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Overstock.Com has three selling sections. The main site is a retail outlet for a wide variety of new and some refurbished merchandise, much of which is closeout merchandise, final runs etc. This part of the site provides set price shipping of $2.95 for any size order. Sometimes shipping is free or $1.00. The customer service is excellent and the site has a good reputation for backing up their merchandise.

The second section is an auction site open to the general public to sell on. It is primarily used to market new merchandise, and has approximately 10,000 listings, total. This works well for some of the medium to large sellers, and gives them an additional presence on the internet. The site has both listing (10 cents to $3.15) and final value fees (1% to 3%) and these fees can be viewed HERE

For additional information or auction assistance, go to the Auctions Customer Care

The third section is a site where buyers are put into contact with dealers through Zag.com. Overstock.Com Cars This is not open to the general public to sell on, but only through dealers tied into the Zag system.

Overstock also has various Forums

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