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TAGnotes Mon 6 SEP 1999 Vol 1 Number 0

Date: 6 Sep 1999 17:09:39 -0000
   From: tag@f...
Subject: Monday 6 SEP 1999

Notes from the Announcement boards around the Auction Industry-

eBay- Has info about the latest "scheduled" down time on Saturday, and
problems with reindexing. A clarification of what items are allowed on
eBay, and a new page called "Is my item allowed on eBay - Prohibited,
Questionable & Infringing Items."

Golds-Has report on site going down for a short time yesterday, A note
that the staff will have some time off for the Labor Day holiday so the
Support Q& A board will be monitored by their support staff after 7:00
p.m EST today. Basic Listing Insertion fees and Final Auction Value
fees are being waived through September. Only optional listing
enhancements will be charged.

Amazon - 10 cent Auctions - List auction items for only 10 cents each
through December 31, 1999.
First Bidder Discount - the first bidder on an auction with a First
Bidder Discount sign will get 10% off the final winning bid if they win
the auction. Shipping and handling fees remain as listed.
Amazon now has a bulk loading listing tool
Free Introductory Offer - For a limited time, you can advertise your
auctions in Amazon.com's other stores for free with Amazon.com
CrossLinks. Choose items you think will draw the most customers, and
they will showcase your item alongside them.
Some of the Barry Halper baseball memorabilia collection will be
auctioned through Amazon.com and Sotheby's. A three-volume auction
catalog is available..
Amazon.com Delivers - this is a program where you can tell Amazon your
preferences, and they will email you recommendations, reviews, articles,
interviews, and auctions.
Grade and Authenticate Your Coins and Cards- Have your item examined by
experts- -they'll authenticate, grade, and register your item, then
encase it in a protective sleeve and return it to you. They'll also post
a digital image of the item on the Web for your use. 10% Amazon.com
Auctions discount applies.
Customer Service: Customer Service team is on call 24 hours a day, 7
days a week to assist you.

Boxlot has a daily drawing for a free digital camera

Yahoo - Now has a Minimum Bidder Rating option on the listing page
which allows you to choose which sellers must perform credit card
authorization before bidding on your auction. Choose None, any number,
or All Bidders. Set the Rating to None and no bidders will have to enter
their card number; set to All Bidders and all must, regardless of their
rating; set to specific number
and all bidders with a rating lower than this number must enter their
card number.

If you would like an Auction House added to this list, please email us
at tag@f.... If you have any info you would like to have added to this
list, please email us at tag@f...