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TAGnotes Mon 24 Apr 2000 Vol 2 Number 63 Issue 145

From: The Auction Guild
Date: Mon Apr 24, 2000 11:49pm
Subject: TAGnotes Mon 24 Apr 2000 Vol 2 Number 63 Issue 145

The Auction Guild Notes for Monday 24 Apr 2000
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eBay has made Skippy into a used car salesman and implemented
its eBay Motors, a new eBay site for buying and selling cars,
motorcycles, boats, and related parts and collectibles. As part of
the introduction, eBay Motors is giving 50% off its regular listing
fees regularly $25.00, now $12.50 when you list a vehicle on eBay
through midnight 1May PT.

eBay Motors has the following features for vehicle buying
* Shop by vehicle class or make and model
* Specialized smart search features
* Features images
* Specialized view item pages
* 400+ new categories
eBay Motors also offers
* Financing
* Vehicle Shipping
* Escrow
* Collector Car Insurance

As part of this change eBay is eliminating the 28 current auto-related
eBay categories. The list of categories that are expiring can be
found at http://pages.ebay.com/community/news/autos-oldcats.html
No categories or items will be moved from these expiring categories
to eBay Motors. Instead, those listings will be allowed to complete.
From this point forward you will be unable to list or re-list in
these old categories. In addition eBay has removed links to the
Automotive page and to the Showroom page. Buyers shopping on eBay
will still be able to find items in the expiring categories through
a search and from the Automotive area of the main Browse page at

Some problems of note and planned solutions are
* Gallery images may take up to 24 hours after listing to appear on
some pages. So the Featured display areas on pages such as the
Collector Car page and the Harley Davidson page may have no
images or only a few images for the next few days. As more items
are listed these display spaces will fill.
* The rotation of Featured Gallery on the home page and class
overview pages (such as Sports Cars) may take up to 24 hours. This
will be shortened to a few hours or less within the week.
* The number of items displayed next to category names is running up
to 24 hours behind on its updates. In many cases there is a zero (0)
next to a category name when items are actually in a category (such
as Volkswagon). Check the category to see if there are items, or use
search. This will be fixed within a few days. To visit eBay Motors,
go to http://www.ebaymotors.com Send comments or suggestions about
eBay Motors, to motors--@e...

At 14:48:25 eBay posted that the Announcements Board was
unavailable for several hours beginning at about 09:30 PT today.
They used the Topic of the Day area of the eBay User to User
Discussion Boards and the Community Help areas of the site to
provide an alternative method of communicating and will use
the same method again in future if necessary.

The new eBay Home Page will launch during the first week of May.
eBay asked for and received feedback from the eBay community,
and say they have made some changes to the home page design
based on that feedback. Find the new home page at
If you have any additional input send eBay an email with
Home Page in the subject line to: online-@e...

eBay UK users must update their phone numbers. On 2Apr
telephone area codes in London, Cardiff, Coventry, Northern
Ireland, Portsmouth and Southampton were changed. The
changeover will be completed on 22Apr, and old area codes
will not work after this date. eBay users are required to keep
their member information current and accurate or face possible
suspension. To update your account go to Change my Registration
which can be found under My eBay or by going directly to
For more information about these changes visit
If you are trying to contact a UK user and you think the phone
number may have changed, check the page below for a list of the
new telephone numbers.

Listings, currently approx 4.4mil
* * * * *
Yahoo Auctions To see the base information and latest offers use
this link – http://www.auctionguild.com/generic.html;
Approx 1.98 million auctions currently running
* * * * *
Amazon Auctions has made no change on its Hot Items search
default. TAG continues to recommend all Amazon users email
or call Amazon with your opinion about this issue. The email
address we have on file for the CEO Jeff Bezos is
jef-@a... Mail to this addy does not bounce, but
we don't know if he reads it either.

To see the base information and latest offers
use this link – http://www.auctionguild.com/generic.html;
Amazon currently has 28,407 listings in the Art and Antique category
(an increase of 8725 since we last counted in December)
* * * * *
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