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TAGnotes ***SPECIAL EDITION*** Free Listing Day

***Free Listing Day***
On 27 Jun at 17:00:08 PT ebaY announced a free listing day on ebaY US.
This is in celebration of the Collectibles Month throughout the month of
July. To kick-off this month-long event, ebaY is holding a Free Listing
Day on Thurs 28 Jun 2001.

Free Listing Day will start at 00:00:01 PT on Thurs 28 Jun and end at
23:59:59 PT on Thurs 28 Jun. All insertion fees will be credited for
new listings on the U.S. site (www.ebay.com), ebaY Motors and ebaY

Listing fees for items listed in ebaY Live Auctions, Real Estate or any
of ebaY's International sites will NOT be credited.
The insertion fee will be charged and then immediately credited to your
ebaY account. All other fees (home page featured, featured plus,
highlight, bold, gift icon, gallery, gallery featured, etc.) will still
be charged. ebaY will not imediately credit the fees for Premier, but
will be credited sometime after the close of the promotion. This may
cause a slowdown in search indexing.

TAG believes this free listing day is being held to boost ebaYs flagging
listings which have been stagnant for over a year. Stock analysts
recently boosted ebaYs projected profits based on alleged "strong"
listing numbers. TAG does not know where the stock analyst got their
figures from, but ebaY is doing its best to fulfill that statement.

TAG continues to have computer problems, and we will do our best to get
another issue of TAGnotes out as soon as we can. We apologize for our
slow recovery. -TAG