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TAGnotes Mon 10 Jun 2002 Vol 4 Number 33 Issue 415

The Auction Guild Notes Mon 10 Jun 2002
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This issue brought to you by the preceding subscriber ads,
supporting TAG through their advertising dollars. Please support
them, by clicking on their links and buying their products.
Subscribers ads $5.00 - Commercial rates available via email.
BUY an advertisement and help us continue our work!!!
5400 subscribers.
TAG does not endorse the companies or products advertised
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More info about TAG is on our website at
You can find contact info for several sites and services there,
along with editorials, and image hosting directory and other info.
ebaY on 2 Jun at 14:56:51 PT users reported problems with the
SYI2.0 page loading. At 19:01:51 PT users noted they were
having problems signing in on cgi 3. At 23:21:46 PT an ebaY AU
user reported not being able to log in on the ebaY AU site, only
on the US one. They received a message that they were not a
registered user. The ebaY AU customer support link was also
not working.

On 03 Jun at 00:44:17 PT user reported having been invoiced by
ebaY on 15 May, but no charges had yet been posted to their
credit card. This is the second month in a row that ebaY has had
problems with their invoicing and payment system for collecting
fees for ebaY services. An email to ebaY yielded the following
answer from ebaY, "Thank you for writing eBay regarding your
credit card not being charged for your May 15th invoice. Due to
technical problems we are behind on charging credit cards this
month, however your card should be charged soon. We
apologize for the delay and inconvenience. Regards, eBay Billing
Support". At 03:15:27 PT users reported they could not list or
relist as the system was not recognizing their selling account.
This has been a chronic and reoccurring problem for several
months. At 19:40:24 PT users reported the My ebaY pages were
returning corrupted results, with the page showing as HTML and
with strange information. At 20:10:46 PT users continued to
report problems with My ebaY, with inability to access some
parts of it, large areas of white space on the right side of the
page, and other anomalies. The problems continued through
22:28:28 PT.   At 22:51:08 PT a user reported the feedback stars
had undergone a sudden change with them appearing in dull
colors with circles around them. They returned to normal at
22:52:35 PT.

On ebaY UK on 3 Jun at 16:33:55 BT ebaY announced that the
ability to conduct a search from the Home Page was unavailable
from 13:00 UTC/GMT to 15:30 UTC/GMT.

On 4 Jun ebaY US users continued to report problems with ebaY
invoicing. Payments were not reflected on accounts. Invoices
were not out or were going out late.   Some never received an
invoice just got the amount deducted from their charge card.   At
06:53:06 PT the ebaY US site suddenly but briefly showed up in
German, "Durch einmaliges Einloggen sparen Sie Zeit: beim
Bieten, Verkaufen und anderen Aktivitäten".   At 10:58:34 PT the
search engine was malfunctioning, tuning up "Sorry, we couldn't
find any items for" commonly found items. At 15:24:32 PT
users reported the My ebaY features, primarily the sellers pages,
were again showing up with corrupted information. The page
that was showing for awhile had the ebaY name up in the top left
as normal but then it said "live" beside it and at an angle. Also on
the tool bar it had 3 more buttons that said something like "ebaY,
ebaY live and ebaY motors. The layout and color of the page
was also different The pages were back to normal at 16:11:19
PT.   At 16:23:25 PT search was again not working. The first
page would return proper results, but subsequent pages were in
a different category than that being searched.   At 18:07:14 PT
various pages on the site were showing up corrupted with half a
page being ebaY Motors, and the other half an ebaY chat board
with an ebaY Motors frame.   At 18:13:54 PT users reported cgi 3
errors preventing access to chat boards and log in. At 18:33:26
PT users reporting My ebaY once again showing up with
corrupted information, and the spacing erratic. At 18:45:27 PT,
users reported a message at the bottom of the sellers page
saying, "Still have a question? Ask our Live Auctions support staff
at lasup-@ebay.com". At 19:03:42 PT users reported their
sellers page was flipping back and forth to ebaY Motors and
ebaY live, and also the My ebaY pages were once again
corrupted. At 19:49:29 PT ebaY pages were no longer fitting on
monitor screens and contained a black ebaY Motors banner on
the top and bottom of the pages. At 20:44:05 PT users reported
search was causing Netscape to crash. At 21:10:46 PT most of
the problems appeared to have straightened out.

