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TAGnotes Wed 24 May 2000 Vol 2 Number 79 Issue 161

From: The Auction Guild <tagn-@theauctionguild.com>
Date: Thu May 25, 2000 4:14am
Subject: TAGnotes Wed 24 May 2000 Vol 2 Number 79 Issue 161

The Auction Guild Notes for Wednesday 24 May 2000
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eBay continues to have problems with their title search capabilities.
At 18:56 PT on 24 May they reported that title search is sometimes
incorrectly displaying items whose titles do not include the requested
words in addition to displaying the correct matching items.
An indexing update for Title Search was run at 11:52 to capture new
information, such as new listings, bids, etc. This update completed
at 21:18 PT and reflected changes such as bidding activity or price
changes through approx 15:00 PT. They are going to run another
update cycle at approx 2400. Search is running about 6 hours behind.

Personal shopper was also reported not working, with e-mail results
not currently unavailable. These problems did not effect the
availability of other Personal Shopper features, including adding,
modifying and deleting Personal Shopper searches. Services
should resume in about 26 hours at 24:00 PT 25 May.

Banner ads are now appearing regularly on other than Seller
listing pages. None conform to the rules eBay has imposed on
its sellers. These quotes are excerpted from an exchange with
Ka-@e... on the Discuss New Feature board 7 Aug 1999

QUOTE from eBay USER 19:45:05 PDT … gang, there has to
be some tremendous financial advantage to this new ebay;
otherwise why would ebay go through all of this hassle. i believe
they are going to start selling advertising. katy?
QUOTE from Ka-@e... 19:50:10 PDT …No, not at all.
The new eBay was to allow for better navigation and meet some
of the needs we saw among our members, both sellers and buyers.
ENDQUOTE   Well now we finally KNOW the truth.

eBay's Insider newsletter Issue 3 is out. If you received it and
don't want it, make sure your preferences are set correctly. If you
did not receive it and want to get it, it appears that you have to
opt in to receive SPAM from eBay, as we can't find a place where you
can opt in for the newsletter only. To see the archived Issues 1 and
2 go to http://welcome1.ebay.com/insider/archive.cfm
To change your SPAM preferences go to

We also find it interesting that nowhere in the registration process
are there any instructions on how to set your SPAM preferences.
Unless you know where to look, you would never know that you
had preferences to set. TAG thinks eBay should include this
information in their registration process.

Don't forget to participate in the eBay WATCH feature survey.
and in the TAG Watch feature survey at

Listings, approx 4.47 mil current
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Golds Auction has increased activity in the automotive categories.
For those disenchanted with eBays third party advertising and
problems with listing in the automotive categories, this might be
an opportunity to shift some auctions to Golds. Basic listing fees
are still free. Currently 8866 auctions currently listed
* * * * *
Andale is running yet another listing fee refund day on Thursday
25 May. Andale will rebate up to $1.00 for eBay ads and $.10 for
Amazon.com ads for a maximum payout of $599.   For any ads
you create and post through Andale between 12:00 a.m. and
11:59 p.m PT, on Thurs 25 May Andale will reimburse your
basic listing fees only, not special feature fees. This offer does
not include your listing fees for any Delayed Ads or Saved Drafts
that you schedule before May 25 for automatic submission on
that day. This offer does not apply to employees of Andale,
it's affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising agencies, or electronic
media firms. Expect reimbursement checks in 4 weeks.
* * * * *
Bidhit is merging with EZ Bid. They will operate the two sites
separately for the next few weeks, but plan on integrating the
when dealing with this company. They have been known to
remove auctions you have won if they don't like the price the
item reached. This includes no reserve auctions, and they will
do this after the auction ends, and even send emails with altered
times to make it look as if the auction was ended early.
* * * * *
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