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TAGnotes Mon 21 Aug 2000 Vol 2 Number 123 Issue 205

From: The Auction Guild <tagn-@theauctionguild.com>
Date: Tue Aug 22, 2000 1:34am
Subject: TAGnotes Mon 21 Aug 2000 Vol 2 Number 123 Issue 205

The Auction Guild Notes for Monday 21 Aug 2000
OAI Sellers AND Buyers - Add diversity to the Online Auction
Industry - VOTE. For more information go to
If you have any information, ideas or suggestions please
email us at tagn-@t...
eBay reported on 19 Aug at 07:15:54 that description search was
current as of 16:30 PT on 18 Aug. Title Search was current as
of 06:30 PT on 19 Aug.

There have been frequent reports on the OAI boards on and off
eBay, during the last 48 hours, of frames showing up more frequently
on sellers item pages. The frames show up intermittently, with
eBay motors and AOL being the two most commonly cited.

At 17:38PT users started to report problems with listing. These
problems were not effecting all users, but continued intermittently
with the last user report of problems posted at 18:37PT.

eBay continues to work on the Jewelry, Gemstones categories. The
latest proposed Jewelry Categories can be seen at
If you have any feedback or ideas email to jewe-@e...

eBay is proposing changes to the Photo & Electronics Category, in
October of 2000. To see the details of the proposed changes, go to
the Computers Category Index Page or to
If you have any feedback email electr-@e...

Approx 4.7 million current listing
* * * * *
Yahoo Auctions
Basic site information http://www.auctionguild.com
Go to OAI Site Basic Details from left side toolbar.
Current extrapolated listing count 1.94 mil
* * * * *
Amazon Auctions
Basic site information
Go to OAI Site Basic Details from left side toolbar.
Listings total 850254 (probably inflated by approx 2% due to listings
appearing in multiple category totals) 6 categories Extrapolated,
13 Actual, 11972 with bids    The bid numbers might be low because
they might not reflect take it auctions   http://www.amazon.com
* * * * *
Auction Diner's online auctions, DinerAuctions.Com is now posting
a list of sellers on their AuctionDiner.Com site. In addition to
OAI chat, Auction Diner also has free email and pic hosting.
http://www.dinerauction.com http://www.auctiondiner.com
* * * * *
AuctionWorks, provides auction management tools. They offer
inventory and auction management, automated invoicing and
feedback, automated customer database, image hosting, counters,
ecommerce store front. There is no charge for using any of these
tools. http://www.auctionworks.com/
* * * * *
electrifier.com is a site on which you can create special
advertising inserts for your auction listings. These can be
a multi- media presentation, including music. They download fast.
* * * * *
OAUA Keep current on issues important to OAI users. Be part
of setting the industry standard for excellence. Board elections
taking place in Sep, read about the candidates.
JOIN the OAUA today. http://www.oaua.com
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