On ebaY UK on 4 Jun users reported at 14:00 GT that they were
receiving 404 error messages whilst trying to access ebaY UK

On 5 Jun at 07:14:50 PT on ebaY US, instead of item titles and
seller names, the items were showing up in complete HTML
codes. At 15:42:42 PT ebaY posted that the feedback system
was down from 15:25 PT to 15:39 PT. At 18:44:38 PT the site
was very slow reloading/refreshing but corrected at 18:58:53 PT.

On 6 Jun users reported at 06:42:40 PT that the browse
categories on the home page was down returning a purple table
with commas and no sub-categories. At 16:29:29 PT
the ebaY email system was corrupting the email addresses of
recipients by inserting a %40 instead of an @ in preventing the
message from being sent.   At 20:09:19 PT ebaY was once
again not recognizing the seller accounts of long established
sellers. At 18:15:00 PT ebaY posted that some Hotmail were not
receiving site emails (End of Auction, Out Bid, etc.) from ebaY.
This has become a chronic problem since the end of May and
despite Meg Whitman's claim that she called Steve Ballmer who
promised to fix this, and despite the claim that it was fixed, the
problem continues.   [source -
http://www.msnbc.com/news/764160.asp] At 19:34:26 PT users
reported search was not working, with second pages of search
results coming up blank. At 20:09:19 PT the seller recognition
problem continued. At 20:33:31 PT a user reported that WebTV
users can't use the new SYI 2.0 listing because of the Java Script
that ebaY is using.

On 6 Jun on ebaY Australia At 10:18:11 AET ebaY reported that
the feedback system was down from 08:25 AET to 08:39 AET.

ebaY took the system down for maintenance on 7 Jun at 0100
PT and came back up a few minutes early around 0250 PT. At
02:53:12 PT a WebTV user tried to use the feedback system and
received a message that, "This uses a kind of information
WebTV cant utilize." At 04:15:51 PT ebaY announced that sellers
Account Status was down from 03:00 PT to 03:57 PT.   At
05:36:04 PT users posted that the chronic ongoing problem with
favorite searches emailed to users was once again not working
correctly. This problem has been going on for weeks with users
receiving notices of auctions that have already closed or are
several days old, rather than the new listings the message is
supposed to contain. At 09:47:40 PT the Buy It Now (BIN) feature
stopped working, and users trying to BIN received an error
message acknowledging that the feature was down. At 20:18:40
PT more WebTV users posted they had received a message
from ebaY that WebTV users would not be able to list with
SYI2.0, effectively removing them from ebaY once the new form
becomes the only option at the end of June.

ebaY users on the UK site and the US site reported widespread
problems trying to list on the ebaY UK Billpoint linked free listing
day. Many received messages that Billpoint was only available
in the US. The UK boards were filled with problems and

On 8 Jun at 07:29:44 PT complaints about saved searches
emails with expired listings continued.   At 16:46 PT users
reported ebaY was down with no access to search or bidding. At
16:49:54 PT some users could access the ebaY home page, do
searches, but not access My ebaY or list. At 17:30:43 PT ebaY
posted that the ability to leave feedback, change account
information, or log into the discussion boards was down from
15:39 PT until 16:52 PT. My ebaY was down from 16:35 PT until
16:45 PT.   At 17:34:00 PT users reported the closed auction
archive went down but listing appeared to be working again. At
18:00:08 PT ebaY announced that completed items was down
from 16:49 PT until 17:45 PT. At 18:18:21 PT users reported
completed auctions were down again, preventing sellers from
relisting. At 18:49:57 PT sellers reported problems with Mister

On 9 Jun at 11:59:46 PT sellers reported problems with images
appearing in the gallery though the items had been listed 4+
hours prior to indexing. Instead of an image the message "click
here" was all that appeared. At 16:32:09 PT a user suggested
that if an image was not showing in the gallery, resizing the
image would often fix the problem.   The size recommended by
the seller is 140 KB, 300 pixels x 400 pixels, 72 dpi. This is
another excellent reason to NOT use ebaY picture services iPix,
since once you use iPix you can not change or revise the image
but would have to end the auction to do so. At 17:22:42 PT users
reported search very slow. At 21:22:59 PT users reported
intermittent cgi 3 problems making board posting and sign in

