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TAGnotes Wed 2 May 2001 Vol 3 Number 54 Issue 315

The Auction Guild Notes for Wed 2 May 2001
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On 1 May users continued to report that ebaY cookies were still not
holding. Some of these problems might be as a result of the setting
on My ebaY not holding, so if you are having problems with your
ebaY cookies, check your My ebaY settings. On My ebaY go to
Preference Setup, then to Sign In Activities. At 08:45 users reported
blank pages coming up on cgi 5 on relisting. This problem started
on 30 Apr. A bad line of code in revise an auction is again causing
a problem with the Buy It Now (BIN) feature. When the start bid
and BIN feature are the same, an error message comes up saying the
BIN price must be greater than or equal to the start bid. You have to
make the BIN one penny more in order to defeat the error. This
does not happen on initial listing, but only on revise. At 12:03:41 PT
seller search stopped working. At 12:20:15 PT users reported cgi 6
errors making auctions inaccessible. These problems appeared to be
intermittent and regional. Users reported the feedback forum down
at 23:34:20 PT.

On 2 May users reported at 16:17:26 PT that My ebaY and search
were down. This did not last for long and was intermittent and
appeared to only affect some users.

TAG has also been getting emails from users who can not access
ebaY at all. Remember, if you are having access problems try
coming in through a site like http://www.safeweb.com If that
helps, it means ebaY is restricting access or that there is a
blockage somewhere along the route to or from ebay that going
through an anonymizer routes around.

ebaY announced on 2 May that they will do regularly scheduled
maintenance on 4 May from 0100 PT until 0300 PT.

TAG recommends that any seller who feels their auctions were
negatively impacted by ebaY problems, request refunds from
ebaY for all listing, special feature and final value fees. For
links and information on requesting ebaY refunds go to

ebaY has launched an education page, with ways to learn to register,
buy and sell on ebaY. ebaY has Guided Tours: two-minute narrated
tours; Online Seminars & Recorded Events: Call in to a toll-free
number to participate in a 20-30 minute interactive event online
and over the phone; Interactive Tutorials: Learn at your own pace;
and ebaY University: Weekend classes.
For more info go to http://www.ebay.com/education/

ebaY has introduced a beta version of a new search feature, Search
Results by Category. This new feature will display all of the
categories that contain items matching your search query.
To try the Search Results by Category feature, go to
Send comments to newfea-@ebay.com
To search by item number and see where an item is listed, go to

On 6 May ebaY has two live auctions for posters, books & periodicals
at 8 AM PT and Asian Art at 1 PM PT. Preview and register at

ebaY is making more changes to the sell your item form.
* You will now be required to log in before moving to the Sell Your
Item form.
* Integration of eBay Picture Services into the Sell Your Item form
Add photos to listings as you complete the form. You will still be
able to use alternate photo hosting.
* ebaY will make additional changes to text and formatting
$$$ * Attention Auction Management Users and Developers * $$$
The changes to the Sell Your Item form will probably break
third-party auction management tools that pull data from the Sell
Your Item form. Contact your auction management software
provider and warn them about these changes.
Developers, for more info about the upcoming change go to

ebaY and the Minneapolis/St Paul Star Tribune have teamed up to
sell ebaY Seller Classifieds starting 6 May. These ads will appear
in an ebaY Items Only section in the Wednesday and Sunday Star
Tribune Classifieds. Buyers are directed to
where they can bid on and buy your items. Introductory offer -
Buy one ad at $6, get another ad free. Only Twin Cities sellers
are eligible for this special offer. Free ads must be placed by 9 June
2001. Use promotional code MLV88QQBSS62L

'Shabby Chic' has been trademarked and registered as a brand name,
and ebaY is ending auctions using this term, at the request of the
VERO holder. The trademarks are owned by Shabby Chic, Inc.
6365 Arizona Circle Los Angeles CALIFORNIA 90045
Contact person Brian Dell 310-258-0660 Anyone who uses the term,
now a brand name, in their auction titles and description are risking
having their auctions ended, so sellers should proceed with caution.
To see the trademark information (15 trademarks filed, one dead, one
pending and 13 approved) go to the Trademark Site, click on TESS,
and do a search for Shabby Chic for all the trademark information.

For sellers who feel they have not had their refunds or other situations
dealt with to your satisfaction, you can file reports with
The Attorney General of California and also in your home state
The Better Business Bureau
The Federal Trade Commission
The Office of Consumer Affair, US Department of Commerce
send email to - Caff-@doc.gov
The FBI's Internet Fraud Units
National Fraud Information Center
eComplaints http://www.ecomplaints.com/

Announcement Board Marketing - (MAB)
Announcement Board Status (SAB)

ebaY Contact Information, analog mail and email addresses and
phone numbers, regular and toll free, refund info and insider
trading info go to http://www.auctionguild.com/generic.html?pid=17
* * * * *
Amazon Auctions, zShops and Marketplace continues to have ongoing
auction problems, and also has been making changes that appear to
be untested and that bring down the auction, zshop, and/or marketplace
for minutes or hours.

Amazon Outage Policy -

Amazon User chat board

Amazon live telephone customer service 16 hours a day Toll-free
in U.S. and Canada: (800)201-7575
* * * * *
eHammer is running a live unreserved auction of the Max Showalter
estate. The auction will take place at 48 Middlesex Avenue in
Chester, CT on 4 May at 6 p.m ET. The preview is at 1 p.m ET.
View the listings online at

eHammer is holding a free listing day on Sat 5 May. All standard
listing fees will be waived.
* * * * *
Boomspeed.Com offers free image and web hosting. Boomspeed
does appear to be WebTV compatible.
* * * * *
PayPal has announced that 10 May 2001 they will charge users for
the cost of processing and mailing checks. Users will be charged
$1.50 fee each time they withdraw funds by check from their PayPal
accounts. There will no longer be a limit of one check withdrawal
per day. Members may continue to withdraw funds via electronic
funds transfer for free.

To help prevent chargebacks sellers MUST maintain proof of shipping
when they use PayPal as the payment system. Sellers can use a
certificate of mailing from the post office, that can be put on any item
regardless of weight and costs 75 cents or the delivery confirmation
form available on other than first class items, or the receipt from UPS
or whatever shipper is used.
* * * * *
Western Union MoneyZap on 14 May will start charging fees. To
Transfer funds in or out of your MoneyZap funds - no transaction fee
Send money to any MoneyZap member - no transaction fee
Receive money from any MoneyZap member
- Credit card - 2.8% + $.35
- ACH/checking - 1.75% + $.35
- Stored value - 1.75% + $.35
Stop Payment Fee - $10.00
There is a minimum fee of $.50 per receive transaction. The maximum
fee for checking account and stored value receive transactions is $3.00.
When you are receiving money, the transaction fees will be deducted from
the total amount sent to you.
Direct questions about the transaction fees or the Terms of Service,
via the Customer Care button at www.moneyzap.com or at
* * * * *
Online Auction Users Association
Interested in volunteering and serving the Online Auction Community?
Check out http://www.auctionusers.org/volunteerop.shtml
* * * * *
Online Auction & Trading Site Co-op
Interested in an OAT Site Co-op?
Interested in getting involved?
Information on co-ops -

Ideas for co-ops continue to develop
Go to http://www.auctionpie.com
They host live chats every Sunday night at 8:00PM EST

Vintage Items Co-Op info can be found at
http://www.ali-baba.org./ and
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