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TAGnotes Sun 10 Dec 2000 Vol 2 Number 171 Issue 253

The Auction Guild Notes for Sun 10 Dec 2000
SMOOTHSALE PRESENTS a special offer for TAGnotes
subscribers. Sign up as a SmoothSale Merchant and use this
special TAG link and receive a $10.00 bonus.
For more details http://www.smoothsale.com/incentiveTerms.html
This offer is good now through 31 December.
The main TAG email server is down as our ISP decided to change
the architecture of their system. If you need to contact us please use
ta-@gisco.net temporarily. We will let you know as soon as
normal service to tagn-@theauctionguild.com has been restored.

Support TAGnotes - get two of your friends or associates to subscribe.
If you have any comments, questions, information, ideas or
suggestions please email us at tagn-@theauctionguild.com
ebaY appears to have run well without any notable outages on 9, 10
Dec, with only the ongoing disabled features and unfixed problems
causing difficulty for users.

On 8 Dec ebaY announced changes to the Jewelry, Sporting Goods
and Photo & Electronics Categories. To provide input to the ebaY
about the Category changes, go to
ebaY has made changes to Jewelry. The Jewelry, Gemstones
Category changes include the creation of categories for Contemporary
Costume Jewelry and Vintage Costume Jewelry. In addition there is a
new category for "Ethnic, Tribal Jewelry" with subcategories for
"General," "Asian," "Mexican," and "Native American" and a
category for "Handcrafted, Artisan Jewelry" with subcategories for
"General" and "Silver, Signed."

To Sporting Goods and Photo & Electronic Changes ebaY has added
a Scooters Category in Sporting Goods within Sports and a PlayStation2
Category in Photo & Electronics.
To change the Category of your item, just go to:

ebaY's great collections site is selling American & California
Paintings. Live American & California Paintings & Sculpture sale on 13
Dec at 13:00 PST. There are 350 lots of works done by the likes of
Maxfield Parrish, Joseph Henry Sharp, and William Robinson Leigh.
Go to http://www.ebayliveauctions.com/

Buy It Now, http://pages.ebay.com/services/buyandsell/buyitnow.html
Buy It Now seller tutorial

ebaY Visa Gift Card. The card is embossed with your recipient's name
and it can be used to pay for Visa purchases on eBay or anywhere Visa
is accepted. Plus, we'll send the card directly to you or to your
recipient, along with your personalized holiday greeting. For more info
go to https://ebaygiftcard.moneyzap.com/giftcard.asp

5.89 Mil auctions less the number increase for double category listings.
* * * * *
Yahoo Auctions US only Pay Direct contest runs through 11 Feb 01.

Yahoo Pay Direct can be used anywhere on the net to send and
receive money in the US. It is currently free, but may charge fees
in the future. There are also plans to make it available
PayDirect Contact info
8AM-6PM PT 7 days a week 408-731-3335
3400 Central Expressway, Santa Clara, CA 95051
Yahoo site map.
Current Auctions approx 2.83 Mil actual count
* * * * *
Amazon Amazon had a soft outage on 9 Dec at 19:16:49
* * * * *
Golds Auction has received a letter of intent to purchase from
DutchBid.Com. If you do not want to reregister, they will
transfer all accounts and User Ids, including feedback and
credit balances.
* * * * *
SmoothSale is offering a shipping reimbursement program through
29 December. Sellers are reimbursed up to $3.20 when the seller offers
a buyer free shipping, or a shipping credit of up to $3.20,up to 50
transactions. As a bonus, SmoothSale will give every seller
5 priority stamps worth $3.20 each just for signing up. To receive the
reimbursement, the sale must be made while the seller is online live
through their SmoothSale Instant Selling Chat. To sign up go to