In the last issue we talked about the problems WebTV users
were having with search. A subscriber emailed us and said that
he can't use the "basic" search on ebaY with his Phillips
Magnavox MAT965 Microsoft WebTV Classic system, but
"advanced search" did work. Web TV users might want to
experiment with "advanced search" and see if it takes care of
their search problems. Sellers using WebTV now report a
problem with the SYI2.0. They can't list or relist using SYI2.0,
and according to ebaY this is due to a javascript problem. In
response via email to a WebTV user's problems ebaY said, "We
have had a few reports of this happening lately to WebTV users.
In most cases, the problem is with the submit button itself. This
button is written with JavaScript. You may want to try contacting
WebTV support to see if there's an upgrade you can get, or to
find out how to enable your JavaScripting." So ebaY knows
about this but apparently has no intention of fixing it. TAG
wonders if this is another in ebaY's moves to remove "marginal
sellers" and "clutter" as per ebaY CFO Rajiv Dutta. WebTV users
should note that sellyouritem.com is completely WebTV

TAG STRONGLY recommends that, if a seller feels that any of
the ebaY outages and glitches appears to have negatively
impacted the sale of any of their auctions or listings of any type,
request refunds. Don't pay for service if you don't receive it.

TO REQUEST REFUNDS from ebaY go to
Don't take NO for an answer; keep requesting until you get them.
If you don't get your refunds complain to the BBB Online at
And also file a complaint with the FTC

Pink Quote of the Day I - Meg Whitman in an interview with
Newsweek said, “The great thing about running this company,”
she says, “is that you know immediately what your customers
think.” TAG agrees this is true for ebaY, but unfortunately
gives ebaY the direct means to subvert and co-opt those they can, and
attempt to intimidate and harass those they can't. They hear, but they
don't listen, just target their PR messages to counteract the user
complaints and lie about whatever it is users are objecting to. Then
ultimately ebaY ignores their users, unless the users can make a big
enough splash with their objections to potentially hurt the ebaY stock
price.   Hence ebaY's refusal to talk to any reporter who criticizes
ebaY in any way, or reports in a balanced way about ebaY. The ONLY
thing ebaY and Meg care anything about is the stock price, and all
activity is directed towards keeping that as high as possible for the
longest period of time possible, as ebaY insiders cash out millions and
millions of dollars in ebaY stock each year. . [ref -

PQOD II - Just so this is on the RECORD - when asked about
what the program that is replacing the free Mister Lister will cost
Tom@ebaY said on 10 Jun at 17:55:03 PT, "..... We are replacing
Mister Lister with another free product, Turbo Lister. There is no
fee to use Turbo Lister. If you choose to buy optional features like
bold, highlight, or listings scheduling, then there will be a fee.
However, Turbo Lister will be a free product to use just like
Mister Lister. Regards, Tom" And asked about requirements
Sylvester@ebaY (product manager) said at 17:56:20 PT, " ....
Turbo Lister will require ActiveX only if you are using eBay Picture
Services. Javascript won't be required at all. It will not be
available for Linux, Solaris, Mac, or WebTV systems (at least
initially)." TAG notes that you will no longer be able to upload
your collection and post it any time within two weeks but now
must PAY to schedule auctions instead. . In answer to a
question about spyware on Turbolister Tom@ebaY said at
20:22:56 PT, " No spyware will be built into Turbo Lister.
Regards, Tom'

Want to use your website address in your ebaY User ID? Here is
a workaround. Put a name or word first and then include your
web address in parenthesis. So in TAG's case we could register
this ID - tag(www.theauctionguild.com). This will work and
circumvent ebaY's rules. You might even be able to put your
email address in the parenthesis.

ebaY is planning on eliminating the easy to use and workable
program Mister Lister at the end of 2002. They are replacing it
with a program called ebaY Turbo Lister. Despite endless
requests for simplicity and ease of use, ebaY is adding features
such as an allegedly WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) description
editor; HTML
templates, an ability to save the listings you create in the
program and use them again, upload to the ebaY API instead of
a separate Mister Lister back end and a fee based scheduling
option. Sellers will be able to import items from existing Mister
Lister collection files.

