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TAGnotes Sun 22 Oct 2001 Vol 3 Number 106 Issue 367

The Auction Guild Notes for Sun 21 Oct 2001
Detailed disaster contact information, disaster relief information and
links for contributions to the United Way, Red Cross, Salvation Army
etc. on the TAG website at
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The Online Auction Users Association (OAUA) is seeking candidates for
election to the Board Of Directors
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On 18 Oct users reported at 08:21:22 PT that search was down. This
problem continued intermittently for a short time. At 10:18:13 PT ebaY
posted that once again the feedback scores are appearing to be off by
one. At 16:34:16 PT search was reported to be slow. At 20:07:38 PT
problems with Mister Lister not allowing listings to be uploaded were
reported by users.

On 19 Oct at 11:17:31 PT users reported that relist server on the cgi 5
server was down. At 16:40:23 PT, ebaY reported that the ebaY email
system was not working properly causing problems with the ability of
users to contact each other. ebaY posted at 19:03:47 PT that the ebaY
email problem was fixed.

On 20 Oct at 05:23:14 PT users again reported that the ebaY email system
to contact another user was down again. At 13:36:00 PT users reported
that ebaY's Sellers Assistant listing program was not working throwing
error messages. An ebaY customer support rep posted at 12:50 PT on 21
Oct that "Some new code was rolled out onto the API server yesterday
that caused the errors 419, 416 and 378. We are pretty sure that the
code that was causing these errors has been fixed. You should be able to
list your auctions again without receiving any of these errors. Regards,
Chris Technical Support" Since users pay an ongoing fee to ebaY for this
program they should request refunds from ebaY for the 24+ hours the
program was down.

TO REQUEST REFUNDS from ebaY go to
Don’t take no for an answer; keep requesting until you get them.

ebaY plans to launch their new feature, Checkout, on Mon 22 Oct. ebaY
warned its users that the release may affect systems in other areas of
the site, and ebaY says they will carefully monitor the system. The
feature itself may not be fully functional for all users for 24-48 hours
after the release begins.

ebaY has again updated and changed their links policy on the view item
listing and about me pages. Though ebaY continues to characterize these
changes as clarifications of the current user agreement, what they have
really done is change the user agreement without providing the requisite
30 day notice.
The following items have been added to the policy:
*You may link your terms and conditions details from the View Item page.
*You may link to an email web form from the View Item page
* You can have both text and a logo for third party acknowledgements,
such as payment services, dispute resolution services or verification
*You may link to listings under a secondary User ID from the View Item
page. This is only permissible for accounts owned by the same person or

There is information on the use of logos, linking to other online
trading sites or pages from your About Me page and linking to sites
offering merchandise not permitted on ebaY.
TAG sees two major changes. Sellers are allowed to provide one link to
further outline the terms and conditions of their listings, but they are
now prohibited against putting any links on this secondary page. This
is a change from what was explicitly permitted before. The second
change is more ambiguous. It says "However, you may not link to any page
within online trading sites that offer goods from multiple sellers
either in a fixed price or auction format." TAG is not sure if this
would preclude selling clubs that have all their listings on ebaY.
To view the detailed policy page, go to
To view the links policy FAQ, go to

TAG hopes our readers will note that the modifications to these policies
that returned a few rights to sellers did not come about by accident or
by good will on ebaY's part. We feel they were brought about directly
as a result of the assault on ebaY's large corporate partners, turning
in thousands of auctions for violations by corporate partners, of ebaY's
rules. We hope that ebaY users continue to be vigilant and hunt down
violations made by ebaY and its corporate partners and turn them in to
safeh-@ebay.com.   ebaY will and does ignore smaller users, but they
can't afford to ignore the complaints of their large corporate partners.
Go after the corporate partners and they will go after ebaY. A list of
some ebaY corporate partners can be found on the TAG website. If you
have more corporate partners to add to the list, please email them to

Billpoint users have reported receiving emails confirming payment via
Billpoint, sending the item based on this email, and then finding the
email was a fake. it is easy to forge return addresses, but harder to
forge headers. Make sure you do not ship items until you check your
Billpoint account and see if payments/credits have been processed FIRST.
If you have any doubt, view the headers on the email, to make sure they
are legitimate, and if not send the email with headers showing to
safeha-@ebay.com. The same precaution is necessary with any third
party online payment system.

Netscape 4.78 is a version of Netscape that is said to work well with
ebaY and to provide a successful platform on which to relist and revise
auctions on ebaY.

For those having problems with photos in their ebaY listings,
particularly with IE, ebaY recommends that sellers should not use
width=xxx height=xxx in img src tags. IE can see these images elsewhere,
but not when nested in an ebaY auction description.

For those looking for more information on WTC donations go to
; http://www.redcross.org/news/ds/0109wtc/010913thankyou.html
TAG appreciates that this is listed as "eBay Foundation & Thousands of
Members of the eBay Community" and gives acknowledgement to ebaY for
making it so.

Another thread on ebaY's Auction of America. In this thread of
particular note are posts numbers 109 and 110, which lay out many of the
problems users have with A4A.

Community overview board –
ebaY news board - http://pages.ebay.com/community/news/index.html

ebaY categories with the category number
An off ebaY category number locator page

ebaY contact information including analog mail and email addresses and
phone numbers, regular and toll free, refund info and insider trading
info etc can be found at

ebaY announcement board http://www2.ebay.com/aw/announce.shtml
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g-module art gallery presents
Katia Santibanez : Jardins Artificiels
Mark Dean Veca : Toile de Brooklyn
October 5 - November 17, 2001
visit: http://www.g-module.com for documentation,
g-module, 15, rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris, France
Telephone 01 42 71 14 75       Fax 01 42 71 14 67 inf-@g-module.com
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Amazon Auctions, zShops and Marketplace

Amazon Sellers meeting is online Tues 23 Oct at 2100 ET at

Announcement Board

Amazon live telephone customer service 16 hours a day
Toll-free in U.S. and Canada: (800)201-7575
Auction Pro phone number 1-877-251-0696
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eHammer.Com announced today that they are closing. After 3 1/2 years of
providing online auctions in the antiques and collectibles field,
eHammer will cease operations as of 23 Oct 2001. After 23 Oct, eHammer
can be reached at 203-785-0441 or at ehammer-@aol.com. Emails to
eHammer have unfortunately confirmed this news is true.

Sellers and buyers might consider moving to Old and Sold another
antiques and collectibles specific site. http://www.oldandsold.com
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Access Web Works offers flat price web hosting for $6.95/mo and image
hosting for $3.95/mo for 50 MB
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Online Auction Users Association is holding a special election for a
Board of Directors since the previous board resigned. There are
currently three temporary board members officiating, and the election
will be for a completely new board. Information on this special
election can be found here -

The election will be held over 5 days beginning at 12:01 AM PT on 3
Nov 2001 and ending at midnight PT on 7 Nov 2001. Members may submit
their name for nomination no later than midnight PT 26 Oct 2001 by
emailing secre-@auctionusers.org . Any member in good standing is
eligible to run. Please include your first and last name and your OAUA
Member ID. You may also include a short statement of no more than 250
words and a photo (.jpg format please) if desired.

Though it has recently suffered from difficulties that caused the entire
board of directors to resign, the business of the OAUA goes forward. As
an organization with a solid set of bylaws the organization is more
secure than any individual in it, and it continues to exist. This
thread is worth a read about the business of the OAUA.

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