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TAGnotes Sun 18 Aug 2002 Vol 4 Number 44 Issue 426

The Auction Guild Notes Sun 18 Aug 2002
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ebaY PayPal buyout, in an article in the Deal, it was reported that
they believe the U.S. Justice Department will expand its antitrust
investigation into ebaY's buyout of PayPal.   The DOJ review is
focusing on whether the transaction would hurt small
businesses and other payment processors. If PayPal users
who are troubled by this buyout, please make sure you send
your concerns to the DOJ and FTC. A loud and vociferous
objection, should at least get some restrictions put in place to
control what access ebaY has to past records, and limit what
ways ebaY can force PayPal down their customers throats. This
is one time that individuals can make a REAL difference in an
important outcome in this industry. Don't forget to contact your
Senators and Congressional Representatives also. The more
concern expressed the more likely protections will be enforced
as part of the deal.

For the complete Deal article go to -

To read TAG's objections to the buyout and for a sample letter
and addresses to mail a letter go to -
FTC Phone and email addys -
Department Of Justice Antitrust Division,
Write to - antit-@usdoj.gov

ebaY - On 11 Aug at 10:44:04 PT users reported getting
numerous page resets on cgi5 preventing listing. At 10:54:51 PT
sellers continued to note they were not receiving relist refunds,
the 11th day of the problem.   At 11:00:01 PT ebaY reported there
were intermittent listing problems from 10:39 PT to 10:50 PT. At
18:38:19 PT users reported not being able to open auction items
preventing bidding. This problem lasted until 18:51:20 PT. At
19:24:12 PT sellers reported they could not upload their Mister
Lister collections.

On 12 Aug at 06:52:17 PT sellers reported for the 12th day, that
they were not receiving relist credit.   At 06:52:37 PT users
reported that access to the threaded boards was down. At
06:57:07 PT users reported the threaded boards were
accessible but slow.   At 20:12:30 PT sellers could not change
their credit card on their accounts. At 20:25:34 PT users
continued to report more problems with changing their credit
card info. At   20:46:45 PT ebaY posted that the ability to pay an
ebaY account with a credit card or add a credit card was down
from 19:14 PT to 19:42 PT, and from 19:55 PT to 20:40 PT.

On 13 Aug sellers reported the 13th day of no relist refunds.
Hotmail account holders also reported they were, once again,
not getting ebaY emails. This ebaY Hotmail problem has been
an intermittent reoccurrence for several months, despite the
personal attention Meg Whitman requested and allegedly
received from Microsoft's Steve Balmer. Obviously, it was the
same kind of customer service ebaY gives its customers.

On 14 Aug at 08:59:03 PT sellers reported Buy It Now items that
were sold were not reflecting their sold status and were still
available for purchase. At 18:31:33 PT users reported no access
notices and the entire ebaY site crashing. This only lasted for a
few moments.

On 15 Aug at 05:41:54 PT, ebaY reported that listings in
categories were updating even more slowly than usual. At
07:03:04 PT ebaY posted that listings in categories were
updating more slowly than usual from 00:00 PT and 07:00 PT,
causing listings to not show in categories.   At 08:25:40 PT users
reported items in the collectibles categories were showing as
"unavailable". At 08:38:58 PT Computer items joined those
showing as unavailable. At 08:39:49 PT users reported they
could not search or bid on items, "This function is currently
unavailable" messages. At 08:36:44 PT ebaY posted that
Collectibles categories were down from 8:20 PT to 8:30 PT, as
usual users reported differently.   At 08:48:13 PT users continued
to report site problems with item access. At 13:34:55 PT a seller
reported getting 54 out of 900 end of item notices for items
ending the previous day. At 14:04:07 PT users reported they
could not revise store items, as ebaY was no longer recognizing
the seller At 14:24:06 PT users reported they could not log into
the threaded message boards. At 14:44:16 PT sellers continued
to report the system not recognizing them. At 23:56:09 PT
sellers reported they could not sign in, that SYI2.0 was not
working and that the seller could not revise listings.