For more info about eBay Turbo Lister, go to -
There is a FAQ at -
Send input to - turboliste-@ebay.com

ebaY is making some changes to search. ebaY has moved the
'Save Your Search' link to the top of the page. They have made it
possible to sort by price and ending time.   Users can view
constraints applied to the search at the top of the page. Users
can browse by category from the search

ebaY's requirement that ebaY sellers be certified through the
seller verify in the SquareTrade Program in order to sell Airline
Tickets, Cruises, Lodging, and Vacation Packages in ebaY
Travel is now in effect.

Airline coupons and similar items can still be bought and sold in
"Other Travel", subject to the posted rules of the Travel category.
Members selling in "Other Travel" are not required to participate
in the Seller Verify by SquareTrade Program.

If you are only an occasional seller in ebaY Travel, ebaY will
provide the ability to put your certification on hold when you are
not selling. ebaY will add this feature in a few months, and will
provide more information when it becomes available.

ebaY is changing their "choice" listing policy to allow some
- Listings may offer custom made items or services that are
created or customized to the buyer's specification such as made
to order clothing. Other permitted examples include re-sizing of
rings or personalized mailing labels. Sellers must offer all
options must be at no additional charge to the buyer.

- Multiple quantity listings (Dutch auction or store) may offer a
choice of color in otherwise identical items. However, the seller
must be able to fulfill the entire quantity of every listing in any
offered color even if every winning bidder makes exactly the
same color selection.

For complete info on the ebaY choice policy go to -

ebaY has added a Java applet category selector for Sell Your
Item 2.0 for Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows. This makes it
available for all Internet Explorer versions 5.0 and above for
Windows. This change will allow selection of category from one
page instead of two. The new selector will show the category
path selected and will indicate when a complete category is
selected by graying out any remaining category boxes. This has
also taken place on the ebaY UK and ebaY AU sites.

ebaY is promoting a summer brand sale from 13-21 Jun for
Clothing, Footwear, and Accessories. Buyers can shop for
brands by price. Only new merchandise is eligible. It's free to
participate. For info on participating go to -

Sell Your Item 2.0, will become the default in late June. Sellers
will still have the option to continue to use the old Sell Your Item
form even after Sell Your Item 2.0 becomes the default listing
form. The current Sell Your Item form will eventually be removed,
despite widespread postings by sellers that they do not want to
use the multipaged and glitcy SYI2.0 form. ebaY says they will
provide advance notice before removing the old one page form.

ebaY is holding a workshop on Wed 12 Jun from 15:00 PT to
17:00 PT. During that time, sellers can attempt to get answers
and interact directly with the staff members involved with Sell
Your Item 2.0. In the past these workshops have been a PR
function with the hard questions remaining unanswered, and
only party line answers provided. To express your opinion of the
SYI2.0, and comment on items, such as incompatibility with
WebTV, go to the workshop board at -

SYI 2.0 faq page is at
For more info about SYI 2.0 go to
To send input email to - syi2fe-@ebay.com

ebaY UK - Has revised the Payment Surcharges section of the
Listing Policy. This revision will be updated over the next 2weeks
and will read as follows:

Payment Surcharges
1. Credit Card Surcharges - If an ebaY seller is located in the UK
and is listing items for sale on the UK site, he may charge a
special fee, called a "credit card surcharge," when accepting
credit card payments using a pound sterling-based electronic
payment system such as ebaY Payments. This is permissible
under English law. This surcharge should be included in the
postage and handling fee. The fact that the seller is passing on
this surcharge must be clearly specified by the seller in its item
description or payment terms. Sellers who list items on ebaY
sites outside the UK or use US dollar -based electronic payment
systems such as PayPal may not bill credit card surcharges to
their buyers. In the United States, it is against the laws of many
states, including California, and the United States credit card
association rules for sellers to pass on credit card surcharges.
Sellers may not charge ebaY buyers an additional fee for their
use of ordinary forms of payment, for example acceptance of
cheques or money orders.

