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TAGnotes Tue 23 May 2000 Vol 2 Number 78 Issue 160

From: The Auction Guild <tagn-@theauctionguild.com>
Date: Wed May 24, 2000 2:41am
Subject: TAGnotes Tue 23 May 2000 Vol 2 Number 78 Issue 160

The Auction Guild Notes for Tuesday 23 May 2000
TAG has a survey on eBays Auction Watch Feature on the TAG
website. We will report the full results of our survey. Please take
a few minutes and go to http://www.auctionguild.com, click on the
eBay Watch Feature Survey link on the left hand tool bar, or go
directly to http://www.auctionguild.com/consumersurvey.html;

Help support TAGnotes send this link to two friends
Go to our website at http://www.auctionguild.com and click on the
banner ads and sign up for some of the services offered.
eBay users who connect to the Internet using UUNet could not access
eBay from 14:28 on 22May to 20:42 22 May.

eBay has updated Regional Categories to expedite regional users
ability to find big, bulky, and hard to ship items. Go to

At 23:28 PT on 22May eBay reported problems with Descriptive
Search indexing updates being behind and NOT reflecting any
changes to items, such as bidding activity or price changes made
after 23:15 PT, Sunday, 21 May. This does not impact Title Search
Updates, which are current as of 20:35 PT, Monday, May 22, which
are still running up to 4 hours behind.

After a generally universal failure with eBay A Go Go, eBay is now
trying a more comprehensive type alert system called eBay Anywhere.
This uses a mobile technology strategy with the goal of making eBay
accessible from any internet enabled mobile device. eBay has teamed
up with 2Roam, which will format and deliver eBay's content for
virtually any mobile device on any carrier network. eBay Anywhere
should work with eBay's software application for the Palm VII,
which delivers wireless access to the site, and eBay's alert
from Skytel Communications, which allows users to receive auction
updates by pagers. For more info go to http://www.ebay.com/anywhere/

eBay appears to be testing third party ads on Sellers listing pages.
So far the ads that arbitrarily show up, are for eBays selling
partners, eBay Motors/Auto Trader and AOL. The ads appear as a
frame around the sellers pages, and violate eBays oft stated policy
that they will NEVER place third party ads on the listing pages
the SELLER pays for.

Don't forget to participate in the eBay WATCH feature survey.
and in the TAG Watch feature survey at

Listings, approx 4.45 mil current
* * * * *
Yahoo Auctions is looking for QUOTE Customer Care Associate for Yahoo
Auctions Location - Santa Clara, CA. Ad reads Going, going, gone!
The Yahoo! Auctions team needs your help. If you've got great
customer service skills, excellent written skills and a passion
for the Internet and on-line auctions, this could be a great job
for you! .... ENDQUOTE etc.

Post your views about changes or glitches at
Keep track of What's New at Yahoo Auctions
To see the base information and latest offers use
this link – http://www.auctionguild.com/generic.html;
Approx 1.95 million auctions currently running
* * * * *
Amazon has lost most of its value as a place for individuals to sell,
but it is becoming a good place to buy. It continues to add more
large scale merchants selling items starting at $1.00 no reserve
auctions. Service Merchandise has entered the $1.00 auction field.
To see the base information and latest offers
use this link http://www.auctionguild.com/generic.html;
* * * * *
Golds Auction has added new categories. Basic listings fees are
still free. 8774 auctions currently listed
* * * * *
Cyrbid.Com appears to be disappearing, as it currently has 5 auctions
running, and a fading customer base. http://www.cyrbid.com
* * * * *
Old and Sold looks a little healthier with 412 listings, but with
only 14 items with bids, has not managed to capitalize on the
fact that AuctionRover has included it in its search engine.
* * * * *
Entrade a company involved in six internet business to business
exchanges, plans to start operating an auction website by the
end of June. http://www.nationwideauction.com
* * * * *
PayPal has opened their Customer Service Center in Omaha,
Nebraska. We have heard reports that you can actually speak to a
real person if you have a problem. Toll free phone number
877-6-PayPal Customer service hours 6:00 am to 10:00 pm PT,
though that is supposed to soon be a 24hr service.
* * * * *
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