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TAGnotes Wed 3 Jan 2001 Vol 3 Number 2 Issue 263

The Auction Guild Notes for Wed 3 Jan 2001
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ebaY had a 10 + hour hard outage today 3 Jan starting at 11:34PT
and ending at 21:56 PT.   ebaY extended ALL auctions scheduled
to end on Wed 3 Jan between 11:34 PT and 23:59 PT by 24 hours.
ebaY will automatically refund ALL associated fees for auctions
scheduled to end during this period including Insertion Fees,
Optional Insertion Fees (such as Featured and Category Featured),
and Final Value Fees.

TAG feels that ebaY did a very good job in reporting on the outage,
recorded the times fairly accurately, and acted honorable by
including the entire outage time, even though there was a short
period of access, in the extension and refund time frame. They
also continued to make regular posts throughout the day on the AB,
which even though they did not tell us anything, did at least let
users know that they were still aware there was a problem. It
remains to be seen if they will be open with their users as to the
actual reason this outage occurred, and if it was due to ebaY
live testing a new feature or program, or possibly even some type
of tracking software that ebaY plans to implement to enforce the
fee avoidance rules.

Extension Policy can be found at

Extended auction will not appear in the Category Listing pages or
the Title Search results until completion of the next updates.

If you want to end your auctions early you can cancel them. TAG
recommends you use http://www.vrane.com as they have a bid
cancel and auction ending tool called the bomb so you can very
rapidly end lots of auction properly (cancel bids FIRST). You
will not have to request refunds because all refunds will already
be automatically made on all these auctions.

Something that might be of interest to our subscribers
ebaYs Nov 00 SEC report

4.44 Mil auctions listed inflated by a percentage of double category
listings http://www.ebay.com/
* * * * *
Yahoo Auctions is holding a Chat with the Yahoo Auctions Team
so that they can answer sellers’ questions about the addition of
listing fees, added services and the ban on certain hate material,
or any other questions about Yahoo Auctions. This unusual event
is on Thursday 4 Jan at 13:00ET/10:00PT.
Yahoo will not charge for auto-relisted items if the original item
was submitted before 10 January.

Yahoo Auctions Yahoo announcements -

PayDirect Contact info
8AM-6PM PT 7 days a week 408-731-3335
3400 Central Expressway, Santa Clara, CA 95051

Yahoo site map.
Current Auctions approx 2.71 Mil formula indexed count
* * * * *
* * * * *
OAUA - upcoming live chats
Thur 4 Jan 21:00 ET - Topic - USPS Postage Increase. How are you
handling it?
Thur 11 Jan, 21:00 ET - Chat with OAUA President Jen Hassler,
There are also several informal chat sessions, in open topic format
and even a Trivia Night on Mon 15 Jan, at 22:00 ET
with TrivMaster, Steve
Thur 25 Jan 21:00 ET - Topic - Diversifying your sales - Where else
can you sell online?
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