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The Auction Guild, with our fifteen years of extensive knowledge of the online auction and trading industry (OAI/OTI), can provide consulting services to anyone involved in or wanting to get involved in the OAI/OTI. We have in depth knowledge of how the industry works, and how to provide effective services to buyers, sellers and third party service providers. We are very in tune with the industry demographic, and can provide background information and an understanding of the industry. The Auction Guild also has in depth knowledge about fraud, and how to prevent it.

All this experience makes us a valuable resource for anyone trying to learn about or get insight into the OAI/OTI. Whether it is training customer service representatives, starting a new selling or service site, or writing a book about the industry, all can benefit from our knowledge and insight.

Please contact us to learn more about our consulting rates and services.
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or call us at - 315-781-8561

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