2. Other Surcharges - A seller can add other surcharges to the
final price of an ebaY item in three instances:

1. Posting and Handling: Sellers may add a reasonable posting
and handling fee to the final price of their item, providing that
this fee is disclosed up front in the listing. A posting and handling
fee can cover the seller's reasonable costs for mailing, packaging and
handling the item (and may include a credit card surcharge). Posting and
handling fees’ cannot be listed as a percentage of the final sale price.

2. Escrow: Sellers may pass along the costs associated with
using a third party escrow service, if the buyer chooses to use an
escrow service and if the costs are disclosed and agreed to in
advance by the buyer.

3. Different Currencies: Sellers may choose to accept payment in
a different currency than the currency listed on ebaY. If the buyer
chooses to take advantage of this optional payment method, the
seller may pass along to the buyer any costs associated with the
currency exchange, provided that the costs are disclosed and
agreed to in advance by the buyer.

ebaY UK has changed the SYI features and the My ebaY feature.
Sellers can now -
*Start new listings from My ebaY and View Item pages. Both will
now include links to Sell a Similar Item for all active listings or
to Relist for all closed listings.
*Changes to Relist and Sell a Similar Item processes will take
you to a starting page rather than the category selector. This will
let you change or add a category, or jump straight to any other
page in the process to make any edits. If you don't want to
change anything, you can skip directly to the Review & Submit
page to start your item. Note that you may also change your
selling format, though some fields will need to be re-entered due
to variances in options between the different formats.
*For browsers supporting JavaScript, sellers may now preview
the description from a link on the Title & Description page.
*Changed the design of the category selectors to have clearer
indications of when you have selected an entire category and
make it easier to select the List in 2 Categories.

ebaY has changed the Seller's page. The page will be defaulted
to "ending soonest", even for Buy it Now items. The new Seller's
Other Items page will be the default, but users can still see item
numbers and high bidder IDs or email addresses, from the link
to in the top right corner of the new page. The URL of the current
page will remain the same, and can be bookmarked. These
changes have also been made on ebaY Australia

TAG sees that ebaY has inflicted Checkout on the ebaY UK and
ebaY AU sites. This problematical feature is optional to a certain
degree and allows ebaY to add another level interference
between the buyer and seller. This feature has caused endless
problems on the US site and is sure to do the same on the UK
and AU sites. For more info go to -

ebaY Australia is changing the End of Auction email.   ebaY is
adding an instruction box at the top of every End of Auction email
that will provide directions to buyers and sellers on what should
happen next. The information that appears in this box will be
based on the information the seller gave when listing the item.
For instance, if Checkout is offered, there will be a button
directed buyers to Checkout. Otherwise, the instruction box will
include easy links for the buyer and seller to contact each other
directly. ebaY is also adding a subject line that will show a seller
if their item has sold or not. In addition, ebaY is promising that
End of Auction emails will arrive very soon after the auction ends,
something they have not succeeded in doing consistently on the
US site. HTML is the default but text only recipients can also get
the notices.

In what has developed into a worldwide problem, ebaY posted
that Hotmail users are not getting their ebaY emails.

ebaY Canada on 3 Jun at 10:31:43 ET ebaY posted that search
for items from the Home Page was down. It was fixed at
10:40:36 ET.

ebaY has added Checkout to ebaY Canada.

In the news - ebaY enamored author Adam Cohen, "The Perfect
Store", was recently interviewed on National Public Radio's Talk
of the Nation. To hear the interview go to -
Scroll down and click on the " Inside EBay " link"

Newsweek featured ebaY as its front page this week. Articles
can be read online at -

Ongoing Issues and Information
See the TAG website for miscellaneous ebaY info at -

Is Checkout interfering with your online business? Is the new
search slowing down your sales? You pay ebaY for services, so
file a complaint against ebaY with the Better Business Bureau,
the FTC and or The Consumer Trouble Shooter.
BBB Online - http://www.bbbsilicon.org
FTC - https://www.ftc.gov/ftc/complaint.htm
FBI's Internet Fraud Complaint Center at: http://www.ifccfbi.gov/

ebaY CONTACT for ebaY, ebaY UK, Billpoint, Half.Com,
information including analog mail and email addresses, phone
numbers, regular and toll free, refund info, close account info,
and insider trading info etc can be found at

