appropriate. At 08:01:53 PT users
reported problems viewing completed items by the category, with
several categories not updated since 10 Sep. At 13:50:46 PT
sellers reported that their newly downloaded Turbo Lister was
not accepting their ebaY ID and password, rendering the
program unusable. Another user posted that a work around for
this problem was to use all capitals on log in, and that appeared
to solve the problem. At 14:20:39 PT sellers again reported that
they could not remove the second category on relist. No matter
how many times they cancelled it and saved the change, the
second category continued to reappear on the relist. At 16:43:40
PT buyers trying to snipe bid auctions received a message
saying, "We are sorry, but our site is temporarily unavailable due
to weekly scheduled maintenance that occurs every Friday from
1:00 AM to 3:00 AM PST" preventing them from bidding.   At
17:36:22 PT users reported losing lists of auctions whilst trying
to use Turbo Lister to upload to ebaY. At 17:42:42 users reported
that with the ZoneAlarm Pro firewall program installed, if users
had the 3rd party cookie blocker on, they could not sign in on
ebaY. At 21:42:41 PT Turbo Lister was giving messages saying
there were errors uploading pictures to ebaY's picture services.
At 22:06:00 PT a WebTV user posted their distress at the
ongoing deterioration of service they receive on ebaY. ebaY is
becoming incompatible with WebTV, and ebaY has no plans to
do anything to improve that compatibility. Users also reported
that advanced search was not working properly, with the word
"test" appearing in the text entry block, preventing use of search.
At 22:16:35 PT more users reported the search problem.   At
22:24:05 PT users reported website not responding messages
when trying to access ebaY. At 22:24:36 PT users reported the
ebaY servers were responding intermittently.   At 22:26:04 PT
users continued to report advanced search down, with the word
"test" appearing in the text entry block, making search unusable

On 22 Sep at 09:23:58 PT sellers reported that using relist or
revise on SYI 2.0 randomly dropped images in auctions. At
11:31:47 PT buyers reported they could not open items and
could not bid. At 11:36:38 PT sellers reported problems with
Turbo Lister (TL), resulting in not being able to upload auctions.
At 12:23:21 PT sellers reported more problems with TL and
reported they could not view saved items. At 15:00:12 PT buyers
reported search was not working properly with only the first three
pages of search results accessible despite reporting over 900
items found. At 16:37:32 PT buyers reported no longer receiving
outbid notices from ebaY. At 16:44:29 PT sellers received "Data
Input Errors - Try Again" messages whilst trying to list items.   At
16:49:50 PT TL users again reported problems with TL distorting
auction images.   At 16:54:09 PT TL templates were reported by
users as distorting what the viewer could see on their monitor,
making items un-viewable. At 17:13:41 PT buyers reported that
viewing seller pages with images yielded error messages but if
viewed as text only all appeared as normal. At 17:17:22 PT
users reported sporadically receiving "document contains no
data" messages whilst trying to view ebaY pages. At 17:19:53
PT users reported receiving blank pages. 17:38:39 PT users
reported that though they selected the option not optimize
images, TL distorted them anyway requiring revisions on all
auctions listed through TL. At 23:51:49 PT users reported that
revisions were not taking on the site.

On 23 Sep at 05:34:44 PT many sellers reported having
problems with TL. It appeared that those seller trying to use
ebaY iPix picture services could not list using TL. At 11:10:36 PT
the change category function was down. At 12:04:57 PT sellers
trying to post auctions were receiving a message that, "Your
listing appears to violate eBay’s Links and Credits policy. The
eBay item page may not refer to or promote individual or
commercial websites. Common examples of violations of this
policy include: - “Please visit my website” - “Visit us
on the web” For more information on eBay’s Links and Credits
guidelines, please go to the following URL:
http://pages.ebay.com/help/ community/png-links.html For more
information on other eBay listing guidelines, please go to the
following URL:
http://pages.ebay.com/help/community/png-list.html Please
review your listing to make sure that it does not violate this
policy."   This was being caused by completely ebaY legal links
in the auction to other information about the items, ebaY coding,
as usual, was at fault, as ebaY tries to automate auction filters to
prevent sellers from linking to their websites, in continued efforts
to cut the threads of the web. At 13:16:14 PT ebaY announced
that they had an update for TL including a fix for the ebaY iPix
picture services incompatibility and the log in problem. At
13:28:56 PT more sellers reported arbitrarily deleted auction
images in new listings.

