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TAGnotes Thu 16 Nov 2000 Vol 2 Number 163 Issue 245

The Auction Guild Notes for Thu 16 Nov 2000
Topica is back, but still playing catch up. The archives are
missing the last two issues, and we will work with Topica to
restore them. We are keeping this issue of TAGnotes short in
the hope that it will be easier to transmit.
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On 16 Nov ebaY disabled the Revise Auction feature from
11:04:58 PT to 14:25:52 PT while they put the Buy It Now feature
in place. The Buy It Now (BIN) feature is available to sellers as an
option when they list an item. You complete the listing form as
normal, but add a Buy It Now price. You may make the BIN price any
amount you want as long as it is at least one cent more than your
opening bid price. You can still use the reserve auction feature
BIN works only if there are no bids placed on the item. As soon as
a bid is placed, the BIN button disappears, and the auction proceeds
as normal. If a buyer opts for BIN, the item is immediately sold,
and no auction takes place. A buyer must have a credit card number
on file with ebaY or be ID verified to use BIN. Buy It Now is being
introduced as part of a limited holiday trial, and if ebaY feels it is
effective, ebaY plans a full introduction early next year. There is
currently no additional charge for using the BIN feature, but ebaY
has reserved the right to charge a fee in the future. Your listing
fees are based on the starting price of your auction, all reserve
auction and other fees are in effect. FVF is based on the selling
price of the item, no matter which way it sells, through BIN or
as a regular auction.
BIN tutorial
Seller tutorial
Buyer tutorial

ebaY has added back gift icons for the holidays. For an additional
fee of $1.00, you may select a gift icon on the listing page, and the
gift icon will be displayed beside the item title on category listings
pages. For more info go to

ebaY has changed the ebaY Motors site. You can now browse
listings in categories such as Cars, SUVs, Motorcycles, Parts &
Accessories, in addition to the specific categories.   There are
high-level motorcycle listings page at:

A new Collector Cars listings page at

ebaY has changed the listings pages including allegedly faster
loading pages, all items (Text only) viewing option, better links to
New Today, Ending Today, and Going Going Gone, and lighter
background colors.   Search results pages now include All items
(Text only) viewing option. Later this month, ebaY will change the
search results pages so you can search by Newly Listed, Lowest
Prices First, Highest Prices First. If you have suggestions or
comments, email them to motors--@ebay.com.
Changes may be reviewed at http://www.ebaymotors.com or at

ebaY has a holiday shopping tutorial at

Approx 5.55 mil Auctions
This number is now inflated to an unknown degree by
double category listing
* * * * *
Yahoo Auctions Tomorrow 17 Nov is the last day you can get credit
for your feedback on other than Yahoo auction sites. These credits
may be used to pay for special feature fees. Even if you have no
current intention of selling on ebaY, you might want to take
advantage of the offer anyway for a time in the future when you
might want to try to list on Yahoo. For details, go to

Yahoo site map.
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Amazon Auction Basic site information http://www.auctionguild.com
Go to OAI Site Basic Details from left side toolbar.
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