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TAGnotes Sun 20 Jan 2001 Vol 3 Number 14 Issue 271

The Auction Guild Notes for Sat 20 Jan 2001
We have completed some housekeeping duties and removed the
TAGnotes subscriber list and archives from Onelist/eGroups.
All information is now on TOPICA, our current list server, and the
archives are also available and searchable on eScribe at
If you sign up through eGroups, we automatically enter your
subscription on Topica. Our subscribers do not need to make any
changes as a result of this housekeeping.

Do you find TAGnotes useful? Please share this knowledge and
get a friend or two to sign up today. http://www.theauctionguild.com
ebaY 19 Jan users reported at 05:16:26 PT view items was down.
This problem appeared to be affecting the East Coast and some
Midwest states in particular. The problems continued until 08:24:50 PT.
At 19:28:20 PT users reported problems with search. This was a short
lived problem, but other users reported other strange glitches, such as
categories showing up empty and strange characters on page loads.
TAG strongly recommends that anyone who feels their auctions were
negatively impacted by any of these problems apply for credit. Request
listing, special feature and Final Value Fees. Go to the form at
Send -
* The item number(s) of the ended auction(s)
* The specific fee(s) charged for them
* Your seller's email address or User ID
* The phrase, GIVE CREDIT in the Subject line
This can also be accessed from

At 09:37:10 PT ebaY posted that they were having problems with
a Buy It Now (BIN) bug. When sellers list using the BIN and their
opening bid price is the same amount as their BIN price, buyers will
not be able to purchase the item using BIN. Buyers get an error
message that says, “Problem with bid amount.” ebaY hopes to have
the bug fixed by early next week. If you use BIN, make sure your
BIN price is at least one cent higher than your opening price or
reserve price. If you have items currently listed with a BIN on them
revise the BIN price so it is at least one cent or more than the opening
bid or reserve price. To check your BIN auction go to the item page and
click on the Buy It Now button on the View Item page. If you don't
receive an error, you do not have to revise your item listing.

On Monday ebaY is going to start providing free counters
internationally through Andale/Honesty.   In the next few weeks,
ebaY's international sellers will be able to add counters directly
from the listing page on the UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, France,
Germany and Italy ebaY sites.

ebaY is holding a workshop on the threaded board titled "Browsing
Tips & Techniques". This workshop is designed for the new bidder
learning to navigate the site. This will be on the Bidding Help board
from 15:00 PT to 24:00 PT on Sun 21 Jan. 21st, click Community
then Chat in the Navigation Bar, the Bidding Board in the list on the
left side of the page. For a schedule of other workshops go to

ebaY has changed and added categories.
There are additions in Books, Clothing & Accessories
Collectibles, with additions in the Decorative, Kitchenware and
Tobacciana, Computers, Home & Garden
Sheet Music from Collectibles to Music, Tickets & Travel
Toys, Bean Bag Plush becomes Toys & Hobbies and adds
Educational Toys and Outdoor Toys, Structures, in Everything Else,
added categories such as Agriculture; Medical, Dental; and Restaurant,
Personal Grooming, Body Care; Fragrances; Hair Care; and Makeup. To
change the category of a currently listed item, go to

ebaY has a long advertisement on the Announcement Board for
their Valentines Day promotion

Nancy Rosin, vice president of the National Valentine Collector's
will be on ebaY for a Valentine Chat on 1 Feb from 1700 PT to
1800 PT on the Holiday Board.

ebaY University has classes on the basics of trading on ebaY.
These include photo hosting, basic HTML, and how to improve
listings, and increase your ebaY online business. Classes are
taught by experienced buyers and sellers. ebaY will hold classes
on Feb. 3-4 Atlanta GA, Feb. 23-24 Dallas TX, March 3-4
Orlando Fl, March 10-11 Carefree AZ, March 23-24 Houston TX

ebaY Contact Information

Approx 5.59 mil auctions inflated by a certain percent due to double
category listings
* * * * *
Yahoo Auction Sellers can participate in Yahoo! Merchant Auctions
for free if they registered for a Yahoo Store to sell fixed price items.
Yahoo Store Info http://store.yahoo.com/vw/index.html
Store Pricing http://store.yahoo.com/vw/index.html
But you either need a Merchant account, or can sign up for one
with Paymentech - charges a $175 setup fee for new merchant
accounts (charged only if your application is accepted), plus a monthly
service fee of $45. Per transaction they charge 30 cents plus a
percentage depending on the type of card (see their terms for details).
Yahoo Store charges nothing extra for online processing; it is included
in the regular monthly fees. The minimum term of the
merchant contract is 6 months.