On 16 Aug ebaY took the system down for maintenance, and
though they said it was going to be from 01:00 PT until 03:00 PT,
the session appeared to be for an abbreviated period. At
04:21:11 PT sellers posted that a 5 cent surcharge was now
showing up on all relists and revisions made by sellers using
the old listing form.   On further investigation, this charge was not
showing up on seller's accounts yet.   At 07:21:23 PT users
reported problems with search. At 11:58:54 PT after being
contacted by the main stream media on the surcharge issue,
ebaY finally posted a notice on the SAB about it. They said,
"Members using Sell Your Item 1.0 to list or relist 3-, 5- or 7-day
auction-style listings are receiving a message stating that there
is a five-cent surcharge for this type of listing. This message is in
error, and there is no surcharge for 3-, 5- or 7-day auction-style
listings. Seller accounts are not being charged this extra fee."   
ebaY also told CNET that, "...there are no plans to institute such
a fee." ebaY pinks asked about this said they had not been
notified of any such fee. Since additions in coding like this one
do not happen by accident, ebaY is obviously lying again, but it is
not yet possible to discern about what. At 13:21:29 PT ebaY
posted that users were having trouble accessing the time left
feature on search. At 16:57:51 PT, ebaY again posted about the
surcharge appearing on relists when using the old listing form.
ebaY said that the problem occurred from 03:00 PT to 16:29 PT.   
At 19:07:53 PT users reported the bidder block page was
missing. When trying to access the page they received
messages that said, "We could not locate the page you
requested. We are sorry, but the file you requested has moved or
does not exist on our system. Please check the Site Map or the
Home Page for the new location of the file you seek."   At
20:27:37 PT sellers reported problems with posting images
using ebaY iPix.

On 17 Aug at 09:34:32 PT sellers reported that the Checkout
system was not functioning. The Checkout blocks were missing
from auction pages and sellers were not able to send invoices
through the system. At 10:58:09 PT sellers reported problems
with Mister Lister. At 23:34:57 PT sellers again reported
problems adding to store items descriptions.

On 18 Aug 10:52:10 PT users reported they were not able to
save Watch items in their My ebaY pages.

TAG STRONGLY recommends that, if a seller feels that any of
the ebaY outages and glitches appears to have negatively
impacted the sale of any of their auctions or listings of any type,
request refunds. Don't pay for service if you don't receive it.

TO REQUEST REFUNDS from ebaY go to
Don't take NO for an answer; keep requesting until you get them.
If you don't get your refunds complain to the BBB Online at
And also file a complaint with the FTC

Pink Quote of the Day I - On 28 Jul at 22:24 PT, when asked
about the ebaY powerseller health insurance program,
Gianni@ebaY said, "... eBay is still working on the Powerseller's
Insurance program. Please be sure to check the Announcement
Board for any updates and the announcement on a decision
about the program. " TAG wonders what "a decision about the
program" means.

PQOD II - On 18 Aug, when asked about User ID hijacking,
during the live chat with the head of ebaY Trust and Safety, Rob
Chestnut, (ro-@ebay.com) said, "Some time ago we made the
decision that a user could not use their email address as a user
ID, in part to deal with this exact problem. We are encouraging all
users who have their email address as part of their user ID to
change their ID. We have considered making such a change, but
have been reluctant to impose it on long-time users who have
invested so much in their eBay identity. " TAG finds it a shame
that the primary person at ebaY in charge of trust and safety did
nothing but provide PR answers and lies. Identity hijacking has
nothing to do with email addys as User IDs, and the only reason
for ebaY banning such IDs is to prevent someone from being
able to get in touch with another user without going through
ebaY. ebaY is facilitating User ID hijacking because they are
greedy. To solve the biggest part of the hijacking problem all
they would need to do would be to lock login after a person tries
to login more than a certain number of times (5 or 10). The
problem is that ebaY would have to provide 24/7 customer
service, so that if a legitimate user got their account locked, there
would be someone at ebaY to unlock it instantly. ebaY is not
about to spend money on customer support, as they are much
too busy trying to train up their Gestapo forces to keep dissent
and fraud reporting off their chat boards.     For the rest of the
chat with Rob, go to -

