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TAGnotes Thurs 7 Oct 1999 Vol 1 Number 24

From:   <ta-@xxxx.xxx>
Date: Fri Oct 8, 1999 2:06am
Subject: TAGnotes Thurs 7 Oct 1999 Vol 1 Number 24

The Auction Guild Notes for Thursday 7 Oct 1999
eBay- Is having a regularly scheduled outage between 00:01 PT and
04:00 PT. No update on Go-Local bug. Go Local LA is the only page
Still no response to email for clarification on Article 7 or request
for expressed written permission to continue to monitor, copy, modify,
create derivative works, and publicly display content from their
website – in other words to continue to publish TAGnotes about eBay
and remain a registered member in accordance with their new rules.
* * *
Gold's- Nothing new since TAGnotes Vol 1 Number 22
Free listings in October, on-going list a thon and chances to earn
account credits.
* * *
Amazon – No changes on the announcement board since Vol 1 Number 19.
Amazon has provided a very positive response to our inquiries about
their new advertising clause. We asked specifically about clickable
links to the web pages belonging to the lister, to organizations
such as the OAUA, and TAGnotes, to credit card providers and other
payment system options, and to auction counters.
The information we received from the contact by phone, seemed to
indicate that live links of these types would NOT be permitted, but we
were encouraged to email the questions to sellers--@a....
This written answer says that the links described are OK. I hope
they make a clarification on the site about this, as I am sure it
will relieve the anxieties of many users.
Start of Answer -
Hello from Amazon.com A-to-zShops!
Please note that when you sell items through zShops, you are not
creating a new website, or creating a means for customers to link
from Amazon.com to an existing website. While we do allow sellers to
include their own web addresses within the descriptions of their
items, any links from your listings to a separate order form outside
of Amazon.com are a violation of our Participation Agreement, and
are grounds for termination of your account.

The link examples that you described below are allowable since they
would be included within a listing that had items to sell. The main
point to keep in mind regarding the Participation Agreement is the
word "solely". Counters, informational links, payment links etc. are
acceptable. However, in the case of payment links, you would want to
make it clear that the buyer is to use the link only *after* they
click on the "Buy It!" button.
End of Answer
GOLD STARS to Amazon, for responding in a timely manner, and for
providing a clearly worded answer. If you have any questions or
concerns about the new changes, contact sent-@a...
with any question on a particular item. or seller--@a...,
or call their 24/7 customer service with any questions-
Toll-free in the U.S. and Canada: (800) 201-7575
* * *
Yahoo- No change since TAGnotes Vol 1 Number 13
No updates to site, since AUGUST!!! No response to emails.
* * *
Boxlot – Current free digital camera selectees by user ID must
respond by midnight Left Coast time (PDT) of day next to name-
Contest has been extended to 31 Oct 99.
* * *
QXL.Com - Europe's online auction, launched an IPO of 29mil shares.
The share offer was open only to new and existing members of QXL.com
who were the resident in the United Kingdom, Jersey or the Isle of Man.
The offer was more than 8 times oversubscribed. QXL.com members who
applied in the retail offer in the United Kingdom will each receive 256
shares. In addition, 1mi shares have been allocated to suppliers and
friends of QXL.com. Shares are selling in US on the NASDAQ (QXLCV).
* * *
Honesty.Com – Continues to work on their problems with Amazon
counters.    They hope to have Amazon zShops counters up in the next
few days. Keep reporting problems as they occur, and Honesty will
keep correcting them, as they work through their getting their site
settled into its new home.
* * *
Online Auction Users Association- OAUA- You can read the code
of ethics at this link- http://www.auctionusers.org/about.shtml.
If you are interested in helping shape the future of the Online
Auction Industry while it is still young and forming, volunteer,
and become part of the solution!
* * *
If you would like an Auction House or Service Provider added to
this list, please email us at ta-@f... or
If you have any info you would like to have added to this list,
email us at ta-@f... or TheAuction-@onelist.com.
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