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TAGnotes Wed 4 Oct 2000 Vol 2 Number 143 Issue 225

The Auction Guild Notes for Wednesday 4 Oct 2000
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ebaY's problems continued, with reports of slowness on 3 Oct starting
at 08:49:01PT. This slowness was reported intermittently through the
day. ebaY posted on 4 Oct at 06:52:35 PT that some items listed in
the Gallery after 02:40 PT appear without images. At 07:36:12 PT
item number search went down giving Network error Unable to read
URL from host cgi.ebay.com: no response from server messages. At
09:37:13 ebaY posted that search from the eBay Motors home page
was down. As a work around they recommended using search from
eBay.com. At 10:01:40 they posted that the eBay Motors problems
were fixed by 09:45 PT.   At 12:20:59 they reported the Gallery
Listing problems were fixed. Users reported on the OAI boards that
search was not working properly all day. Only partial pages would
download, incorrect number of items would show up, multipage
lists would only open the first page and not subsequent pages. The
problems persist as of this printing. In addition, users were having
problems with the one time sign in cookie. The cookie was not
holding, requiring multiple sign ins. ebaY title search indexing is
running 4-6 hours behind, and description search in excess of 24
hours. If you need to change an auction title or description, TAG
recommends you end the auction, request credit and relist it, as
ebaY will not index the changes in the auction.

On 3 Oct at 15:00 PT Billpoint was reported by users on the OAI
boards as being down. Some users are unable to send invoices,
particularly to some areas, and the problem appears to be a glitch in
the coding. The ebaY Billpoint rep denied any problems on a thread
on the ebaY threaded boards, but finally on 4 Oct at 18:59:10, ebaY
acknowledged that some Billpoint sellers were having problems
generating invoices for completed eBay auctions. They claim it is a
problem with Netscape Navigator and older versions of Internet Explorer
browsers. As of 21:09:51 PT, ebaY claims the problem is fixed.

The ebaY system will be down on Friday morning, 6 Oct between
01:00 PT and 05:00 PT for scheduled maintenance. Maintenance this
week has once again been extended by two hours in order to perform
additional system changes. ebaY will extend auctions due to end
between 03:00 PT and 06:00 PT.   If you would like to end your
auction early, go to
To request refunds go to the form at
Send -
* The item number(s) of the ended auction(s)
* The specific fee(s) charged for them
* Your seller's email address or User ID
* The phrase, GIVE CREDIT in the Subject line
This can also be accessed from

There is a repeat of the post about ebaY Pic services repeat as reported
in TAGnotes Tue 26 Sep 2000 Vol 2 Number 139 Issue 221.

ebaY has launched ebaY France with sales in Francs.

ebaY has changed the account status page. From the account status
login page, members can now view current or past invoices on-line.
Select the month and year of the invoice desired from January 1999,
and the invoice will be displayed. The account status detail page will
display a members past due status with two new fields at the top of the
account status detail page. These display member's past due
status and total amount past due. If an account is current the past due
balance will be zero. The detail section is now paginated after every
200 entries. In addition, members billed in US dollars will have their
invoice number printed on the payment coupon instead of their ebaY
account number. When making payment by check or money order include a
payment coupon and write the invoice number on the check or money order.
To print a payment coupon go to

Two new links have been added under the account tab in My ebaY.
The new links are to view account status or show my last invoice.
The account status link will go directly to the Account status login
page and my last invoice will display the most recent eBay invoice.

ebaY is planning two new pages on ebaY Motors. A new Home Page
and a new Everything Else page and category that will take the place
of the Automobilia page and category that was rolled back to ebaY.com.
The new home page now includes more text links, the Everything
Else page is designed to simplify buying and selling of general
automotive items. ebaY plans more changes to ebaY motors. To add
input or make suggestions email motors--@ebay.com

For a convenient Feedback tool to sort feedback go to

ebaY Contact Information can now be found on the TAG website
Approx 5.14 million current listing
MedVed shows 5.09 million
* * * * *
Yahoo Auctions has made a change to their monthly allowable
auctions. Auctions that are auto-resubmitted (an option you choose
when you submit the original auction) will not count towards your
auctions counter. So doing the allowable two automatic auction relists
can be of great benefit to those sellers listing large quantities of
items. http://auctions.yahoo.com/phtml/auc/us/promo/rewards.html

Basic site information http://www.auctionguild.com
Go to OAI Site Basic Details from left side toolbar.
Yahoo site map
13 Sep actual count 2.32 million.
* * * * *
Amazon Basic site information http://www.auctionguild.com
Go to OAI Site Basic Details from left side toolbar.
Amazon listing numbers for 26 Sep 12 of 19 categories actual
counts, 7 of 19 extrapolated counts. Total listings 1,094,439
* * * * *
PayPal has announced changes and some criteria for their accounts.
Effective 16 Oct, a personal account may accept up to $500. every
six months in Credit Card payments, but an unlimited number of
bank to PayPal or PayPal to PayPal payments. If the account exceeds
the limit, PayPal will not allow you to accept additional charge card
payments until you upgrade your account or the six months passes.
You can continue to accept non credit card payments. PayPal will
provide the tracking information to so users can track their activity.
Effective 9 Oct, ONLY Premier and Business Accounts will be eligible to
receive the $5 bonus for referring new users to PayPal. Referral
Bonuses will be paid to the referrer when a new user verifies their
account. The new users will receive a $5 bonus when they verify their
PayPal account AND transfer $50 from a bank account to their PayPal
account. In November, PayPal plans to introduce money market rates of
return on PayPal balances. The Referral Bonus promotion is a
limited-time offer. New users with unverified accounts have a $250.
spending limit on their account. Verified users have no limit on credit
card payments to Premier and Business Accounts, or on payments funded
with a bank account. However, a $1,000 spending limit will apply on
credit card payments sent to Personal Accounts.

PayPal plans to introduce the ability to send money to, and receive
money from, international users in 26 countries by 31 Oct. There will
be no additional fees for domestic customers to send or receive
international payments.

If you want to close down your PayPal account
1. Log into your account at http://www.paypal.com and enter
your email address and password in the Member Login box.
2. Click the "Profile" subtab.
3. Click the "Close account" link on the left of the screen.
4. Click the "Continue" button.
5. Click the "Cancel Account" button.

If you have any question or need to contact PayPal call
Dedicated Customer Service line - 1-877-672-9725
Phone 650-833-5460 1-888-221-1161
* * * * *
X.Com on 1 Nov 2000 will require all accounts maintain a monthly
average balance of $100 or the account will be charged a $12 monthly
maintenance fee. The initial fee will be assessed on 1 Nov and
subsequently on the first business day of each month. In addition
only accounts with an average monthly balance of $100 or more will
get up to $6.00 of ATM fees reimbursed by X.Com.

If you do not hold any of X.Com cd's or other investment items, if
your account is paid up, and you want to close your X.Com account,
you can email closea-@x.com or call 1-888-447-8999
* * * * *
AuctionOpinion is THE place for erudite online auction conversation.
If you are looking for solid how to information from online auction
professionals, and rational discussion of OAI issues, this is the place
to be. http://pub16.ezboard.com/fauctionopinionauctionopinion
* * * * *
Canada Post has changed the way they charge shippers for packages
sent from Canada to places outside of Canada. This new formula
is based on a density formula. This may significantly increase the
price of shipping, particularly on normal to large parcels.
* * * * *
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