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TAGnotes Tue 13 Jun 2000 Vol 2 Number 90 Issue 172

From: The Auction Guild <tagn-@theauctionguild.com>
Date: Wed Jun 14, 2000 0:34am
Subject: TAGnotes Tue 13 Jun 2000 Vol 2 Number 90 Issue 172

The Auction Guild Notes for Tuesday 13 June 2000
The eBay Linked Banner Ad Issue continues to be a matter of grave
concern in the OAI. Please educate yourself on this issue, and if you
object, let eBay know. There is a VERY informative thread on the
subject of DART and how it works at this link.
If you have any ideas or suggestions on this or any subject please
email us at tagn-@t...
eBay is using a system called DART for targeting banner ads, and
they claim they never meant they would not target ads, only
promised they would try to keep the banners non-competitive in
a graphic sense. Search for Drill, and you might get an ACE
hardware banner, but you won't get a picture of a drill. The 1pixel
GIF is not going away, nor are the KW= tags in the banners. Those
are a part of DART, which is what eBay is being paid for. Please
read this thread for more information on how this works.

There are new categories planned for August in Jewelry and Prints
To see jewelry changes go to
Feedback? email to jewe-@e... before Wed 21 Jun
To see Print changes go to
Feedback? via email to anti-@e... before Wed 21 Jun

View Item page will soon be modified to show Country/Region,
for items listed regionally.

eBay has purchased Half.Com. There is an extensive message by
Meg on the announcement board about this. Half.com, is a fixed
price person to person marketplace for used products like books,
CDs, games, DVDs and videos. Meg thinks providing a method
for fixed price sales will
1. Provide sellers with more choices for selling formats and
product categories
2. Provide sellers with the opportunity to reach a new segment
of buyers who fixed price format.

For now, Half.com will continue to run separately, there will be
promotion of Half.com on the eBay site and of eBay on the
Half.com site.

As of 20:20 PT on 13 June, My eBay was not working, but
eBay reported it back in service by 20:59 PT.

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Listings based on a combination of actual counts in 13 of 19
categories and extrapolated counts in 6 of 19 categories
as of 3 June 916,277
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