SmoothSale is free through midnight 31 Dec 2000. After 1 Jan,
according to the site info, there will be no listing fees, a flat fee of
$30. per month (will probably be waived for the near future)
and a 2% transaction fee (or 1.5% for charter merchant members)
of the total final invoiced amount of each item, merchandise or
service sold via the SmoothSale Service. There is still time to
sign up as a Charter seller. TAG made an error in the report on
5 Dec as to charter memberships. A charter member may be
charged a listing or flat fee, but will only pay a 1.5% commission.
Though SmoothSale is not planning on charging a listing or flat rate in
the immediate future, they may opt to do so at some future date.
SmoothSale also has a referral program. For every SS seller who
uses you as a referral SS will pay you $10.
To sign up for SmoothSale
* * * * *
Exchange Path accounts are now required to have a credit card
registered as a security measure, or they will suspend the account.
You can get the account reopened by calling 800-987-2675
(answer machine that says thank you for calling customer
support but does not identify as EP)
Other phone numbers NOT CHECKED 717-506-2205
Sean McGinn risk management voice mail 914-390-9205
* * * * *
Third Party Banking Systems article
* * * * *
Achex is an online electronic check service. For buyers there are limits
on spending of no more than $500 in any single transaction, $2,000 in a
single day, and $5,000 over a thirty-day period. The maximum number of
transactions you can send in a 24-hour period is 15. Fees. This Service
is free for all Individual Achex Users as long as you do not receive
more than 30 Achex payments in a thirty-day period. If you are receiving
more than 30 Achex payments in a thirty-day period, you may be subject
to standard merchant pricing.

Contact info email custom-@achex.com ; by phone
6 a.m. to 8 p.m. PT, Mon – Fri 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. PT, Sat, Sun, and
Holidays 1-888-77-ACHEX (1-888-772-2439) ; by mail Customer
Care Achex, Inc., P.O. Box 931, South San Francisco, CA 94083
* * * * *
Western Union MoneyZap is an online third party payment system.
As with all these sevices it is NOT FDIC insured. Users can use
the service to
Send MoneyZap funds to Receiver's MoneyZap funds -- immediately
Send bank card to Receiver's MoneyZap funds -- 2 business days
Send checking account to Receiver's MoneyZap funds -- 4 bus days
Your MoneyZap funds to your checking account -- 2-3 business days
Your checking account to your MoneyZap funds -- 4 business days
A Transfer In or a transfer to a Receiver using your checking account or
bank card may not exceed $500 per transaction, $900 per day or $2,000
per 30-day period. A Transfer Out or a transfer to a Receiver using your
MoneyZap funds may not exceed $1000 per transaction, $2,000 per day or
$10,000 per 30-day period. To Transfer Out funds in excess of these
limits, call Customer Care. Western Union charges a fee at the
applicable rate then in effect each time you initiate a transaction to
send funds through the Service. TAG could not find a fee schedule on the
site, though there was a button on the home page indicating that the
transaction fee for new users is waived. WU will provide the applicable
transaction fee prior to your on-line confirmation of the transaction
and will be added to the amount charged to your bank card, checking
account or MoneyZap funds. The Transaction Fee will be reflected in your
activity history as part of your transaction amount. email
custom-@moneyzap.com phone Customer Care at 1-888-333-7051 24
hours a day, 7 days a week or write to CC c/o Western Union MoneyZap,
501 SW Hill Street, Bend, Oregon 97702
* * * * *
Pitney Bowes ClickStamp is offering free 30 day trial, then $1.49 per
month regardless of postage usage, and up to a $50. refund on the 7 Jan
one cent increase of first class postage.
* * * * *
United States Post Office rates are going up on 7 Jan 2001. First
class is going from 33 to 34 cents and Priority on a 2 pound package
from $3.20 to $3.95. What most people call "book rate" that is now
officially called "special standard mail" will get a new name 7 Jan.
MEDIA MAIL will be for books, records, tapes, Cd's, computer
software, DVDs, etc. Rates increase from $1.13 minimum for 1 lb
or less to $1.30. http://www.usps.gov/news/2001rate.htm
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