On 24 Sep at 05:35:58 PT sellers reported problems with the
new ebaY powerseller logo.   At 08:38:54 PT sellers who used
the gallery option on the penny gallery day reported their sellers
were better on items that did not use the gallery than those that
did. Sellers have frequently reported that using gallery reduces
the number of people that actually view their auction, reduces
bidding and reduces the final price, anecdotal information in
direct conflict with ebaY's claims. At 11:47:25 PT users reported
that basic search was down.   At 17:24:02 PT users reported that
search was not working properly with the number of items
returned not matching the number of items showing, for example
search says 42 items found but shows only one. Also in
multiple pages of found items, only the first few pages would
show items.   At 17:46:37 PT users reported sign in was not
working.   At 19:35:28 PT users reported search was down.
search was returning completely arbitrary results, showing items
completely unrelated to the key word requested. At 19:47:20 PT
users attempting to use search received 503 error messages.
At 19:56:36 PT users reported more search problems, with any
results coming up very slowly. Search problems continued to be
reported and at 20:14:29 PT using the same search key word
would return arbitrary numbers of items different for every time
the same search word was entered. Search was also very slow,
taking upward of 44 seconds to show any results. At 20:18:19
search results that numbered in the hundreds earlier were
returning one or two items. At 20:31:27 PT users reported no
saved searches were working, and key word search continued to
bring up arbitrary and unrelated results with each attempt. At
20:45:03 PT ebaY reported that title search was slow and
intermittently down from 19:15 PT to 20:30 PT. Users continued
to report search problems through 22:57:55 PT with all the afore
mentioned problems occurring, including saved searches not
working.   Search was not working properly for over 5 hours.
ebaY should have made automatic refunds in accordance with
their outage policy. but as usual, just lied about the outage times
and extent of the problems. Sellers should request refunds for
all auctions that ended during that period, and for all auctions the
seller feels were negatively impacted by the outage.   At
22:54:51 PT users reported they could not post shipping costs in
the SYI2.0 listing form.

On 25 Sep at 00:20:44 PT sellers reported problems with
downloading Turbo Lister (TL) At 06:59:20 PT users reported
getting end of auction notices weeks after the auctions ended.   
This was happening sporadically with some EOAs delivered in a
timely manner. At 07:40:24 PT sellers reported that SYI2.0 was
randomly dropping images posted in the URL slot on the listing
form. At 09:02:23 PT users again reported that search was
intermittently not working, with saved searches working very
sporadically.   At 11:58:34 PT ebaY posted that some title
searches were slow from 11:30 PT to 11:45 PT.   On 17:25:11 PT
users again reported search problems, having a second search
page open when using basic search from any location, requiring
the user to re-enter the search words. The * symbol in search
was not functioning. ebaY was aware of the problem but again
did not post it on their AB.   At 20:51:27 PT sellers reported TL
submissions were not uploading.   At 22:30:43 PT ebaY iPix was
leaving open windows on each item listed.

On 26 Sep at 06:12:09 PT users continued to report ongoing
problems with keyword search, and the wildcard asterisk not
working properly.   Basic search was requiring users to have
javascript enabled.   At 11:17:12 PT users reported receiving a
survey from ebaY asking about the users willingness to pay to
call customer service, pertaining to Pay Pal and Bill Point
payments.   At 18:16:05 PT sellers reported more problems with
TL after downloading the upgrade. Adding images was causing
problems, preventing successful listing of items. At 20:28:10 PT
users reporting receiving error messages whilst trying to post
messages on the chat boards.

ebaY took their site down for maintenance on Fri 27 Sep from
approx 01:00 PT until 03:00 PT.   At 12:17:18 PT sellers reported
they could not upload listings with TL after updating the program.

