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TAGnotes 30 Sep 1999 Vol 1 Number 18

From:   <ta-@xxxx.xxx>
Date: Fri Oct 1, 1999 5:24am
Subject: TAGnotes 30 Sep 1999 Vol 1 Number 18

The Auction Guild Notes for Thursday 30 Sep 1999
Amazon .Com has completely recreated their Auction Site. We are
not doing a special edition of TAGnotes, on this subject, because the
rest of the auction industry is relatively quiet today. We strongly
recommend you go re-read the entire revamped site as regards the items
addressed in this issue of TAGnotes, though we have tried to give you
an idea of all the new things Amazon has introduced.
Amazon- Made the news today by announcing a new service zShops,
a way for sellers to sell retail on Amazon. In addition they are
offering a payment system called Amazon.com Payments that lets
you accept credit card payments for your Auctions and zShops
transactions. They have also created a Pro Merchant Subscription
that provides a flat rate listing fee based on volume, and a bulk
lister utility. Amazon has also co-branded with the USPS for priority
mail boxes- both Trade names will appear on the boxes of everything
shipped by Amazon.

Pro Merchant Subscriptions- This service is designed for frequent
listers. You can list on both Amazon Auctions and zSales in any
combination, using this service. Sellers pay a Subscription fee based
on their running balance of Auctions and zShop listings. If you have 500
or fewer simultaneous listings at any one time, you pay the lowest rate.
The introductory monthly fee for a Pro Merchant Subscription is a flat
$9.99 per month regardless of number of auctions listed, plus an
introductory one time $10.00 set-up fee.
Amazon.Com assesses the subscription fee once per month based on
the number of your listings during the past month. The Pro Merchant
Subscription covers listing fees only, not special features or final
value fees. The special introductory fees expire 31Dec99.
One-time Set-Up Fee $50-regular fee $10 introductory fee
Number of Listing        '      '          '          '
0-500               $29.99/month    $9.99/month
501-1,000           $49.99/month    $9.99/month
1,001-2,000         $79.99/month    $9.99/month
2,000-3,000         $99.99/month    $9.99/month

Payments Service - is a way for sellers to accept credit card payments
online without a need for a merchant account through a bank. The buyer
purchases electronic credits from Amazon, to pay for sellers
merchandise. Amazon.com services and maintains account and
transactions, for both seller and buyer. There are no set-up fees,
monthly charges, or equipment lease fees. As a Seller, you pay $.60
plus 4.75% of the total amount (including Shipping & Handling).
Amazon.com will deduct their fee from the total payment amount and
credit the balance directly into your bank account. Amazon.com
guarantees your transactions so elimenates chargebacks from buyers.
Amazon takes care of that for you. They provide buyer and seller with a
transaction summary in Your Account. You can access your payment
activity and fees whenever you like. This service is free for Buyers.
Amazon.com Payments sets limits on the dollar amount and number of
transactions completed through the Service during a set time period for
both Buyers and Sellers.

Take-It Price -this option allows buyers to buy an auction item
immediately, by offering the Take-It price listed. It is optional
for sellers to participate, and an icon will be placed on the auction
if the seller chooses that option. For example, if there is a set of
used golf clubs currently at $42, with a Take-It logo, and a Take-It
price of $50, the buyer can forgo the bidding altogether and end the
auction with an offer of $50. This ends the auction immediately.
This option negates the first 10% first bidder discount as it changes
the format from an auction to a direct sale.

A to Z Guarantee- If the Buyer pays the Seller, but the Seller did not
deliver the item or if the buyer received the item but it was materially
different from the Sellers description of the item, Amazon.Com will Pay
the buyer the final closing price of the item up to $250 or the final
closing price regardless of the amount if the buyer used the Amazon.Com
Payment Service to pay the seller, as long as the following conditions
are met:
(1) The Buyer must wait 30 Days, but not longer than 60 Days, after
the close of the auction or the acceptance of an offer in a fixed price
sale, to request payment. (2) The Buyer must be a resident of the United
States and provide a street address in the United States for payment.
(3) The sellers feedback rating must be a 3.0 or higher at the time of
the bid, unless the seller has zero feedback (4) The Buyer is limited to
a lifetime maximum of 3 claims. (5) If the Buyer paid by credit card,
the Buyer agrees not to request a chargeback for the auction or fixed
price purchase from the issuing bank. The Buyer has to fill out the
required info on the guarantee submission form in order to receive

Auction Fees link-

Help Guide-
Has links to buyers guide, sellers guide, the account and community
* * *
eBay- Nothing new since TAGnotes Vol 1 Number 17
They will have their regularly scheduled maintenance down time
on Friday morning from 0000 to 0400 PT
* * *
Gold's- Nothing new since Vol 1 Number 14.
* * *
Boxlot -Current free digital camera selectees by user ID must
respond by midnight Left Coast time (PDT) of day next to name-
Contest ended on 30Sep99. The last drawing was 12:01PT 30Sep1999
* * *
Honesty.Com – Tonight at 2:00 AM CST Honesty will take their
services off line. They expect the outage to last 2 hours.
* * *
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