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TAGnotes Mon 20 Sep 1999 Vol 1 Number 10

From:   <ta-@xxxx.xxx>
Date: Tue Sep 21, 1999 0:39am
Subject: TAGnotes Vol 1 Number 10 Monday 20 Sep 1999

The Auction Guild Notes for Monday 20 Sep 1999
eBay- formally announces their launch of Great Collections, eBay Great
Collections, will be devoted to fine antiques, art and collectibles in
the following categories: Asian Art; Books & Manuscripts; Coins, Stamps,
& Cards; Decorative Arts; Dolls & Toys; Fine Arts; Jewelry &
Timepieces;Memorabilia; Native & Tribal Art; and Miscellaneous. All
dealers will offer a five-year guarantee of authenticity, in addition to
a thirty-day money-back guarantee that the item is as it was described.
For more info
go to http://pages.ebay.com/community/news/gc-faq.html
Ebay is going to have another un-regular scheduled down time on Wed 22
Sep between 00:00 and 04:00 all auctions ending Wed 22 Sep
between 00:00 and 05:00 PDT will be extended 24 hours.
There is also a long narrative by Maynard Webb, the new techie at eBay.
He says that eBay currently has a warm backup system in place, and will
have a high availability backup system, he hopes to have in place by the
end of Oct.   He also goes on to explain the various disabling of
certain eBay features. You can find the full message on the announce
* * *
Gold's- Nothing new since TAGnotes Vol 1 Digest 9 18Sep99
* * *
Amazon- It appears that amazon has an endemic and ongoing problem
with missing auctions. Though there are no announcements acknowledging
the problems, when contacted by a seller they respond with –quote-The
"disappearing" auctions were a result of some routine maintenance that
took place earlier on our site. Since we are a 24-hour website, it is
sometimes difficult for us to make changes and updates to our site at
convenient times, and without negative effects. Please know that we
take these issues very seriously, and our efforts are concentrated on
making the auction experience convenient and enjoyable. Again, I am
sorry if this was
not the case today. End quote. They go on to give credit for all missing
auctions, but from what I have heard this is at least the third time
this month this problem has occurred, and the only way you know it is
happening is to keep checking and making sure all your auctions are
present and accounted for. It does appear that the Amazon support folks
will work with customers to fix the problems, but only if you complain,
so many folks may be losing large chunks of their auction time and never
know it. To call Amazon-Toll-free in the U.S. and Canada: (800)
Outside the U.S. and Canada: (206) 266-2992 . Go to their site
availability Page for more information

- or email them at customer service
* * *
Boxlot -Current free digital camera selectees by user ID must
respond by midnight Left Coast time (PDT) of day next to name-
Looks as if they have extended the contest past 15 SEP, because even
though the rules say the last drawing was 15 Sep, they are still posting
new winners. http://www.boxlot.com/
* * *
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