On 28 Sep at 03:39:52 PT sellers reported they could not
download Turbo Lister (TL).   At 19:12:29 PT sellers reported
they could not upload images.

On 29 Sep 01:53:13 PT users reported problems with ebaY
Billpoint payments. At 02:08:01 PT ebaY announced that the
ability to make a payment with ebaY Billpoint payments was
down from 00:07 PT to 01:57 PT. Sellers could not register for
Billpoint either.   At 14:01:58 PT sellers reported more problems
with TL. At 16:26:03 PT users reported they could not add to their
items description receiving messages saying, "Input Error We
did not successfully receive all the required information from the
page. Please go back and ensure that all fields are filled in". At
16:58:35 PT users reported that My ebaY pages were coming up
blank.   Auction item pages would not completely open. At
05:54:23 PT sellers reported they could not change their
description. The submit button didn't work. At 07:38:22 PT
search was not working from the basic search page.

On 30 Sep at 11:26:04 PT sellers reported they could not
download Turbo Lister (TL). At 11:30:05 PT a seller suggested
turning off virus software might help when trying to download TL.
At 14:45:12 PT users reported they could not log into the
threaded boards. At 14:50:54 PT users reported "Bad Request"
errors across the site.   At 14:57:05 PT more problems were
reported accessing pages across the site. At 15:07:02 PT
sellers reported they could not revise an item. At 15:09:09 PT
sellers reported more problems trying to use TL, with pages
hanging. At 16:27:26 PT sellers again reported that their images
were being distorted when uploaded through TL.

TAG STRONGLY recommends that, if a seller feels that any of
the ebaY outages and glitches appears to have negatively
impacted the sale of any of their or listings of any type, request
refunds. Don't pay for service if you don't receive it.

TO REQUEST REFUNDS from ebaY go to
Don't take NO for an answer, keep requesting until you get them.
If you don't get your refunds complain to the BBB Online at
And also file a complaint with the FTC

Board Quote of the Day I - in conversation about the days of
search problems civp-@aol.com said on 22 Sep at 15:12:30
PT, "Over the last two years eBay has continually "refined" the
search function. They have now got it to the point that it is so full
of bugs, they will NEVER get it to work at even a poor level. Quite
frankly, the PTB are too dam stupid to realize it and purchase a
decent search engine and start over. There's plenty of good
search engines they could purchase, but they're probably
pinching pennies to keep Meg's new jet gassed up." And at
15:29:48 PT, "...I would guess that what's most likely destroying
search is the thousands of lines of code that has been put in it to
give preferential placement to specific sellers in a futile attempt
to try to prop up a crappy store system as well as trying to entice
sellers to use added features that everyone knows do not work.
The tail will NOT wag the dog, no matter how much eBay
believes it will. eBay truly believes they can manipulate buyers
and sellers to do whatever they want. They are wrong."

Board Quote of the Day II, posted by manuals2go.com on 22 Sep
at 15:46:41 PT said, "Well.. I'm finally giving serious
consideration to dropping Ebay as a place to sell. The
aggravation and the time required just aren't worth the return. I
spend more time with Ebay orders than I do with the other 85%
of my business. If I could figure out WHY Ebay customers are
dumber than than my web site or retail store customers I might
continue... otherwise I think I'll hang up Ebay at year end. --By
the time you consider the 22% that Ebay gets, the 32% that the
IRS gets, the 23% that goes to supplies and overhead. That
leaves me 23% of each sale (which average $8.23 each)... that's
not exactly a get rich scenerio."   TAG wonders if other power
sellers (as this seller is, with feedback over 9 thousand) are
finally getting fed up with ebaY's endless problems and high

