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TAGnotes Wed 29Sep99 Vol 1 Number 17

From:   <ta-@xxxx.xxx>
Date: Thu Sep 30, 1999 1:16am
Subject: TAGnotes Wed 29Sep99 Vol 1 Number 17

The Auction Guild Notes for Wednesday 29 Sep 1999
eBay- Has provided some clarification to Article 7 of the new user
agreement. They feel they need Article 7 to be written in somewhat
general terms because of the variety of devices or processes that might
use both eBays and eBay Users information in an unauthorized way. They
have also stated that Article 7 does not prevent linking to or
discussing eBay from User home page or other web sites. They will in no
way prevent Users from discussing eBay on other web sites or chat
boards. They state that Article 7 is designed to prohibit users who
copy listing descriptions and images without the appropriate permission
from the eBay user who owns that description or image. EBay will update
the User agreement to change the language of article 7. We will continue
to pursue other related User agreement issues that are still ambiguous,
and will post further updates as available.

Ebay categories chat sessions on the category chat boards 1400-1500
PDT Advertising Collectibles-Thurs 30Sep; Glass-Thurs 30Sep;
Books-Thurs 30Sep; Photos-Thurs 30-Sep; Movies-Thurs 30Sep
* * *
Gold's- Nothing new since Vol 1 Number 14.
* * *
Amazon- Nothing new since Vol 1 Number 16
* * *
Boxlot -Current free digital camera selectees by user ID must
respond by midnight Left Coast time (PDT) of day next to name-
CRYSTOLCAT 29SEP Contest ends on 30Sep99. The last drawing was supposed
to be 12:01PT 30Sep1999, but there has not been a drawing winner posted
on the site since 27 Sep.
* * *
Honesty.Com – Site seems to be running smoothly again. Amazon
Auction is limiting the number of Honesty counters displayed to 50.
* * *
Auction Watch – Has launched a new multi auction site search engine.
Since the moderator of the eBay boards on AW says there is no business
agreement between AW and ebay, it remains to be seen how long
eBay will allow this search engine to search their site. Search engines
of this type are of great value to both buyer and seller, as it levels
the playing field considerably between small Online Auction Houses and
large ones.
* * *
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