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TAGnotes Wed 8 Aug 2001 Vol 3 Number 87 Issue 348

The Auction Guild Notes for Wed 8 Aug 2001
Road Runner is warning their users who use Windows NY or Windows 2000,
to go to the Microsoft website and download the Red Worm patch.
RoadRunner is being infected with the worm, slowing down transmission.
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On 7 Aug at 3:26:38 PT ebaY reported that some online tours were not
working.   At 16:56:59 PT users reported ebaY pic services were down,
with auction images hosted by iPix not opening on auctions. At 17:53:45
PT ebaY acknowledged that due to performance difficulties, pic services
were down. At 19:54:58 PT ebaY posted that the Discussion and Help
Boards were slow. ebaY pic services were restored at 21:08:53 PT and
ebaY posted they were down from 12:45 PT until 20:45 PT. Since images
are an essential service sellers who use ebaY pic services should
request refunds for auctions ending during the outage. At 23:21:06 PT
ebaY posted that their discussion and help boards were taken down for
emergency maintenance from 23:30 PT until 01:30.   There were also user
complaints on the boards throughout the day that search was not working,
and also that the ebaY Motors only Personal offer was showing up on the
My ebaY pages of sellers who do not sell on ebaY Motors.

ebaY is taking the site down from 01:00 PDT until 03:00 PDT on Fri 10
Aug for regularly scheduled maintenance. They are also taking the
Billpoint web down for maintenance.

On 8 Aug ebaY reported at 17:50:46 PT that their Discussion and Help
Boards were once again not working. At 18:16:22 PT ebaY reported the
boards were unavailable from 17:20 PT until 18:00 PT.

TO REQUEST REFUNDS from ebaY go to
Don’t take no for an answer; keep requesting until you get them.

ebaY is purchasing HomesDirect.com, a Los Angeles based online site for
the sale of real estate in foreclosure. Homes Direct currently handles
the auctions of all foreclosed properties backed by Housing & Urban
Development loans and a majority of the Veterans Administration
foreclosed properties. ebaY has had a spectacular failure with its
attempt at analog auctions, rapidly destroying Butterfields, will they
have better luck with this latest acquisition? TAG’s editor, in a
previous life, was in the real estate business, working for a successful
independent company. The owner of the company, a person who was also a
very respected professor teaching real estate courses at the local
college, always said "Stay away from foreclosures, it is never worth it
to profit off someone’s misery". TAG finds it a shame that ebaY does
not have the same moral fiber, and only sees the possibility of profit,
not the taint of profiting off the ill fortune of Veterans, the folks
eligible for HUD loans and others.
The ebaY info page is at

ebaY has started a program they are calling personal offer . This
program will insure that ebaY receives its final value fee on all
transaction made with the back up bidder after the initial deal falls
through. This will also be available for reserve auctions where the
reserve was not met. Personal offers are limited to one potential buyer
at a time and do not apply to Dutch Auctions. Personal offers are
currently only available to ebaY Motors sellers, but will be expanded to
the core ebaY site and international sites.

ebaY is adding rules to the resale of event tickets. In states or
provinces where the event are regulated, and the stated face value is
over $200, sellers must include proof of the face value within the
listing. This proof must come in the form of a partial scan or photo of
the actual ticket clearly showing the ticket's face value. Sellers may
if they wish block or cover the seating location on the ticket. However
the face value, date, event, and location must be clearly visible.
Sellers falsely representing the true face value of any ticket risk
being suspended from ebaY. For the sale of event tickets in regulated
states or provinces with face values below $200.00, a disclaimer is
still required but an image of the actual ticket is not. All listings
must be in compliance with the new policy 22 Aug. For more info go to

The endless problems with ebaY picture services continue. Decline the
ActiveX control if asked and choose to opt to not use ebaY picture
services. Bypass the process altogether by going to
This takes you to a listing page that skips over the ebaY image hosting.
Another route you can try is
And another subscriber provided alternative is to simply ignore the java
request and leave the window open while listing. You should be able to
list items though the applet is neither accepted nor denied. For those
who cannot use the listing page without the picture-services option.
Once your listing is completed, deny the java program/ActiveX and close
that window.

Though the Wanted Board still exists on ebaY, the threat of its demise
continues. ebaY users have started other Wanted Boards to pick up the
slack when the Wanted Board goes away, but ebaY will remove posts from
their board that have links to the alternative Wanted Boards. Here is
one alternative - http://musicats.com/wb/

Community overview board –
ebaY news board - http://pages.ebay.com/community/news/index.html

ebaY categories with the category number

ebaY contact information including analog mail and email addresses and
phone numbers, regular and toll free, refund info and insider trading
info etc can be found at
* * * * *
Amazon Auctions, zShops and Marketplace has new user boards. The new
boards link is at   
http://forums.prospero.com/am-sellconnect/messages/?msg .

Interesting article on Amazon and auctions – go to

Amazon live telephone customer service 16 hours a day
Toll-free in U.S. and Canada: (800)201-7575
* * * * *
* * * * *
JC Penney is running their own retail auctions through FairMarket
* * * * *
PayPal has softened its stance on downgrading high volume sellers. They
will wait to downgrade sellers only if they have low volume - less than
$750 - for 3 consecutive months. Currently the rule is less than $800
for 2 months. If the seller’s volume is low for 2 consecutive months -
less than $750 - the seller will get an email from PayPal, warning them
of their impending downgrade.
* * * * *
Online Auction Users Association elections are fast approaching. Run
for a board position!!!   For all details about how to run for the
board, to have input to the organization, and to be an influence for
good in the OAI/OTI, go to

The August newsletter is out and available at

OAUA has put together discount packages for their members for auction
management services.    http://www.auctionusers.org/discounts-am.shtml

OAUA has posted a forum for their upcoming Annual Meeting and Board
Elections. Make a difference in the OAI/OTI, join, and participate

Interested in volunteering and serving the Online Auction Community?
Check out http://www.auctionusers.org/volunteerop.shtml

Thur 9 Aug 7 - 8 p.m. EST - OAUA Board Meeting
Thur 16 Aug 7 - 8 p.m. EST - OAUA Board Meeting
Mon 20 Aug 9:30 p.m. EST - TRIVIA NIGHT with the TriviaMaster Steve
Thur 23 Aug 7 - 8 p.m. EST - OAUA Board Meeting
Thur 23 Aug 9 p.m. EST - OAUA Chat - Topic - OAUA Question and Answer
– Host - Karen
Thur 30 Aug 7 - 8 p.m. EST - OAUA Board Meeting
Thur 30 Aug - 9 p.m. EST - OAUA Chat - Topic - Chat with Ruby Lane -
Host Karen
Thur 6 Sep - OAUA Annual General Meeting, more information to follow
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