The ebaY/PayPal deal has gone through. ebaYPayPal users
should be vigilant and report any and every problem they
experience to the Better Business Bureau. When ebaY starts to
raise fees and put other restrictive and anti-business and
anti-competitive practices into play. users should report them to
the Dept of Justice and Federal Trade Commission, along with
the State Attorneys General of the state the seller lives in. ebaY
will be in the headlights of these organizations for antitrust
practices, they have convinced these organizations they would
not commit. If you search for your state's website, it should have
a link to contact your State's Attorney General. Try a Google
search from - http://www.google.com/

Despite loud and never ending complaints about the poorly
designed, glitchy and bloated SYI2.0, ebaY is removing the old
one page listing form during the last week of Dec 2002 or early
January 2003. TAG sees this action as proving how ebaY's
claims of a community based site and a community that ebaY
listens to, are nothing more than lies and PR. The facade is
starting to crack and ebaY's real motivations are showing
through the cracks.
For more info on the listing page removal go to -

TAG encourages sellers to download the old form to your
desktop as it is very possible that this will continue to work, even
after ebaY has completely removed it from the ebaY site.

ebaY is making some changes to the much despised pop up
ads they call "Exit Promotions".   ebaY says they will cut down on
the number of times potential ebaY users are annoyed by these
ads on the home page, but that they are adding the pop ups to
other pages on the site. ebaY says that users should only see
the promotion once per day no matter which combination of
selected pages they enter or exit. Though ebaY claims these
irritating and obnoxious ads are to offer compelling reasons for
buyers to return to ebaY and get potential buyers to see offers
they might otherwise miss, opinion of pop ups appears to TAG to
be universal hatred. ebaY is trying to convince users that this
expansion is intended to benefit both buyers and sellers, but
users are not that stupid, and realize that ebaY will exploit these
ads for the corporations who can pay for them, regardless of the
negative affect they have on ebaY sellers

ebaY ran a survey through their survey site, Insight Express,
about what information ebaY users would find useful and if
those users would pay for that information.   TAG would like to
see the answer to the question asked, "What is the primary
method you use to list items?" There were questions about
listing tools, auction management and inventory tools, along with
questions on what you would be willing to pay for.

ebaY is changing several of the emails they send out regarding
site functions.

*End of Item
ebaY is fielding its previously announced End of Auction emails
changes. The high bidder and seller will each receive a different
End of Auction notice for the same transaction. with information
ebaY feels is tailored to the recipient. When available, shipping
information and other charges will also be included in these
emails. ebaY claims the seller will also have better promotion of
their other items and stores in these emails.

*Saved Searches
Will have a preview of items matching favorite searches in the
email. To get this, ebaY requires that you receive HTML emails,
but you are not required to do so. Set email format preferences
from the My ebaY pages.

*Daily Status & Watch Reminder
Has information about your ebaY trading activity, and has a link
back to My ebaY.
Also has reminders about items that are about to end.
Approximately 24 hours before an item ends, ebaY says they will
send a reminder note in the Daily Status email

TAG will believe this when they see it. ebaY mails have always
been consistent in their inconsistency, and anyone who relies on
these messages for anything, are sure to be let down. The
reality of ebaY's email system has never come close to matching
the hype.

ebaY has added a new feedback star when a user reaches 50
positive feedbacks. The new star is blue and will identify
members who have a feedback rating of 50 to 99.

ebaY has changed some categories -
-Business & Industrial has medical equipment and supplies.
ebaY policies regarding this area - http://snurl.com/6ii

-CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES Vintage Clothing is now in
Clothing & Accessories,
-COMPUTERS & OFFICE Can browse by processor speed.
Added laptop parts and components.
-HOME & GARDEN Quilts are now in Home & Garden in the
Bedding category also Vintage and Modern Area Rugs.
-SPORTS Expanded categories for Baseball, Basketball,
Football & Hockey memorabilia. Airsoft has its own area and
ebaY added some new categories in Hunting for Optics and
-TOYS & HOBBIES The former "Hobbies & Crafts" category is
now "Crafting, Art Supplies". Hobby-related categories such as
Model RR, Models, Radio Control, and Slot Cars are under Toys
& Hobbies. Toys, Hobbies, Crafts, Dolls and Bears also have
new portal pages. Second level categories include Baby Items,
Model Railroad, Models, Radio Control.   To see all the changes
go to -
-EVERYTHING ELSE New categories in Body Care and in

eBay's Personal Offer feature has been renamed Second
Chance Offer.