For those who use Yahoo's bulk uploader, you can still list auctions
for 14 days when using this utility, giving you 4 more days for
your listing fee that you don't get listing items individually.

Yahoo site map.

Yahoo Contact Information

Current Auctions approx 1.75 mil calculated formula total
a drop of 867,000 auctions since the fee announcement on
2 January. 17 Jan count approx 2.04 mil by
* * * * *
Amazon sent an email to some sellers stating that all merchants are
required to register for Amazon.com Payments. Information
on the Amazon web site has not been updated to reflect this change.
Register for Amazon.Com Payments go to
It appears that since Amazon payments are restricted to the US only
a seller must have a US based bank account in order to sell on Amazon.
* * * * *
Alternative Auction sites - If any of our subscribers are using any
of these sites, we would appreciate any information you would
like to share with us about them, ease of use, sales success etc.
DinerAuction http://dinerauction.com/
AuctionWeiser.Com http://www.auctionweiser.com
ePier.Com http://www.epier.com
Hamquest.Com http://www.hamquest.com
Pootah.Com http://www.pootah.com
NBCi Auctions http://auctions.nbci.com/
AuxPal.Com http://www.auxpal.com/
BidBay.Com http://www2.bidbay.com/
321 Gone http://www.321gone.com/home/
* * * * *
eHammer is having a free listing day on Tues 23 Jan 01.
Their normal fees if the opening bid or reserve is
$0.00-9.99 fee is $0.25, $10.00-24.99 - $0.50, $25.00-49.99 - $1.00,
$50.00-$249.99 $2.00, $250.00 and higher FREE
Final Value fees - $0.00-25.00 5% of the final sales price; $25.00 and
higher 2.5% of the final sales price plus 5% of the first $25.00
Relists are free, and there is no reserve auction fee.
Approx 1723 Auctions, Random bid check yielded a 66% bid rate of
at least one or more bids on items.
* * * * *
Andale has layed off approx 12% of their workforce in their
consolidation and integration of Honesty.Com. The Honesty
Chicago office has been closed with all services moved to the
California offices.
* * * * *
ebud has updated their software to correct some ebaY
* * * * *
PayPal's problem with processing MasterCard registrations, is
affecting International users only.   PayPal projects they will fix the
problem by early February.

PayPal has started to offer debit cards to select Premier and Business
account holders. Accounts earn a current yield of 5% from a Money
Market Fund. These accounts are not FDIC insured, " Please note
that your investments in the Fund are not deposits of any bank or
financial institution, and are not insured by the Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation ("FDIC") or any other government agency.
Because the Fund is subject to investment risks, you may lose money
if you invest in the Fund." Obtaining the PayPal Debit Card is
free of charge. There are no monthly fees for having the Debit
Card, and if you use it to make at least one purchase in the first
90 days following activation they will waive the $5. issuance fee.

PayPal has changed the Send Money process to ask payers for a
shipping address. For security reasons, this shipping address
must match the payer's credit card billing address. Payers have
the opportunity to either give this address or refuse. When you
receive a payment, you will be able to view this "Verified
Shipping Address" in the payment details. If a payer
wont give the address info, the payment will appear in
your inbox as "PENDING" with buttons for you to Accept or
Deny the payment. If you are selling goods, you will accept the
risk of any chargebacks if you do not ship to the Verified Shipping
Address. Shipping to a credit card billing address significantly
reduces the risk that a buyer is paying with a stolen credit card.
Sellers can get more info on how to protect themselves from
chargebacks at
* * * * *
Exchange Path is closing - from article CMGI today announced its
decision to discontinue services provided by ExchangePath. If
you go to the Exchange Path page and try to enroll, you get a
page not available message.
* * * * *
OAUA Report on Online Auction Management
tools - http://www.auctionusers.org/eval/wbams.shtml
In TAG's opinion, this is well worth a read, and
of great value if you are considering auction management options.

Upcoming live chats -
Thur 25 Jan 21:00 ET Topic - Diversifying your sales - Where else
can you sell online?
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