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TAGnotes Sun 8 Jul 2001 Vol 3 Number 77 Issue 338

The Auction Guild Notes for Sun 8 Jul 2001
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At 11:41:47 PT on 5 Jul ebaY crashed with users receiving ‘This
function is currently unavailable’ when trying to access the site. An
ebaY rep posted at 12:04:15 PT saying, “Parts of the site are down or
intermittent. We're working on it. Please stand by, and I apologize for
the difficulties :( Regards, Sonny” The site was back at 12:27:10 PT.
At 13:19:19 PT users reported problems with sign in holding, and also
that there was no access to My ebaY. This problem appeared to be
regional. ebaY posted at 14:12:39 PT that completed items in seller
search and bid history were down. ebaY reported these functions back at
14:53:48 PT. At 14:55:01 PT users reported getting ‘cannot display this
page’ messages when trying to access the site. This problem was also
short lived. At 16:37:47 PT users reported relist down. At 22:15:09 PT
page reloads slowed down to a crawl. there were also complaints
throughout the day about the changes made to the End Of Auction (EOA)
notice, removing the item information and almost any other useful
information previously contained in the EOA.

On 7 Jul at 18:47:45 PT users reported cgi 5, listing, down
intermittently until 19:00:08 PT. This might have been caused by a
corrupted cookie planted by ebaY. Removal of the cookie from the users
cookie files appeared to correct the problem.

8 Jul at 11:46:53 PT users reported problems with listing and relisting.

TO REQUEST REFUNDS from ebaY go to
Don't take no for an answer; keep requesting until you get them.

Users continue to report difficulties getting past ebaY picture services
while listing. Decline the Active X control and choose to opt to not
use ebaY picture services by going to
This takes you to a listing page that skips over the ebaY image hosting

The ebaY flash banner ads continue, despite promises from ebaY
that they are going to end these banner ads. To eliminate these and
all banner ads try these methods -
*Go to http://www.adsubtract.com and download their software. This
will stop you having to view banner ads, and will also protect you
from unwanted cookies, and other even more invasive files planted
on your computer.
*Go to your Internet Explorer options, look under multimedia
and turn off the image option. When you search ebaY you won’t
see any images including banner ads. If you want to view an image
on an auction, right click your mouse and select "show picture".
*Hold down the shift key when you hit your back button when
going from the item back to the search list, this should also
circumvent the flash ad.
*Follow the directions posted here

ebaY says they have restored the view seller's other auctions" link on
the auction item page. The new link should begin appearing on all
ebaY store sellers' auction item pages starting this week. ebaY also
promises to return the About Me icon and link displayed beside user IDs,
in addition to the store icon.   ebaY hopes to have the link back up in
the next week or two.

ebaY has a post encouraging sellers to protect themselves and use
safe business practices. ebaY says, “it is up to individual members to
protect themselves as much as possible from difficult transactions”
Sellers in general should wait to receive payment prior to shipping the
item. Sellers should allow payments to clear prior to shipping items.

Upcoming ebaY promotions planned over the next few weeks -
*ebaY will promote stores on the Home Page in the next week.
*Links to the Stores Directory will appear on all category index pages.
*Improved navigation on the Stores Directory
*Banner advertisements to drive buyers to ebaY stores will begin
appearing on other high traffic Web sites.
*ebaY will SPAM millions of ebaY buyers by sending them email
about the stores.
* ebaY has plans for marketing events to drive buyers to Stores for the
Back to School and Holiday seasons.

To turn off and opt out of ebaYs SPAM end of item notices that email
bottom feeding lists of items to losing bidders go to
and set the item that says ‘End Of Item’ notice to NO

ebaY has changed seller search and added options. You can now search
for a key word from a set of sellers or exclude some sellers from your
individual search. This feature can be found at the bottom of the
"seller search" area of the advanced search page, or at

ebaY has posted an email warning. On occasion, users report
receiving email that appears to be coming from ebaY, but is not.
*Transaction-related email from ebaY, such as end of auction notices,
will never include an attachment with .exe or .vbs. If you receive an
email that appears to be from ebaY, but contains an attachment of
this type, do not open the attachment. Forward the email to
supp-@ebay.com with its full headers open, and then delete the
email from your computer. ebaY claims they will trace the sender of
the email and take appropriate action.
*An ebaY staff member will never directly send you a business
solicitation. If you receive a "SPAM" email that appears to be from an
ebaY employee, forward it to supp-@ebay.com.

Billpoint problems continue. The only way to stop Billpoint from
adding unwanted logos to your auctions is to close your Billpoint
account. To close your account go to

ebaY Cuts The Threads of The Web? FIGHT BACK!!!
info, links etc can be found at

ebaY contact information including analog mail and email addresses
and phone numbers, regular and toll free, refund info and insider
trading info etc can be found at

5.26 Million Auctions inflated by 6% due to double category listings
yielding a count of 4.94 Million. ebaY received only a very short term
benefit from their free listing day, as numbers have immediately
dropped to their pre free list levels. On 10 Jul 2000 ebaY had 4.41
Million auctions.
* * * * *
Amazon Auctions, zShops and Marketplace took their site down for
approx 1 hour for maintenance on 6 Jul.
Announcement Board -

Amazon live telephone customer service 16 hours a day
Toll-free in U.S. and Canada: (800)201-7575
* * * * *
uBid Ranks No. 2 In Total Revenue Share In Online Auction Industry
according To Nielsen//NetRatings And Harris Interactive. uBid, a
leading retail online auction and e-commerce marketplace majority-owned
by CMGI, Inc., ranks No. 2 in total revenue share in the online auction
market, according to the May eCommercePulse issued by
Nielsen//NetRatings and Harris Interactive. For the full story, go to   
* * * * *
Webvan is holding an auction to raise cash selling vans, office
equipment and furniture, kitchen equipment, conveyor belts and
generators. The goods are said to not have much wear-and-tear on them as
the company opened in Atlanta less than a year ago, and according to the
Web site advertising the auction, the goods were purchased in May 2000.
The public auction is scheduled to take place in Atlanta on 7-8 Aug.
For the full story, go to
* * * * *
PayPal has had a rash of problems reported by users. Some of these
have been due to link changes on ebaY that PayPal has resisted
complying with. Some problems were WebTV related, where buyers
could not pay for auctions from the PayPal links due to WebTv
incompatibility. PayPal started by denying the problem, but finally
conceded that it was their problems and they were working on it.
* * * * *
BookRouter is a web based book listing tool that automates uploading
database files to various book indexing services. You send your list
once to BookRouter, which will then automatically configure your list
in the format each indexing service requires. BookRouter currently
works with ABAInternational, ABE, Alibris, Amazon, AntiQbook,
Biblion, Bookopoly, JustBooks, Bibliophile, BookAvenue,
BookSellerSolutions, ILAB/LILA, WorldBookDealers & 21NorthMain.
They continue to negotiate with new services as they appear on the
scene. There is a setup fee of $50, and a monthly routing fee of $25,
for up to 5 indexing sites. (each service over 5 costs an extra $5/month
and $5 setup fee). The fees are billed quarterly.
* * * * *
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