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TAGnotes Mon 1 May 2000 Vol 2 Number 67 Issue 149

From: The Auction Guild <tagn-@theauctionguild.com>
Date: Wed May 3, 2000 1:37am
Subject: TAGnotes Mon 1 May 2000 Vol 2 Number 67 Issue 149

The Auction Guild Notes for Tuesday 2 May 2000
We are going to try to send a representative from TAG to the
BidCon 2000 event in San Francisco 24, 25 May. If there are any
issues you would like us to raise, or an area of particular interest
you would like us to investigate, please send email to
ta-@t.... If we are able to send a rep out there,
we will do our best to present your concerns and issues, and report
back to you with results or lack of results.

STAMPS.COM is offering special incentives to people who sign up
through TAG, offering $30 in FREE postage with the Simple Plan
package and $60 FREE postage plus a FREE 10-lb Scale
with the Power Plan package. Use this link and click on the
Stamps.Com banner (Please copy paste the whole link into your
browser address window if click does not work)
eBay's Mister Lister will be unavailable on Tues 2 May for about
20 minutes beginning at 19:00 PT and for about 20 minutes again
beginning at 20:00 PT. You will be unable to submit Mister Lister
batches during these times, should send your submissions at other

It appears that the Domains www.antiquemalls.com,
www.antiquemall.com, and www.theantiquemall.com have all
been registered since 1998, 1999, and 1996 respectively. It is
interesting that eBay has chosen this name for their new linked page,
rather than seeking an original name, or purchasing these domains.

eBay Motors appears to be violating the eBay promise to not put
third party advertising on sellers auctions. If you take a look
at auto auctions on the new eBay Motors site, there is a link in
the upper right hand corner that takes buyers away from the auction
listing to a third party site AutoTrader.Com. In addition, the icon
used is 600X35 pixels in violation of eBays rule for icons no bigger
than 88X33 pixels. We have emailed eBay about this apparent
change in policy. Thanks go to a TAGnotes subscriber for bringing
this to our attention.

eBay has fixed its problems with the feedback forum. Anyone who
was not able to leave feedback on transactions closing between
28 Mar to 19 Apr, should try again now.

eBay has again delayed the launch of its new home page to
sometime after its last date of 5 May due to problems pointed
out by users. They continue to request input via email sent to
online-@e... with Home Page in the subject line.

eBay has started a partnership with Keen.com allowing users to
provide live answers, on various topics, to each other over the
phone. eBay had a private test of the service two months ago.
Keen.com is not a replacement for customer support or the message
boards; but is a way for people on eBay, if they choose, to sell what
they know about any topic. TAG has yet to discern what the eBay
partnership means, as anyone can go to the Keen site and participate.
We have yet to see any special promotion or links to or from eBay,
but maybe they are still in the works. http://www.keen.com
There are several other online sites that provide a similar function
to Keen, such as Live Knowledge.com and WebHelp.com
But why pay for what you can get free from TAGnotes, and the
online auction chat boards???
Listings, currently approx 4.2mil
* * * * *
Yahoo Auctions continues to have user problems two interesting
glitches being a plus sign that shows up between words on feedback,
and disappearing email addys on winning bidders. The seller gets
notice of a winning bidder, but the email address shows up as NONE.
Sometimes these email addys seem to reappear by themselves.

Yahoos response to our follow up inquiry about the change from
5 to 2 auto relists was QUOTE Thank you for your
comments and suggestions. We are always looking for ways to
make Yahoo! Auctions more useful and enjoyable to our users, and
we will be sure to keep your comments in mind as we continue to
make improvements to our service. ENDQUOTE   A canned
answer eBay would be proud of.

Post your views about changes or glitches at
It appears that Tom Churchill, the head of Yahoo Auctions
logs on to the site regularly, and reads the comments even
though he rarely responds to them.

To see the base information and latest offers use
this link – http://www.auctionguild.com/generic.html;
Approx 2.03 million auctions currently running
* * * * *
Amazon Auctions continues their recalcitrance on the Hot Items
default. We have emailed them again, and suggest all users who
have an opinion on this issue do the same.

Amazon Auction Sellers Connection Chat Board

To see the base information and latest offers use this link
* * * * *
Internet Auction Secrets May issue is out. This 20 page issue has
the regular feature section top ten tips, a product description of
the ePoster 2000 software, Part 3 of Lee Bernsteins article on
selling collectibles, the best of the three parts in TAGs opinion,
a comparison of purchased shipping supplies and where to get
them, and an article on taking better photos. All in all, a well
presented issue geared to the new to intermediate online auction
user. Subscriptions are $29.00 a year, 12 issues by email in PDF.
* * * * *
eBay Exodus a site promoting alternatives to eBay, and ideas on
how to make the eBay experience a better one for those that use
eBay. http://ebayexodus.com/index.html
* * * * *
If you would like an Auction House or Service Provider added to
this list, please email us at tagn-@t...
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