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TAGnotes Fri 6 Oct 2000 Vol 2 Number 144 Issue 226

The Auction Guild Notes for Friday 6 Oct 2000
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ebaY's search experienced intermittent glitches all day on 5 Oct.
Only partial pages would download, or if there were multiple pages
of listings, only the first page would open. Sometimes search would
yield just a few items, but immediately refreshing/reloading would
turn up hundreds of items for the same search. At 11:53:09 on 6 Oct
users received server Error messages while trying to list or modify
listings. At 14:04:11PT users were getting reset by peer error
messages when trying to post on the boards, or do searches. At
17:45:13 PT users again reported that the search still had problems.
At 18:17:52 PT users reported problems with personal gallery pics
not showing up or requiring a reload to show. There were also
problems with listing and relisting reported. 22:18:11 PT users
reported that search was still not working and throwing internal
error messages. At 22:24:37 PT Archived Items Host is currently
unavailable showed up on both bidder and seller search. The
feedback forum was also coming up with errors.

Another ongoing intermittent glitch reported by sellers is auctions
not showing up on the sellers list or on My ebaY. The auction is
running, but does not appear unless the seller emails
supp-@ebay.com or timesen-@ebay.com and requests the
seller list be reset. Revising the auction also seems to work to
uncloak it.

The ebaY system was down on Friday morning, 6 Oct between
01:00 PT and 05:00 PT for extended scheduled maintenance.

To request refunds for auctions ending during the extended
maintenance time, or for auctions negatively impacted by the search
outages, go to the form at http://cgi3.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?
Send -
* The item number(s) of the ended auction(s)
* The specific fee(s) charged for them
* Your seller's email address or User ID
* The phrase, GIVE CREDIT in the Subject line
This can also be accessed from

ebaY reported on 6 Oct at 16:49:01 PT that they were having trouble
with Mister Lister batches not being received by their server. They
reported Mister Lister fixed at 22:49:09 PT.

On Monday, ebaY started an Item Watching reminder email. It did not
work so they had to roll it back later in the week. ebaY will not
reinstate it until they can re-build how the emails are generated. They
figure this will take a few months, and project its return by early

ebaY once again has another picture services post on the AB.
The only new information is an oblique reference to all the trouble
third party image hosters are having since the full implementation
of ebaYs pic services. ebaY recommends that though they do not
expect any problems, the image hosters should use the following
Sell Your Item pages
ebaY also says -QUOTE - If you use any other page, we recommend
that you use one of the two pages above to minimize problems.
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your software will not have
problems. We encourage you to take a look at the photo hosting pages
to see how this feature can work with your products and services.
-ENDQUOTE, which appears to TAG to be arm twisting to get the
third party service providers to integrate ebaYs pic system rather than
using their own.

Since ebaY feedback system does not work well, or is intermittently
down try this convenient Feedback tool http://www.vrane.com/ef.html

ebaY Contact Information can now be found on the TAG website
Approx 5.24 million current listing
MedVed shows 5.33 million a first - higher figures than ebaY is
showing. http://www.quotetracker.com/cgi-bin/cal.cgi?EIND
* * * * *
Yahoo Auctions is claiming 2.5 mil auctions in the USA and 4 mil
if the international sites are included
Basic site information http://www.auctionguild.com
Go to OAI Site Basic Details from left side toolbar.
Yahoo site map
* * * * *
Amazon Basic site information http://www.auctionguild.com
Go to OAI Site Basic Details from left side toolbar.
Amazon listing numbers for 26 Sep, 12 of 19 categories actual
counts, 7 of 19 extrapolated counts. Total listings 1,094,439
* * * * *
Honesty.Com continues to be non-functional. They just have not
been able to get the site fixed but are determined to continue to work
on it until it is fixed. They have also reaffirmed their commitment
to provide free tools in addition to the for fee services they offer
through Andale. In one of the most impressive statements by a
CEO of a company that it has been TAGs pleasure to read, Munjal
Shah, CEO of Andale/Honesty, has posted an explanation and
apology http://otwa.honesty.com/forums/Forum47/HTML/000642.html
TAG is very pleased to see that the modus operandi of Scott Samuels
is being embraced by the new owner. It is an approach that we admire
and respect and wish was more universal in the online auction and
online trading industry (OAI/OTI). Please take a moment and go
read the post, it is well worth the time as a valuable lesson in
customer support, customer service and sincerity.
* * * * *
Golds Auction has redesigned their site. They have many site
features that make the site user friendly, including the ability to
block problem bidders, bidders and sellers EZ invoice, personal auction
reminders and integral auction counters.
8457 current auctions 264 with bids
* * * * *
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joining daily. All are offering incentives and specials to the OAI.
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