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TAGnotes Mon 18 Dec 2000 Vol 2 Number 175 Issue 257

The Auction Guild Notes for Mon 18 Dec 2000
SMOOTHSALE PRESENTS a special offer for TAGnotes
subscribers. Sign up as a SmoothSale Merchant and use this
special TAG link and receive a $10.00 bonus.
For more details http://www.smoothsale.com/incentiveTerms.html
This offer is good now through 31 December.
Charter membership closes 31 December at 23:59 PT.
Lock in 1.5% commission rates.
ebaY's Buy It Now (BIN) feature suffered from many small glitches
throughout the day. Problems included inability to set a BIN price, not
accepting passwords to place BINs but the same password worked
with bids, and placing a BIN, but having it show up as a bid. All
the problems appeared to be both intermittent and transitory.

ebaY is hosting a Picture Services Overview workshop on the
Photos/HTML Help board from 15:00 PT to 19:00 PT on Wed 20 Dec.

Users have posted that to relist a reserve price auction the relisted
auction's reserve price must be lower than the original reserve by
at least one cent. The standard was the price needed to be equal to
or less than the prior reserve price.

There has been no mention of an ebaY free listing day, but TAG still
feels that it is likely that ebaY will hold one. We expect it to be
sometime between 19 - 31 Dec, so that ebaY can include the increase
in listings in their fourth quarter report. TAG's guess is earlier than
later, and we will send an email message if and when ebaY announces it.
Last year ebaY held a free listing day on 20 Dec.

To ebaY USA, France, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, and Japan
ebaY has now added ebaY Austria.

3.9 Mil auctions less the number increase for double category
listings. This number reflects a drop of 840,000 auctions in two
days another big drop. http://www.ebay.com/
* * * * *
Yahoo Auctions US only Pay Direct contest runs through 11 Feb 01.

Yahoo Pay Direct can be used anywhere on the net to send and
receive money in the US. It is currently free, but may charge fees
in the future. There are also plans to make it available
PayDirect Contact info
8AM-6PM PT 7 days a week 408-731-3335
3400 Central Expressway, Santa Clara, CA 95051
Yahoo site map.
Current Auctions approx 2.8 Mil formula indexed count
* * * * *
Amazon Amazon and Marketplace
* * * * *
SmoothSale has released SmoothDealer 2.0. To Download go to
www.smoothsale.com/download.html.   This new version has a
simpler interface, a single, centralized lobby showing all items,
a single chat room for all products, Page Pushing capabilities, a
Notes section on SmoothOffers, an Alerts window that lets you
know when someone is looking at your items, and the SmoothPoints
program that awards points for sellers being online live.
You can now update your SmoothSale payment options by going
to Merchant Services - Account Info - Payment Options - Edit.

SmoothSale is conducting classes they call SmoothU every Wed night
from 1800PT to 1900PT. You can directly access SmoothSale customer
support personnel through live chat, gets tips or ask questions.
Discussion topics are Driving Traffic with Buttons, Make Them an
Offer They Can't Refuse, Tips & Tricks to Managing Inventory,
and Sell! Sell! Sell! There will also be prizes given out to attendees.

Need to contact SmoothSale? Call Customer Service at 888.925-SALE,
or email supp-@smoothsale.com.

SmoothSale's shipping reimbursement program ends 29 Dec. To sign
up go to http://www.smoothsale.com/freeShipping.html

SmoothSale's SmoothMarket generally has approx 30 sellers live
at any one time during the day.
* * * * *
GoToAuctions (Rover) will be unavailable due to scheduled
maintenance on 20 Dec from 04:00 to 08:00 ET.
If you would like an Auction House or Service Provider added to
this list, please email us at tag@theauctionguild.com
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