* * * * *
Yahoo Auction/Warehouse/Classifieds (YA) -
Listing numbers on Yahoo Auctions international sites
Germany:   267667 (17 March 02) 308230 (1 May 02)
France:     58519 (17 March 02) 61041 (07 April 02) 62221 (13
April 02)61013 (26 April 02) 62695 (1 May 02)
Denmark:    13955 (17 March 02) 15591 (1 May 02)
Italy:      40367 (17 March 02) 40039 (1 May 02)
Spain:      12211 (17 March 02) 16575 (1 May 02)
UK:        438395 (17 March 02) 442316 (07 April 02) 470533 (1
May 02)
Singapore: 29371 (17 March 02) 37322 (1 May 02)
Australia: 159198 (17 March 02) 23 March (FLD 22/03): 185086
179652 (1 May 02) 197693 (17 May 02)
Japan: 3.500.000 (Source: Reuters - Yahoo! Auctions market
leader with 95%)
Korea:     100434 (17 March 02) 79760 (1 may 02)
Brazil:     10906 (17 March 02) 11560 (1 May 02)
Mexico:      3960 (17 March 02) 3955 (1 May 02)

Auction sites closing this month:
France* : 69620 (June 2)                      + 18,96%
Germany:291033 (June 2)                     + 8,73 %
Italy*:   59571 (June 2)                          + 47,57%
Spain:   17573 (June 2)                        + 43,91%
UK:     470319 (June 2)                         + 7,28 %
* = no longer any links on Yahoo site at time of count, auction
site still online though

For those sites not yet sold out to ebaY:
Denmark: 15196 (June 2)       +   8,89 %
Singapore: 46413 (June 2)      + 58,02 %
Brazil: 14206 (June 2)            + 30,25 %
Mexico: 3972 (June 2)           + 0.03 %
Korea: 66477 (June 2)            - 33,81 %
Australia: 210585 (June 2)      + 32,28 %

International auction counts brought to you by -
Yahoo! Freaks - http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/yahoofreaks

On the US -
As of 19Apr02 Yahoo Auctions had 329,060 (-40,688)
As of 7May02 Yahoo Auctions had 316,720 (-12,340)
As of 24May02 Yahoo Auctions had 314,105 (-2615)

Yahoo Auction counts brought to you by
Ongoing Issues -
YA allows links to your website in your auctions. Their policy for
links in auctions is at -

How to get help on Yahoo and Yahoo Auctions
Yahoo Help Central - http://help.yahoo.com/
Yahoo Auction Online Help Pages -
Contact YA for help -
Auction Abuse help -
Copyright infringement Help -

Yahoo contact Information

* * * * *
Amazon Auctions, zShops and Marketplace - On 5 Jun at 14:30
PT Amazon posted they were making changes to the
Marketplace and zShops.   Listing data for these two features will
soon be stored separately. When this change takes effect,
sellers will see slight adjustments to links on their Seller
Account page, with separate links for Marketplace and zShops
inventory. Note: any previously bookmarked links will lead to
zShops-specific pages. New bookmarks should be created for
Marketplace pages as well, if desired.

Additionally, zShops and Storefront buyer search and browse will
present results in separated sections. Note that Bid for Feature
Placement ranking is applicable to zShops listings only and will
continue to rank placement within the zShops section of any
applicable results. the changes went live at 18:21 on 6 Jun.

On 6 Jun at 18:13 PT Amazon posted that Sellers using
tab-delimited text files for uploading, note that the field
will-ship-internationally requires a value of either 1 or 2,
rather than n or y, respectively. In the absence of a value in this
field, Amazon will apply the default, global seller preferences
settings. Some products, including cameras, electronics, and
video games, may not be shipped internationally.

For more info go to -

Amazon took their including Auctions, zShops, and Marketplace
site down for maintenance from 22:00 PT Sat 8 Jun to 01:00 PT
on Sun 9 Jun.

Amazon live telephone customer service 16 hours a day
Toll-free in U.S. and Canada: (800)201-7575
Auction Pro phone number 1-877-251-0696

* * * * *
Auction-Lynx is a new auction link and resource site. It is a
little rough around the edges but has useful information.

* * * * *
USPS - New rate charts -
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