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TAGnotes Fri 12 May 2000 Vol 2 Number 74 Issue 156

From: The Auction Guild <tagn-@theauctionguild.com>
Date: Sat May 13, 2000 1:23am
Subject: TAGnotes Fri 12 May 2000 Vol 2 Number 74 Issue 156

The Auction Guild Notes for Friday 12 May 2000
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eBay is making changes to the site, and by placing cookies on your
computer will remember and automatically fill in information on eBay
1. When you log into eBay, the last User ID entered from your computer
(not the password) will show up automatically where required. The
pre-filled User ID can be changed for members who share a computer.
If you change the pre-filled User ID, the last one used will filled
in the next time you log on.

2. When you sell an item, options you selected the last time you
listed an item will be auto filled, specifically whether you ship
internationally, the number of days you want your auction to run
and the region you selected. You can change those options if desired.

Don't forget to participate in the eBay WATCH feature survey.

It appears that eBay has once again attempted to change the user
agreement without the required notice to users, by adding this
NOTE to the included by reference Fees page

QUOTE There's no charge to browse, bid on or buy items at eBay.
But you do pay fees to list and sell items. Read on to learn about
Insertion Fees, Final Value Fees, credit requests and
relisting for items. For eBay's payment terms, click here.
Note - Fees pay for the right to sell an item(s) on eBay. You do not
purchase any exclusive rights to a Web page on eBay. eBay may, in
our sole discretion, and without your consent or payment to you,
place third party advertisements on any Web page within our site.

Contrast this with a message we received last night from eBay
support, about third party advertising on seller listing pages.
QUOTE I believe that you can count on us not to include third
party advertisements on the individual item pages. We do have many
partners in this new eBay Motors site, but all of their logos, etc,
are included only on the main pages of the site. ENDQUOTE
A review of the eBay Motors site shows third party adds appear in
Cars, Luxury Cars, Sports Cars, SUVs, Trucks, Minivans & Vans,
but not in the other eBay Motors categories. So far we haven't seen
third party ads elsewhere on sellers pages, the eBay site. We have
written to eBay again for further clarification and comment.

Listings, approx 4.2 mil current
* * * * *
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