Board Post of the Day I - In a discussion about ebaY
announcements about their outages, marginally*marginal on 15
Aug at 08:52:39 PT said, "Oh, I can see it now... "The DNF subset
of the eBay community might possibly may be experiencing
intermittent non-contiguous occasional issues with some -- but
not most -- of the eBay site. The home page is up, however, you
may have to know the item number of what it is you are
searching for to find it -- and even then, it may not show up. Or it
could. It depends on what subset of the eBay superset you are
in. Rest assured we are working tirelessly day and night to
resolve the issues. Thank you for your patience. Regards, eBay."
And on 17 Aug at 07:33:43 PT in a answer to a user about how to
protest about SY2.0 to ebaY, "This is the place where we
discuss how new features have broken the system and rant to
have eBay put it back the way it was, and LEAVE STUFF ALONE.
Of course, they never listen, and eBay becomes more complex,
convoluted, un-navigable, counterintuitive, and generally a motley
assortment of dysfunctional patches on shoddy repairs to the
buggy changes to the revised edits of the original functional

BPOD II - When asked why ebaY would not allow sellers to
chose which listing form they could use, novelty said on 15 Aug
at 09:18:58 PT, "Why not let sellers have the freedom to decide?
...This is not an applicable part of the fascism doctrine. Simply
suggesting just an act of civility could cause you to be flogged,
drawn and quartered. Please refrain from thinking your rights are
important to the workings of eBay inc."

And talking about the ebaY Gestapo, ebaY has decided that they
no longer want users warning other users about fraudulent
escrow sites. ebaY has now gagged all mention, and removed
all threads that investigated and listed all fraudulent escrow
sites on the ebaY escrow board.   The primary mover and shaker
in these investigations, fenton.smith, said, "I've recently been
informed that I'm prohibited from posting information on the
scams on this board. I'll be looking for an alternative method of
making this information available. For now, all I can do is put the
scam sites in my list and send the reports to the person who
asked about them. Also, be aware that we can no longer
mention the site name in the headline of posts on this board.
Thus, due to eBay rules, I am prevented from offering the kind of
service that I've offered in the past." TAG wants to know what the
escrow board is for? A thread on the subject (if ebaY has not
removed it) -

Though as of yet not officially posted on the site and not yet
appearing on the deadbeat bidder pages, during the live chat
Rob Chestnut announced that ebaY has implemented a change
to the non paying bidder program. All non paying bidder (NPB)
warnings will expire after 18 months.   TAG will be interested to
see how this gets implemented. Of course, since ebaY profits
from deadbeats, they are obviously not going to do anything to
eliminate deadbeats from their site. The deadbeat buyer
problem is an easy to solve situation. ebaY should require all
buyers to fund an account and then charge to buyers who are
deadbeats, the final value fees and listing fees incurred by the
seller and then return the same to the seller. If ebaY did this, the
deadbeats would drop to a small fraction of their current
numbers. But if ebaY did this, they would lose out on all the
revenue they are now unethically getting out of sellers, the relist
fees and unclaimed final value fees.
As of this printing, ebaY says in the current NPB program,
"Warnings will remain on your record until they are successfully
appealed."   Current NPB program is at -

ebaY is facing a serious patent infringement suit in November.
Thomas G. Woolston, and his company MercExchange has had
online auction system patents since Apr 1995, 6 months before
Pierre Omidyar started Auction Web that later became ebaY, and
3 years before ebaY filed its first patent. Mr Woolston has
already been successful in a suit against GoTo.com receiving an
undisclosed settlement plus a licensing agreement from
GoTo.Com. He is once again pursuing what he sees as his
rights, against ebaY, in the same court. Several rulings have
been made on this case, so far in Mr Woolstons favor.

ebaY is arguing that their system is person to person whereas
Mr Woolston's has an intermediary. ebaY is arguing the
definitions of the words in the patents to try to show there are
differences between their systems and those patented by Mr

TAG would be interested in the answer to some questions this
all brings to mind, and those are why didn't Pierre file patents on
his person to person auction idea in 1995, and was it because
he had an invention agreement with General Magic, so they
would have been the owner of the "invention" that was to become

