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TAGnotes Tue 18 Apr 2000 Vol 2 Number 61 Issue 143

From: The Auction Guild <tagn-@theauctionguild.com>
Date: Wed Apr 19, 2000 2:27am
Subject: TAGnotes Tue 18 Apr 2000 Vol 2 Number 61 Issue 143

The Auction Guild Notes for Tuesday 18 Apr 2000
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eBay is conducting a FREE LISTING DAY for US Sellers,
tomorrow 19 Apr from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 PT. To be eligible
to participate, You must register with Billpoint and include the
Billpoint payment option in your auctions. Billpoint will pay
basic eBay listing fees only. To register or for more info
Billpoint will also waive all Billpoint fees for payments made
through Billpoint with a Visa card through May 31. This is part
of an ongoing Visa promotion.

Anyone with a web page can become an eBay affiliate and earn $3.00
for each registered user that comes through the affiliates site.
Sign up at http://pages.ebay.com/affiliate/index.html

eBay continues to have problems with the feedback forum, making
it impossible for some users to leave feedback. Feedback problems
have continued to occur intermittently since the changeover to
transaction feedback only, and is just one more in the continuing
intermittent site glitches of all sorts that have occurred for nearly
three weeks.

The eBay Canada site is materially down as of 21:27:45 PT 18 Apr.
This outage prohibits the ability to view Canada Listings pages and
also negatively impacts the part of the system that updates
Canada Listings with new information, such as new items, bids, etc.
This part of the system also updates information to Current, New,
Today, Ending Today and Going, Going, Gone. Canada Listings
information is current as of 13:30 PT, Tuesday, April 18, 2000.

Listings, currently approx 4.3mil
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Yahoo Auctions To see the base information and latest offers use
this link € '¶ http://www.auctionguild.com/generic.html;
Approx 1.96 million auctions currently running
* * * * *
Amazon Auctions is standing by their default setting change. We
received one of our two promised phone calls, and a response to
our email. At least the email response was civil, as the phone call
was barely so. We were basically told that if we didn't like the
change € '¶ tough. They feel that it is best for their users to
have the search default set to 'hot items' rather than 'closing
soon'. TAG will post the email we sent, and its response in the
files section of the eGroups TAGnotes site, for anyone interested.
TAG recommends all Amazon users email or call Amazon with your
opinion about this issue.

To see the base information and latest offers
use this link € '¶ http://www.auctionguild.com/generic.html;
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