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WebTV Services & Problems

Web TV users participate in the Online Auction and Trading Industry (OAI/OTI). They are buyers and sellers and deserve the same attention and services other participants in the OAI/OTI receive. WebTV has different advantages, disadvantages and needs than standard Microsoft, Apple OS and Linux based computer systems. In this section of the TAG website, we hope to highlight some of the unique problems, some of the solutions to those problems, and showcase those service providers who are making efforts to service this segment of the OAI/OTI. We at TAG feel this is important, as it is part of our mission to insure a viable online marketplace for ALL users.

If you are a WebTV user and use a product let us know how it works for you, advantages and disadvantages and we will spread the word. If there is a particular problem for WebTVers, such as the current one with inability to use PayPal, let us know, and we will report it in TAGnotes and post it here. If you are a service provider, and have developed a product to work well with WebTV let us know and we will include you on our list. Email us at tag@theauctionguild.com

WebTV Friendly Image Hosting
http://www.auctionimage.com -WebTV friendly 50 cents/image
http://www.auctionimages.net -WebTV friendly $5./mo/5Meg
http://www.auctionpix.com/ - WebTV friendly 20 cents/image
http:// www.Picturetrail.com -WebTV friendly Free

Web TV Tools and Links Sites

WebTV Retrogades -
Having trouble with WebTV or accessing ebaY? Go back to a sytem where ebaY actually WORKED!

You might need an earlier version of WebTV. Believe it or not, some earlier versions work better with ebaY than updated versions.

Some sites with the retrogade downloads and excellent info about WebTV and how to fix it can be found at these links. (This info is thanks to TAG subscriber WebTV Guru - you know who you are!)
TYHART Retrograde and other great WebTV info

JD Hardball Vortex Retrograde and other WebTV info
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