Article on this in Forbes -

ebaY insiders are cashing out stock at and ever increasing rate.
In a press release sent to TAG, this insider trading information
was compiled -

"Ebay Officers Dump Stock Valued at $852.4 Million
San Diego, CA - With the stock market being manipulated
recently, new information sheds light on the volatile position of
publicly traded Ebay stock. The President and Chief Executive
Officer of the Internet auction site, eBay.com; Margaret C.
Whitman has been dumping stock faster than Ken Lay at Enron.
Between December 19, 2001 and May 8, 2002, Ms. Whitman has
sold-off 13,049,536 shares of stock. At $56 a share, that comes
to more than $730 million. Ms. Whitman has a 6% ownership in
the company. This information can be verified at
http://biz.yahoo.com/t/e/ebay.html. Other officers in the company
are just as greedy. The founder and Chairman, Pierre Omidyar
has sold off 443,800 shares since 11-21, netting him a healthy
$24.85 million. The Chief Financial Officer, Rajiv Dutta has sold
180,000 shares making him a cool $10.08 million. Maynard
Webb, the Chief Operating Officer has sold off 436,600 shares
netting him $24.44 million. General Counsel, Michael R.
Jacobson has dumped 144,998 shares making him $8.119
million – not bad for a hungry young lawyer. Jeff Jordan, a
Senior Vice President and General Manager has dumped 199,992 shares of
stock valued at $11.19 million. Senior Vice President of Ebay
International, Matthew J. Bannick has sold 144,998 shares netting him a
cool $8.119 million. And finally, a
“Beneficial Owner,” Jeffrey Skoll dumped 622,000 shares of
stock in two days in April netting him a whopping $32.9 million. "
For the complete press release go to -

ebaY announced they are making changes to Checkout and
ebaY Billpoint Payments, over the next few weeks. To see
details go to -

ebaY has finally implemented the changes in how the ending
time of a listing is displayed in Search and Listings results.
Instead of the ending time, "Ends PDT/PST", with the date and
military time in the Pacific Time Zone that the listing will end,
ebaY will now "Time Left", with the amount of time left in the
listing displayed in hours and minutes, rather than the specific
hour of the day.

Users who prefer to view Search and Listings results by "Ends
PDT/PST" can change the setting from the "Show Only" box in the
left-hand navigation bar. Once the default is set to "Ends
PDT/PST", it will remain that way for the user. Users need to set
the default for Search and Listings results separately.

TAG applauds the fact that ebaY is allowing users choice in this
matter. ebaY should make the fact of that choice more intuitive
and more obvious.

ebaY will hold a workshop on "How to Choose, Prepare and List
Clothing For Sale on ebaY." This workshop will be held on Tue
20 Aug from 19:00 PT to 21:00 PT.

Ongoing Issues and Information
See the TAG website for miscellaneous ebaY info at -

Is Checkout interfering with your online business? Is the new
search slowing down your sales? You pay ebaY for services, so
file a complaint against ebaY with the Better Business Bureau,
the FTC and or The Consumer Trouble Shooter.
BBB Online - http://www.bbbsilicon.org
FTC - https://www.ftc.gov/ftc/complaint.htm
FBI's Internet Fraud Complaint Center at: http://www.ifccfbi.gov/

ebaY CONTACT for ebaY, ebaY UK, Billpoint, Half.Com,
information including analog mail and email addresses, phone
numbers, regular and toll free, refund info, close account info,
and insider trading info etc can be found at

* * * * *
Amazon Auctions, zShops and Marketplace - on 11 Aug at 00:29
PT Amazon announced that on 10 Aug, seller uploads using the
Inventory Loader and Book Loader were queued, from
approximately 00:00 PT to 06:00 PT, during a maintenance

On 12 Aug at 20:30 PT Amazon posted that Amazon Payments
transactions were not processing to completion. All orders were
queued, and Amazon said they would process them as soon as
the problem was fixed.

