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TAGnotes Tues 18 Jul 2000 Vol 2 Number 105 Issue 187

From: The Auction Guild <tagn-@theauctionguild.com>
Date: Wed Jul 19, 2000 0:33am
Subject: TAGnotes Tues 18 Jul 2000 Vol 2 Number 105 Issue 187

The Auction Guild Notes for Tuesday 18 July 2000
Help develop alternatives in the OAI, and influence the
future of the OAI. For more information go to
If you have any information, ideas or suggestions please
email us at tagn-@t...
eBay has been having problems with the feedback forum for several
weeks, and these problems continue. If you have been unable to
leave a comment regarding a transaction, report this to
feedbac-@e... Include the item number for the
transaction and eBay will try to fix the problem so you can leave
feedback comments, on a case-by-case basis.

eBay has announced a project to redesign the Category Index Pages.
The new pages will cross merchandise links and Theme Pages.
If you have comments about the redesign send an email with
Category Index Page Redesign in the subject line to
newe-@e... . They are also going to do a survey, and links
to the survey will appear on the category index and listing pages.

Approx 4.42 million current listing
* * * * *
Yahoo Auctions has added some subcategories to their category
listings. Basic site information http://www.auctionguild.com
Go to OAI Site Basic Details from left side toolbar.
Listings extrapolated listing count 2.02 mil
* * * * *
Amazon Auctions Basic site information
Go to OAI Site Basic Details from left side toolbar.

Listings 770682 6 categories Extrapolated, 13 Actual,
11245 with at least one bid. http://www.amazon.com
* * * * *
SlamTheGavel a small Delaware based general person to person
auction site has 507 auctions. The site charges 10 cent listing fees
but no Final value fees. They have power seller packages of $15.00
for1000 listings per month, and $25.00 for unlimited listings per
month. This does not include features such as bold, feature in
category and featured on homepage. You get 10 free listings when
you register. http://www.slamthegavel.com
* * * * *
Andale is conducting an eBay and Amazon listing rebate day on
Sun 23 Jul. Andale will rebate up to $2.00 for eBay listing fees
10 cents for Amazon.com listings for a maximum payout of $599.
Post through Andale between 12:00 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. PT, on
Sunday 23 July to qualify. Rebate applies to basic listing fees only
and does not include any reimbursement for marketplace extras
such as Final Value Fees, Featured Placement, Bold, Gallery,
Featured Gallery, Category Featured Auction, Gift Icon, Billpoint,
or Reserve Price Auction fees. This offer does not include your
listing fees for any Delayed Ads or Saved Drafts that you schedule
before 23 July 23 for automatic submission on that day. Expect
it to take approx 4 weeks to get your reimbursement check.

Andale is also revising their pricing schedule based on winning
price of the auction. With a winning bid of Up to $25.00 Andale's
fee is 2.95% of the price; $25.01-$1,000 (1.95% on the amount
over $25.00)+$0.74; $1000.01 + (0.95% on the amount over $
1,000)+$19.75. On fees for cars, trucks, RVs, and real estate,
Andale's maximum fee is $30.00 per item. For more info go to
* * * * *
AuctionDiner is celebrating it's 6 Month anniversary with contests
and prizes on 20 July. For details on how to enter and win go to
AD is now offering image hosting
and they have added three new forums called
Media Express, BidBay and Half.Com
* * * * *
OAUA keep current on important to OAI users. JOIN the
OAUA today. http://www.oaua.com
* * * * *
If you would like an Auction House or Service Provider added to
this list, please email us at tagn-@t...
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