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TAGnotes Sun 24 Sep 2000 Vol 2 Number 138 Issue 220

The Auction Guild Notes for Sunday 24 Sep 2000
*******VOTE******* VOTE******* VOTE********
The Million Auction March wants to move you to VOTE.
List your items on V enues O ther T han E bay
For more information go to http://www.millionauctionmarch.com
New Auction Houses, Sales Venues and Service Providers are
joining daily. All are offering incentives and specials to the OAI.
If you have any comments, questions, information, ideas or
suggestions please email us at tagn-@theauctionguild.com
ebaY reported on 23 Sep at 09:03:12 PT That the feedback forum
was unavailable. At 08:51:10 PT users reported that account
balances on the listing page had disappeared showing zero
balances and zero added after listing, then at 09:34:58 PT the
listing pages were down. At 11:05:36PT ebaY reported that
the issues affecting the feedback forum and account status had
been corrected, but by 12:20:21 realized they were still broken.
They took the pages down and performed preventative maintenance
on the feedback forum and account status which was reported at
13:29:47PT as continuing until 14:00 PT. At 15:30:44 PT Mister
Lister went down. ebaY reported at 19:11:24 PT that between
08:30 and 10:06 PT the feedback forum and My ebaY account status
information, were unavailable due to a hardware failure. My ebaY
account status info was again unavailable from 13:45 to 13:55 PT
and the feedback forum was unavailable from 13:45 to 14:05 PT
while more attempts were made to fix them.   Account status access
remained intermittently down until 15:15 PT while the fix propagated
through the system. The feedback forum and My ebaY account status
were again down at 17:41 PT. At 19:48:28 ebay reported the problems
with the feedback forum and account status were fixed as of 19:15 PT.
ebaY reported at 21:14:17 that they went down once again at 20:46 PT.
At 22:24:25 they reported the feedback forum and account status
were fixed. Billpoint went down at 09:40:00PT on 23 Sep and was
acknowledged on the ebaY threaded boards by Daphne from Community
Support at 16:06:03PT QUOTE- Billpoint is currently unavailable, but
our engineering staff are on it, and we hope to have it back soon.
Billpoint came back on line at 22:29:19 PT. Accounts came back
on line at 22:31:54 PT.

At 09:19:47 PT on 24 Sep users reported that search was not working.
Problems with search were reported on the OAI boards all day, with
searches returning no items found results. The last recorded report
as of this printing was at 20:35:39 PT. ebaY did not acknowledge
this problem at all, though it is a problem of sufficient magnitude to
justify full refunds of listing, final value and feature fees.

At 10:49:12 on 24 Sep ebaY reported that they would take account
status, account status via My ebaY and the feedback forum down,
from 13:00 PT to 13:45 PT to fix the problems resulting from
yesterday's hardware failures. At 13:54:59 PT ebaY reported that
they had fixed account status, account status via My ebaY and the
feedback forum. At 14:41:58 The Webhelp help search feature, found
from Help on the Navigation Bar, was down. This includes Still have
a question? Search for help on..., and instant help. ebaY recommended
using the ebaY community help boards, to get assistance at
17:13:08 The Webhelp was reported fixed as of 16:30 PT.

Approx 5.33 million current listing
MedVed discrepancy is up to approx 260,000.
* * * * *
Yahoo Auctions There has been concern on the OAI boards about
abuse of the Neighborhood Watch (NW) feature. There appears to be
an ability for people who are dissatisfied with a seller, sending
NW messages on the sellers other auctions in order to prevent them
from relisting automatically. So far, in practice, it does not appear
to be substantiated as a problem, but is something sellers should

Basic site information http://www.auctionguild.com
Go to OAI Site Basic Details from left side toolbar.
Yahoo site map
13 Sep actual count 2.32 million.
* * * * *
Amazon Auctions
Basic site information http://www.auctionguild.com
Go to OAI Site Basic Details from left side toolbar.
* * * * *
Honesty.Com has had a major meltdown that they have not yet
recovered from. Quote from the Honesty board - We are still looking
into issues with the Images database which is affecting the use of
One-Step Lister and the Image related tools. We apologize and will
keep working to restore these features to functionality. = Endquote
To see the full message and apology from Honesty/Andales CCO go to

* * * * *
PayPal is allowing users to downgrade their accounts, call
Phone 650-833-5460 1-888-221-1161
* * * * *
OAUA first anniversary celebrations can be found at
JOIN the OAUA today. http://www.oaua.com
* * * * *
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