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TAGnotes Tue 30 May 2000 Vol 2 Number 83 Issue 165

From: The Auction Guild <tagn-@theauctionguild.com>
Date: Wed May 31, 2000 1:54am
Subject: TAGnotes Tue 30 May 2000 Vol 2 Number 83 Issue 165

The Auction Guild Notes for Tuesday 30 May 2000
***MEMORIAL DAY 2000 – 30 May - WE REMEMBER***

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Don't forget TAG is ending the eBay WATCH feature survey
on 4 June. If you want to participate NOW is the time.
eBay is holding yet another free listing day for Billpoint users.
During the free days, Billpoint usage rises to around 4to 500,000
auctions. This has been dropping to approx 200,000 as soon as
the free day auctions end. By contrast, PayPal is offered on approx
1.4 million auctions. Insertion Fees will be credited for all items
listed with the Billpoint payment option on Wed 31 May between
00:00:00 PT and 23:59:59 PT. This offer does not include special
features or reserve fees. Those fees will still apply, as will Final
Value Fees. Credits will be applied automatically and should appear
after a few days in your eBay Account.

In addition eBay is starting a new temporary promotion in search
to make it easier to find Billpoint items. If the search contains
items that accept Billpoint those items will display twice. First
all items will be shown in the normal way, then a second list of
items that accept Billpoint will show at the bottom of the search
results page. This is a temporary promotion which along with periodic
free listings days for Billpoint sellers they hope will raise
awareness and use among buyers and sellers. The feature will be
turned "on" for roughly 2-4 weeks. After it's turned off buyers will
be able to find Billpoint items directly by visiting the advanced
search page. For more info go to

eBay reported access problems for some members to the site for a
few hours this morning due to internet problems in the midwest.
These were reported as lasting from about 06:30 PT to 08:30 PT

Problems with the one time log feature in is causing eBay to take
the feature down completely for an unknown number of days until they
can fix it. they will post info when it is accessible again

eBay continues the banner additions. The latest additions
are targeted ads for Ace Hardware Ourhouse.Com, WebTV,
Toy Shop, Expedia.Com, and AOL shopping. eBay claims
that these banners will bring new customers to eBay but all
investigations of the sites linked to, show NO banners linking
back to eBay. As far as TAG can determine, it is a one
way street taking potential buyers away from your auctions and
to various sites offering special deals to encourage buyers to
deal with the banner site rather than buy your auction item! In
the case of AOL, there are even links to other auction sites. eBay
is PAYING AOL $75 million over 4 years for advertising on the
AOL site.

eBay has also launched its Disney/Go.Com site. Though it is almost
identical in most ways to the eBay site, it has a Go.Com tool bar at
the top and bottom of the page. eBay is expected to launch several
merchant to person Disney auctions as part of the Disney/Go.Com
eBay package.. eBay is also PAYING Disney/Go.Com $30 million
over 4 years to be advertised on the Go.Com sites.

Listings, approx 4.41 mil current
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Listings based on a combination of actual counts in 14 of 19
and extrapolated counts in 5 of 19 categories as of 27 May 920,664
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OAUA is weighing in on the advertising banner issue
on eBay. If you interested in more information go to
There is backgound info, email addresses to write to, and sample
emails on the issues. Most important of all JOIN the OAUA.
One million users speaking with one voice would make eBay
sit up and take notice much more quickly that the current 1600.
Get a voice that WILL be heard JOIN your voice to the hundreds
of others, and make it a voice eBay can not ignore.
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