On 13 Aug at 12:12 PT Amazon announced they had fixed the
payment problems and all transactions were processing

On 14 Aug at 15:58 PT the Inventory Loader and Book Loader
uploads were being queued and processed in the order
submitted. Amazon warned that there would be delay
in uploaded listings appearing live. At 22:04 PT Amazon posted
that due to maintenance, Marketplace, Auctions and zShops
telephone support would be down from 08:30 PT and 11:00 PT
on Thu 15 Aug.   At 14 Aug at 20:07 PT Amazon announced that
they were doing some emergency maintenance that would affect
seller functions. Marketplace and zShops Sold listing
information (and related feedback
and relist links) prior to 23 Jul were not unavailable on Seller
Accounts. Order Fulfillment Report information prior to 8 Jul was
also unavailable. Sellers can find payment status and fulfillment
details on sales before the dates above by using their Amazon
Payments Account pages. To access this information, click on
the "Manage your Amazon Payments account/View billing history"
section of the Seller Account. Amazon expected this maintenance to take
several days. They said they would try to provide work arounds in the
interim, and would post daily updates

On 15 at 21:07 PT Amazon posted that Marketplace and zShops
Sold listing information (and related feedback and relist links)
prior to 23 Jul remains unavailable via Seller
Account. Order Fulfillment Report information prior to July 8th is
also still unavailable.

On 16 Aug at 18:46 PT Amazon restated the same problems

On 17 Aug at 11:54 PT Amazon continued to post the problems
were unresolved.   

TAG keeps hearing that the Amazon Marketplace is becoming a
viable marketplace of choice for book sellers. There are a
couple of interesting threads on the Amazon chat boards with
advice for sellers who want to jump into the business -

Amazon live telephone customer service 16 hours a day
Toll-free in U.S. and Canada: (800)201-7575
Auction Pro phone number 1-877-251-0696

* * * * *
Yahoo Auction/Warehouse/Classifieds (YA) -

Pay Direct is now offering free personal accounts. These
accounts can't make credit card transactions, but can do direct
transfers and eChecks with no fees.

Yahoo! Japan has launched Yahoo! Delivery to deliver auction
won items and other things, straight to the front door of Yahoo!
Japan users.

Yahoo Auctions international auction counts as of 17 Aug:
Denmark Jun 2: 15196     Aug 17: 15127
Signapore Jun 2: 46413      Aug 17: 64688
Hong Kong (New)                Aug 17:148145
Brazil           Jun 2: 14206      Aug 17: 16385
Mexico         Jun 2: 3972        Aug 17: 3607
Korea         Jun 2: 66477     Aug17: 69570
Australia      Jun 2: 210585    Aug 17: 58907   
International counts brought to you by -

As of 19Apr02 Yahoo Auctions had 329,060 (-40,688)
As of 7May02 Yahoo Auctions had 316,720 (-12,340)
As of 24May02 Yahoo Auctions had 314,105 (-2615)
As of 14Jun02 Yahoo Auctions had 309,097 (-5008)
As of 28Jun02 Yahoo Auctions had 291,421(-17676)
As of 6Aug02 Yahoo Auctions had 261,084 (-30337)
Yahoo Auction counts brought to you by
Ongoing Issues -

Yahoo contact Information

* * * * *
Auction Sites open for business or in the works -
http://www. Moolazoola.com

* * * * *
Zonealyzer.Com provides an auction tool whereby the buyer can
enter their zip code on your auction page and the tool tells them
the cost for shipping   Free and Fee software

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The Online Auction Users Association will be holding an
election prior their Annual Meeting on 5 Sep 02 to fill six available
seats on the Board Of Directors.
The six available seats have term limits as follows: two seats for
three years each, two seats for two years each, two seats for one
year each.
You can read about the duties of a director in the OAUA at -

The election will be held over 6 days beginning at 12:01 pm
(noon) PT on 26 Aug and ending at 12:00 pm (noon) PT on 1
Sep. Voting will take place online at the OAUA website.
Members of record on August 12, 2002 and before will be
eligible to vote.

The new Board of Directors will also be looking for Officer
candidates following the election. The Officer positions are
President, Vice President, Treasurer, Chief Operations Officer,
and Chief Technology Officer (webmaster). You can read about
the duties of an officer in the OAUA bylaws
under ARTICLE IV - Officers.

Members interested in applying for any of the above positions
should contact the Secretary at secre-@auctionusers.org.
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