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TAGnotes Wed 23 Aug 2000 Vol 2 Number 125 Issue 207

From: The Auction Guild <tagn-@theauctionguild.com>
Date: Thu Aug 24, 2000 4:50am
Subject: TAGnotes Wed 23 Aug 2000 Vol 2 Number 125 Issue 207

The Auction Guild Notes for Wednesday 23 Aug 2000
OAI Sellers AND Buyers - Add diversity to the Online Auction
Industry - VOTE. For more information go to
Fortune Magazine - Sep 2000 issues page 73 has an article
about MAM, and features TAG's CEO.
If you have any information, ideas or suggestions please
email us at tagn-@t...
eBay went down at 02:04PT on 23 Aug. They reported at 02:56:45 PT
that the site was unavailable. They updated the outage report at
04:09:18 PT that all listings that were scheduled to end while eBay
was down or scheduled to end two hours after the site becomes
available will be extended 24 hours. eBay will credit all insertion
fees for listings scheduled to end during the outage. Another update
at 04:28:23 PT added that the outage was due to a hardware failure on
their primary system. In addition, the failure prevented them from
switching to the backup system. eBay reported the site available
as of 04:15 PT 23Aug. All listings scheduled to end between
02:04 PT and 06:15 PT were extended 24 hours. eBay will credit
listing fees for all listings scheduled to end between 02:04 PT and
04:15 PT.   Another update at 05:45:49 PT explained the reason
for the outage was a failure in one of the disk subsystems which
stores some of the eBay data. This system has a built-in redundancy
designed to kick in without user impact and has in the past
successfully done so. The redundancy of the disk system failed, so
they attempted to switch to the backup system but this also failed.
They switched to their tertiary back-up system and brought the site
back up. At 07:00:39 PT users on the eBay boards and on the OAI
boards reported server reset errors, inability to get to auctions
and slow access. At 08:29PT most functions appear to have recovered
with only occasional slowness and reset messages. This shorter
outage was not acknowledged by eBay. Then at 09:56:45 took the site
down for a few minutes so they could complete a maintenance procedure
on the redundancy system. They also reported that they had
incorrectly announced that they would provide credits only for
insertion fees for listings ending between 02:04 PT and 04:15 PT. In
accordance with the outage policy, they will automatically credit all
associated fees for affected listings originally ending between
02:04 PT and 05:15 PT, 23Aug. Credits will appear on your account by
1 Sep. If you feel your auctions were negatively impacted by the
outage from 07:00:39 and 08:29PT or by taking the site down at
09:56:45 request refunds from the form at
Send -
* The item number(s) of the ended auction(s)
* The specific fee(s) charged for them
* Your seller's email address or User ID
* The phrase, GIVE CREDIT in the Subject line
This can also be accessed from

At 19:10:33 the eBay photo hosting service, Picture Services, was
unavailable for new listings. At 20:08:29 pic services, was back up.
During a change to the pic services, they assigned an incompatible
URL to new submissions and then corrected the problem.

At 22:28:02 PT There was an intermittent problem with log in
and cookies. Folks who were signed in and posting on the boards
lost their cookies and had to sign in again. Some received error
messages, NARU messages, invalid password messages and other
glitches. These anomalies continued to be reported until 23:00:47PT.

eBay has added a password hint feature to provide help if you forget
your password. Password hint allows immediate access to the site.
New members can select or generate a question and create a secret
answer to the question during the registration process. If the wrong
password is used, the password hint question will come up and if the
correct answer is provided, the user can create a new password and
immediately regain access to the site. The feature will be optional
for current users, but if a new password is requested, the user will
be prompted to create the question and answer. For more info go to

Approx 4.67 million current listing
* * * * *
Yahoo Auctions There have been reports on 22 and 23 Aug of
intermittent problems posted on the OAI boards, with leaving
feedback on 22 and 23 Aug. We also received email from a
TAGnotes subscriber that they could not get into Yahoo at all
from the evening of the 22nd through the morning of the 23rd.

A TAGnotes subscriber has provided us with accurate actual
counts of Yahoo auctions. As of 23 Aug Yahoo has
2.76 million auctions with an additional 216424 in the
Yahoo Business Marketplace. To see the totals in each
category for Yahoo and eBay go to
TAG's extrapolated numbers were wrong so this new
information is greatly appreciated.
Basic site information http://www.auctionguild.com
Go to OAI Site Basic Details from left side toolbar.

* * * * *
Amazon Auctions -
Basic site information http://www.auctionguild.com
Go to OAI Site Basic Details from left side toolbar.
Listings total 850254 (probably inflated by approx 2% due to listings
appearing in multiple category totals) 6 categories Extrapolated,
13 Actual, 11972 with bids    The bid numbers might be low because
they might not reflect take it auctions   http://www.amazon.com
* * * * *
OAUA Is holding a live chat on 5 Sep at 21:00 (9PM) ET, with
Bobby Beeman - Toyranch, one of the main organizers of the
Million Auction March, and a leader in the OAI. This chat is
accessible via the Java chat room at www.auctionusers.org/chat/   

The OAUA is celebrating their 1 year anniversary starting 1 Sep.
Celebrations are planned with contest and prizes, so keep your eye
on the OAUA web site for details. Some contests are already posted
in the August OAUA newsletter available at -

Keep current on issues important to OAI users. Be part
of setting the industry standard for excellence. Board elections
are taking place in Sep, read about the candidates and keep up
to date on the agenda and issues to be voted on at -
JOIN the OAUA today. http://www.oaua.com
* * * * *
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