Second Chance Offer allows sellers to offer their item to a
specific under-bidder if the original transaction cannot be
completed, or if the seller has an identical item to sell. The
buyer has to have agreed to the option to get a second chance
offer. Seller must be willing to sell at the backup bidders high
bid, not the amount of the highest bid.

Sellers can access the feature from the closed item page, the
seller's view of closed bid history, and the "Items I've Sold" table
in My ebaY.

Second Chance Offer will also be available to Motors sellers in
the ways described above, as well as in cases where the
reserve price is not met (for Passenger Vehicles, Motorcycles or
Other Vehicles categories). Second Chance Offer is accessible
from the "Unsold Items" table in Motors My ebaY.

Sellers do not pay an insertion fee for sending a Second Chance
Offer, but pay a Final Value Fee if the offer is accepted.

For more information on Second Chance Offer, go to -

ebaY has changed the Sell Your Item 2.0 listing form.

*Wider columns in the Help section, to minimize wrapping of text
and reduce scrolling.

*When relisting, editing pictures will now submit any other edits
you have done, helping to reduce the chance of losing data.

*ebaY will return you to the Picture section if you change picture

*Wider boxes in the Title, Picture URL and Gallery.

*If you host your own images and use these images in your
item's description, you will now have the option to add a picture
icon without using a URL in the picture URL box.

ebaY has updated and posted their ebaY employee site use
policy. ebaY Company employees must use a personal,
non-Company email address to conduct business on ebaY
Company websites.

·When an ebaY Company employee bids on or purchases an
item, the employee must email the seller the link to the policy. In
addition, when an ebaY Company employee lists an item for
sale, the ebaY Company employee must include the link to the
policy in their listing. The new policy is at -

ebaY has added a Wholesale Lots portal page at -
Re-sellers or other buyers looking to buy in bulk can find links to
categories from this page.

ebaY will send monthly reports on ebaY sales to all sellers who
have Featured ($49.95/month) and Anchor ($499.95/month)
Stores. Stores Seller Reporting will provide sellers with data
containing both seller-specific and marketplace performance
data. ebaY will email the reports to the email address
associated with the Store Account.
Upgrade your Basic Store to Anchor or Featured to receive Seller
Reports at
For more information on Stores and Seller Reporting, go to -

ebaY's powerseller program now has five levels: Bronze, Silver,
Gold, Platinum and Titanium. There is a new powerseller icon.
ebaY has downgraded the services at each level, so a Gold
powerseller will now get what used to be Silver level features.
For more info go to -
More info -

For those sellers using Mister Lister, if you are having problems
with error messages, it may be due to the ebaY UNIX server
limitations. UNIX servers have a limitation of 1000 characters
per line of text before they need a line break. If an item
description line goes over 1000 characters before you hit "Enter",
then this would cause the problem. In your item descriptions,
you need to make sure that you press the "Enter" key before you
reach 1,000 characters or it will get truncated and you may
receive errors.

Having problems with Turbo Lister? Here is a Turbo Lister work
around. Write your auctions in Mister Lister, then import them
into TL. This appears to work very well for most users.

* * * * *
Yahoo Auctions doubled their listings during their 18 Sep free
listing day, going from 265,155 listings on 15 Sep to 448,829 on
19 Sep. Listing increases were across all the categories.

Auction listings provided by -

Yahoo Fall sale ends 9Oct02 - $1.00 no reserve auctions -

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