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TAGnotes Wed 3 May 2000 Vol 2 Number 68 Issue 150

From: The Auction Guild <tagn-@theauctionguild.com>
Date: Thu May 4, 2000 1:58am
Subject: TAGnotes Wed 3 May 2000 Vol 2 Number 68 Issue 150

The Auction Guild Notes for Wednesday 3 May 2000
*************IMPORTANT NOTICE**************
If you subscribe to eBay Magazine and received the Websabre.Com
software CD there can be a problem with it crashing your computer
under certain circumstances on a small percentage of systems. This
can be easily fixed with full recovery of all data, and the Websabre
folks will talk you through it. You can email them at
supp-@w... or call 716-842-3030 and leave
a message on their voicemail. They WILL call you back. They are
on Eastern Time, and will be available from 0800 ET to 2300 ET, but
you can call any time and leave message.
eBay's Mister Lister has some problems and they are taking it down
for about one hour between 23:55 PT Wed 3 May and 01:00 PT Thur
4 May for maintenance. You will be unable to submit Mister Lister
batches during these times, so plan on sending them at other times.

The problems with the eBay Motors site continue and eBay has
decided that QUOTE based upon your feedback, we think that
we've gone a little too far too quickly. ENDQUOTE
They list the following errors made
1. Moving Automobilia, Aircraft, Watercraft (Boats), and Farm
Construction equipment to the new eBay Motors site.
2. Launching the new eBay Motors site without providing our sellers
a bulk listing tool.
3. Dramatically moving away from the eBay look and feel.
4. Launching the site without understanding the importance
of the broad category search (e.g. browse all parts).
5. Not having more of a conversation with you about the
upcoming changes.

They intend to fix these issues, but some of the changes will take
days, others weeks, but they promise to work with users until all
problems are fixed.
The plan is QUOTE
1. Return Automobilia categories back to the eBay.com site.
2. Return Aircraft, Watercraft (Boats), and Farm Construction
equipment back to the eBay.com site.
3. Develop Mister Lister functionality for Parts & Accessories on
eBay Motors.
4. Simplify the Sell Your Item page on the new site for Parts &
Accessories - removing item attributes.
5. Develop the ability to browse for "All Items" within a top
6. Modify the design of the new site so that it looks and feels a
more like eBay.
7. Credit the Insertion Fees for items listed in Automobilia,
Aircraft, Watercraft (Boats), and Farm Construction equipment
on eBay Motors between April 24 and May 3. These credits should
be applied to your eBay account by the end of May.
8. Establish more links that will enable users to easily move
between eBay Motors and the eBay.com site.
9. Provide Insertion Fee credits for all items listed in Parts
& Accessories on eBay Motors between May 3 and May 12. These
credits should be applied to your eBay account by the end of May.

They are NOT returning Parts & Accessories to eBay.com, but
might be able to work out a search system to solve the problem
caused by having P&A on the eBay Motors site.

Despite solemn promises to NEVER put third party advertising
on eBay sellers pages, they insist that they will still put the
Autotrader logo on these pages.

They say they have learned QUOTE
1. We understand clearly that we should have solicited much more
user feedback during the design and development of the new site.
We promise to work more closely with you on future changes.
2. We understand that we should not make such dramatic changes
to the feel/functionality of the site. Less is more.

In launching eBay Motors, we were reminded that eBay is truly a
joint venture between the company and you, our community members.
And we sincerely hope that you will continue to participate in
a dialog with us about eBay Motors and how together we will
create the Internet's most vibrant automotive marketplace.

TAG appreciates eBay reconsidering this launch, and just hope
they address every issue comprehensively. The third party
link MUST be retracted if eBay is to maintain any credibility
with its users.

As information emerges about Keen.Com, it appears that this
partnership is a very bad idea. Anyone can set themselves up as an
expert on Keen.Com, no credentials needed. The site is filled with
opportunities for fraud and scams, and no system is in place to police
it. TAG feels that those in the OAI who are trying to legitimize
Online Auctions are being subverted by eBays partnership with
Keen.Com. We work hard to bring accountability, mitigate the
perception of fraud, provide information and confidence to new
inexperienced users, and eBay sells us down the river and promotes
a site that makes us all look like charlatans

Listings, currently approx 4.25mil
* * * * *
Yahoos Auctions Post your views about changes or glitches at
It appears that Tom Churchill, the head of Yahoo Auctions
logs on to the site regularly, and reads the comments even
though he rarely responds to them.

To see the base information and latest offers use
this link – http://www.auctionguild.com/generic.html;
Approx 2.02 million auctions currently running
* * * * *
Amazon Auctions Sellers Connection Chat Board continues to
show posts demonstrating the sellers distress at the changes made
by Amazon. It appears that Amazon is not listening and/or does not
care what the sellers are saying. We received another canned
answer to our latest email, at least this one acknowledged our dislike
of the changes.

To see the base information and latest offers use this link
* * * * *
OAUA is a sponsor of BidCon 2000 You can register online at
* * * * *
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