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TAGnotes Thur 25 May 2000 Vol 2 Number 80 Issue 162

From: The Auction Guild <tagn-@theauctionguild.com>
Date: Fri May 26, 2000 3:43am
Subject: TAGnotes Thur 25 May 2000 Vol 2 Number 80 Issue 162

The Auction Guild Notes for Thursday 25 May 2000
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eBay is conducting regularly scheduled maintenance on Fri morning,
26 May 01:00 and 05:00 PT. They continue to have problems with
search currently running approximately 8-12 hours behind. At one
point today from approx 18:13 to approx 19:36 PT, eBay was showing
their latest update as Updated: 12/31/69, 16:00 PST, and ZERO
listings in ending soon or going going gone. New Years Eve flashback
to the year of the summer of love. Since maintenance sessions can
cause seach update delays of 12-15 hours, it might be a long time
until search reaches a reasonable update time gap.

UUNet users are once again unable to access eBay. This was reported
by eBay at 14:43 on 25 May.

eBay Online Payments has a pilot release of Electronic Check.
Starting today, a small group of eBay pilot sellers will be able
to offer Electronic Check from Billpoint and Wells Fargo. eBay
will make Electronic Check available to the entire eBay community
over the summer. For information about paying with Electronic
Check, go to http://pages.ebay.com/help/buyerguide/echeck-buyer.html
For information about accepting Electronic Check, go to
If you would like to be considered for the Electronic Check pilot
program, contact eBay at ech-@b...

eBays stock split 2 for 1 today (as of date 9 May). eBays insiders
including Meg Whitman and founder Pierre Omidyar, are selling
eBay shares aggressively. eBay insiders sold 6.4 million shares,
followed by Priceline.com with 5.9 million. Portal's insiders sold
4.8 million, Amazon.com's sold only 984,953, and Yahoo's insiders
trailed all of them by selling just 199,537. Whitman is spending
heavily to market a business that has grown essentially by word of
mouth. eBay is expanding into new markets, regional, international,
wireless and premium collectibles, and building out its marketing,
promotion and customer support. This activity cuts its gross profit
margins and pushes the company closer to the Amazon.com model of
buying market share.   Yet insiders are selling stock. Omidyar
registered to sell 458,400 shares, Whitman sold 343,600 shares, and
eBay COO Brian Swette, sold 103,100 shares at around $159 per share.
The company reported earnings of $8 million, up from $4.8 million,
in the same period a last year. Virtually all of those earnings, came
from interest on the company's investments, plus the sale of non
vital assets. eBay's essentially broke even in operations. eBay
has agreed to pay $75 million to AOL, and $30 million to Go.com for
promoting eBay and developing co-branded sites. They have also
invested aggressively in eBay operations in Europe and Japan. eBay
reported that it had added 2.6 million registered users in the
quarter, bringing the alleged total to 12.6 million. This information
was excerpted from an article by Scott Herhold Mercury news and can
be found at

eBay Insider Magazine link is at
This was spotted by a TAGnotes subscriber after following through
the links we had in yesterdays TAGnotes.

eBay has once again violated its user agreement and TRUSTe
agreement by providing registered user information to third parties
after being told specifically not to do so. TAG reported the
violation to eBay and to the recipient of the information. We were
told that it WAS a mistake, the mistake has been fixed, all parties
involved will take action to remove information they should not
have, and all those affected will be informed of the problem, and
at a minimum get an apology for the mistake. This quick action
and accepting of responsibility on eBays part is very encouraging.
We will provide follow up information as we receive it.
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and in the TAG WATCH feature survey at

This link leads to an extremely frank discussion of what sellers
should NOT do in their eBay ads. Some of it is good information
despite the vituperative way of presenting it.

Listings, approx 4.56 mil current
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AuctionWatch.Com has updated their Auction Management tools
with Inventory Management. This service allows a seller manage
and list items for sale on any of the three auction venues supported
by AuctionWatch. http://wsacp.auctionwatch.com/my/acp/
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BiddersEdge has lost the first round in its battle against eBays ban
on unlicensed meta search engines. Today US District Court Judge
Ronald Whyte issued a preliminary injunction against Bidder's Edge
ruling that they have to stop searching eBay's site as of 8 Jun. The
actual court case should take place next March, and Bidders Edge is
trying to get the case expedited, or the injunction lifted.
* * * * *
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